There once was a necklace, fair and special. Forged by the God of Fate, it was made to sooth the heart of a mortal woman. The woman had fallen for the God, but the God could do not but watch her from afar. Thus, he forged and created Brísingamen.

The other Gods were displeased. They feared giving mortals the powers that the God of Fate had wrought in Brísingamen. Conspiring, the Gods stole the necklace from Fate and shattered it in front of His eyes.

Broken, the God uttered a curse upon his brethren. He, the ruler of Fates of both mortals and immortals, weaved them into the fabric of mortality. Unknown to the other Gods, they lived their lives blissfully unaware of something creeping upon them.

But that is a tale for another time.

Collecting the pieces of the broken Brísingamen, Fate attempted to reforge the necklace, but failed. A piece was missing and no matter how he searched, Fate could not find it. Thus he did all he could to make up for the loss. Brísingamen was not to be again. In its place, two bracelets were formed from the remains. Brísin and Gamen.

Fate went to the mortal woman, now older and frailer. He knew her time was ending. Thus, he gave the bracelets to the woman's two daughters: Brísin for the younger, Gamen for the elder. The girls gladly took what was offered and Fate let them be for years to come.

It was not long before the bracelets' powers revealed themselves. The younger had a vision of her mother dying. Weeping, she went to her and told her of the vision and the woman calmed her child. The elder teased the girl, but harbored a secret. She too had had a vision, although it was quite different than her sister's. She had seen the destruction of the necklace by the Gods. She had seen what they feared.

Years passed. The two girls grew into beautiful young women. Their mother had passed on in the same manner as the younger had foreseen. The two had learned of other powers that the bracelets possessed. For the younger, control of the life sustaining Earth and soothing Water. For the elder, control of the passionate Fire and wispy Air. The younger used her bracelet to help those around her. The elder helped when she was asked, but kept the power to amuse herself.

More years passed and the two were aging. The younger embraced her future. The elder feared hers. Knowing the powers that the necklace Brísingamen could bring her and the youth she so loved, the elder started to hate her sister. She wanted Brísin for herself.

But how? How could she take Brísin from her sister? An idea came to her as she and her sister bathed in the small pond in the woods. The younger always removed her bracelet and placed it under a rock to keep it safe. Unaware that the elder was near, she waded into the water. The elder saw her chance and quickly took the bracelet and slipped it on the same arm as Gamen.

Something happened, though. Something the elder sister was unaware would happen. The two bracelets touched. A brilliant flash of light appeared and the elder aged. She aged to the point where she was old and weak. She aged until her skin was barely clinging to her bones. She aged until her bones were all that were left. The younger saw what was happening and take Brísin from her sister, stopping the aging.

The elder let out a cry as she stumbled back, nothing but a skeleton. She let out a blood curdling scream and unleashed her bracelet's power on her sister. The woods were set aflame. The wind carried the skeleton sister away. Far, far away. No one has seen her since that fateful event. It is still believed that she holds Gamen, looking for a way to return to her youth.

As for Brísin and the younger sister? No one knows. After the fire had died down and the villagers looked through the woods' remains, they could find no trace of either sister. Brísin and Gamen had vanished from the world.

Some believe that both sisters are still alive, hiding from the other. Others believe that both are long since dead and that the bracelets are lost. Still others believe that this is all a story to tell children and that neither the sisters nor the bracelets existed.

A small handful, however, believe that the bracelets will make themselves known soon. Maybe they're right. Such powerful bracelets cannot stay hidden forever, if they exist.

Only Fate knows the answer, but he has lost so much already that he refuses to reveal anything anymore for both Gods and mortals.

Not until Fate decided to give us the answer did Gods and mortals truly understand the power wrought into those two bracelets.

AN: A small treat for readers. It's been a while since I posted anything and lately my muse has decided to toy around with the fantasy genre. I only plan to post the legend up for now. Depending on how it's received, I might post the full story that goes along with it.