Jasmine Green

People usually like the feeling of control. Without it we are anxious and fearful of uncertainty, of things that we cannot understand. But there are a few who embrace the chaos along with the order in our world. For we realize that without one there cannot be the other.

Jasmine is a tiny white flower that has a sweet scent that is sometimes hard to distinguish unless you close your eyes. It's scent is carried by the invisible soul of the wind. And though we may be able to control where the Jasmine grows we will never be able to have a jasmine seed sprout anything except a Jasmine flower.

I like to dream that my life is more interesting by giving up control. Sometimes when we have a set destination we forget to watch the world in the transition part that we call the journey. We forget to smell the roses as they say, or perhaps the jasmine flowers in this story. Sometimes we are lost in our own thoughts and travel from one world to another, but are unable to recall the journey or the experience afterwards.

So sometimes I would like to notice the minute details of the world; to remember my journey. So if I close my eyes and follow the scent of jasmine, where will it take me? Will I meet someone important, fall in love? Will it take me to an antique shop that stores all the artifacts of the world? Or will it take me to an open field full of jasmine flowers where fireflies challenge the stars to dance?

Would I have found an antique shop if I was looking for the open field? I don't think so. With a destination we rarely get sidetracked and perhaps miss out on a strange and wonderful memory.

So what happens if I can't smell jasmine? I'll brew Jasmine Green. And then I'll follow the various other scents of the city. And what if I can't follow the other scents? I'll follow the wind; I'll follow the lights; I'll follow the choices carved onto a dice. And then the hardest part of the journey would be to find my way back home.

The world is round. I'll get where I need to be one way or another. It'll just take me longer than some sometimes.
But I'll be living the moment in all its glory and pain. In all its order and chaos. In all the bitter taste of tea with a smile.