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The last thing she saw: Blood red eyes, and bright white pointy fangs, blood dripping from them. – a Vampire.

Then, Chasity Sterling's world went black.

Miles away, Alexander Knight stood in his huge overly empty house.

"Katalin," he said, his soft scratchy voice echoed threw the empty space, a split second later a girl that looked to be around sixteen or seventeen, with jet black– almost shoulder length hair with blue highlights and blood red tips, bangs falling over her left eye.

Her brilliant green eyes looked up at her brother, watching him intently.

"Yes, Alex?" she spoke, her voice soft and sweet.

They stood in silence as he stared out the window, still not moving.

"What did you see..? you know I can't read your thoughts unless you allow me." she said again, her voice almost a whisper now.

He blinked once, then turned to her briefly and gently brushed his index finger across her forehead, allowing her to see what he had just saw.

she gasped once she had seen it –- A beautiful young girl in her early teens, about fifteen or sixteen was slumped up against a brick wall, her right arm and the right side of her neck were covered in blood, with a few spatters of blood on her face.
she looked lifeless, but Alexander and Katalin knew exactly what had happened — she had encountered a bad Vampire that happened to be thirsty, and found her – a snack.

He hadn't killed the girl, she was turning into a Vampire.