Summary: Sometimes, everything seems to spin around you, friends, your
family...They twirl around you, faster and faster, a whirlwind of colors that
was once your life, leaving you confused and quite dizzy! This is a poem
written by Moony describing this. Read on...


I spin around and round,

I'm all a-swirl,

as the world mixes up,

shape and sound.

My hair flies about,

and wraps around me,

the winds whips my face,

as I run the race,

with force and endurance,

Time and sense.

I twirl faster and faster,

unable to stop,

I won't give up,

I will not flop.

But soon I run out,

No force, nor ambition,

I flop to the ground,

As the world spins around me,

and now,

I'm just plain dizzy..

Author's Note- To be added..