In the post apocalyptic city of Tokao, giant robots called Zoids rule!

"Pogashi!" Pog's mother scolded one night at the dinner table over a supper of splog. "Where have you been all day and what happened to your skin?"

Pog was a spiky haired young school boy who had just entered in a hurry after remembering certain family obligations. "Aww mom" He answered in his whiniest school boy voice "It's just nuclear radiation burn from hanging out in the atomic wasteland."

Pog's father put his fist down on the table. "I thought I told you never to go to the atomic wasteland zone! It's dangerous out there haven't I made that clear?!" He made a lot of over large and hilarious expressions to go with his statement.

"But daaaaad" Pog whined "All my friends are doing it!"

"If all your friends decided to go play with zoids would you do that too?" Asked his father using more wild gesticulations to accent his point. .

"Gosh no dad, all Zoids are evil!" Pog said. "Everyone knows that."

"Good" Said his father "Now shut up and eat your splog."

Pog looked down at his twitching plate of mucus green goop that the government had rationed for them "Mom" He said after poking it once "Why do we have to eat splog all the time?"

"You already know the answer to that" His mother answered in a pleasant tone "But I'll summarize it anyway just so you all know. We have to eat splog because the evil dictator Harukai takes all the real food for himself. Now eat your splog and thank father Harukai for his generosity."

"Aww, do I have to?"

"Unless you want your head de-particularized." His father said and they all had a good laugh about it over their splog dinner.

The next day Pog walked up to his friends.

"Hey Pog" Said Tog the school bully "Are you gonna come out to the atomic wasteland today or are you gonna stay here like some kind of wiener dog?"

Pog remembered what his father had told him about never ever going to the atomic wasteland and how dangerous it was, but he didn't want to be a wiener dog. "Yeah, I'm coming" He said, dropping all his homework and running off with the others. After all what was a little radiation burn compared to years of social tormenting? They all ran over to the fence that separated the normal zone from the atomic wasteland and climbed over it. Once they were out there they could see miles and miles of dead nothingness all around them.

"Wow" Said one of the friends "Look at all that nothing!"


"the only reason it's cool is because we're not allowed to be here!"

"Hey, what's that?" Asked Pog.

"Huh?" All his friends turned to look at the object off in the distance that was reflecting brightly off the sun.

"I'm gonna go check it out!" Said Pog.

"But what if it's dangerous?" Asked Clog, the timid one of the group.

"I'm gonna go check it out anyway!" Pog announced and went sprinting off toward it. Suddenly there was a big blast over the place where the shiny thing was, dust and debris flew everywhere until it was impossible to see, and when it cleared...

What did the dust cloud clear to reveal? Will Pog prove to his friends that he isn't a wiener?! Will they ever get to eat anything except Splog?! All this and more! Next week on ZOIDS!