The pulsing, searing heat of an open flame, blistering the skin of a calloused hand, held too close for too long.

The warm glow of a family fire, warming the ecstatic faces of children playing with new toys on Christmas morning.

The destructive force, able to swallow a building in mere minutes, causing chaos and peril for those caught in the burning wrath.


The rolling waves of the ocean, smashing pleasantly on the beach, carving patterns in the sand.

The quiet roll of the lake water under the dock, lulling lazy sunbathers into dreamy slumber.

The strong death force, leaving cities crushed in the wake of the clear blue.


The crunch of gravel, heavy boots carefully treading, sneaking to the window, a late night lover.

The quiet dripping of stalactites in a dank and dark cave, disrupting the still of the moist air.

The loud grating of concrete as it breaks, and opens wide, burying the unfortunate passersby.


The soft tug on cascading locks of hair, adrift in the air.

The sting of sleet as the strong breeze pushes it deeper into your already burning skin.

The earsplitting howl of a tornado as it rips through a forest, tearing roots from the ground, pulling the breath from already empty lungs.