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"Welcome folks to the finale of the twelve dates of Christmas!" Alexander Bingham announced as the theme music for the show 'Somebody to love' by Queen played in the background and a montage of the twelve dates and Cassandra Atkins, was running across the screens.

"It's been a long journey folks, but tonight we are going to find out who the lovelorn Cassie has chosen as her date for Christmas!" Alex continued. To anyone that didn't know him, the pasted on smile and sparkling brown eyes were a picture of sincerity.

To his many fans, Alex was the unattainable. Gorgeous, perfect smile and impeccable dress sense. Not that they had any idea, but it was a team of stylists and a weekly teeth cleaning that kept the façade going. Not that he minded. His job was one to be envied, he was a prominent television presenter and this show was going to be just the launching pad that he needed to jettison his career into serious acting roles.

"Just two weeks ago Cassie was a singleton, desperate and dateless." He delivered the line without an outward indication of his mortification. The teleprompter continued to role and he slipped effortlessly into his 'persona'. The one that said 'I'm caring, I'm your everyday Joe.' It was that persona that ensured that his target demographic was kept enthralled. The ones that didn't lust after him considered him to be like a favourite son-in-law they invited into their homes to deliver anything from news to gossip reports.

"So who will she choose? Bachelor number 1? Will Harkson? Or Bachelor number 2 Rohan Meekly.. Stay tuned as we take you on the whirlwind ride that has led to this very exciting final elimination!"

"AND CUT." The producer yelled, and Alex sighed. He looked to the back of the set. Behind that red curtain, hair and makeup was prepping Cassie for the finale. Making her tv ready and shiny. He ran a hand through his hair, neither of those fools were the right choice for her. He could see that, even if she couldn't. Will was self absorbed and vain, But clever enough to see an opportunity when one was presented to him.

Rohan on the other hand was just a sap. Alex knew that someone who volunteered to knit blankets for his local children's hospital was not what Cassie needed. But could he say any of this to her? Of course not. Not if he valued his job, his career and the forward motion that would hopefully be the result of the conclusion of the series.

He sat in his chair and rested his head on the heel of his hand. He remembered the first time he had seen Cassandra Atkins. He had confused her for a temp and had asked for a coffee black, no sugar. The head of the network had laughed indulgently and had informed him that Cassandra, Cassie, was the star of their newest venture. She had looked just as surprised and appalled as he had. Her hair, curly and unkempt kept on falling in her eyes, and he watched with mild horror as she began to chew at a strand of it. He had restrained the urge to pull the bottle of John Frieda hair repair from his satchel and offer it to her.

"Seriously? This one? You don't think she'd be more suited to a before and after?" He had snapped.

Alex shook his head to clear it as the camera man signalled that he had thirty seconds until he was back on air.

Alex stood up, brushing the non-existent lint from his suit and readied himself for the onslaught.

"And we're back folks. Let's give you a re-cap. Over the last two weeks our girl Cassie has gone on twelve dates. One of these men is her date for Christmas, her Mr Right."

Alex watched the packages of footage that the team had put together .There excerpts from several of the dates, Footage of the eliminations that had seen her say goodbye to ten of the possible twelve potential Romeos.

A muscle worked in his jaw as the footage progressed to the overnight date that she and Will had gone on in the later stage of the show. He still struggled to reconcile the beautiful creature that had emerged for the first day of filming with the mess that had blown into his office all those weeks ago. He had half expected to have to hide his contempt during the whole show. Afterall, who could take her seriously with her crazy clothes and those glasses? He had wondered if they would even be able to find twelve men willing to try and date her.

The difference between the Cassie he had first met and the beauty that turned up on day one of filming was incredible. Her hair had been tamed and cut, the glasses were gone and her wardrobe was one of style and flattering to her form. It had taken him a minute, longer than what was usual for him to regain his composure. She was gorgeous, what made her even more so was that she clearly didn't know it.

"I didn't bring any coffee, but there's starbucks on the corner." She told him with a slight smirk.

He hadn't been able to formulate a reply.

Watching her over the last two weeks had been torture. He had never had problems getting women, his looks and smile did all the hard work and he had treated them passably at best. His heart jumped into his throat every time they were thrown together as he hosted the show. His professionalism made him run on auto pilot, but sometimes when she wasn't looking he would watch her. Watch the way she smiled and laughed. She had a way of making you feel as if you were the only person that mattered when she spoke to you. Of course, she barely spoke to him. He could see that she thought he was an arrogant ass. He wished that he could disagree with her, be had been horrible from the outset and this was his punishment. This glorious creature was destined to wrap herself around a multitude of men and declare one her soul mate, all whilst he watched on and commentated for the audience.

There was nothing he could do about it. He was here to find this woman love, not hit on her himself.

That thought in mind he gathered his fractured composure and stepped out into the spotlight.

"The time has come.. The final elimination."

Cassie sat in the chair that faced the mirror and tried as hard as she could to reign in her nerves. The last two weeks had been a whirlwind. It had been romance on steroids, never before had she had such a bevvy of men competing for her attention. She was still in shock that somehow, she had ended up on a dating show. She hadn't done that badly for herself, surely? Obviously, her two best friends thought otherwise. With a smile she remembered back to the day she had found out that she was to be the star of the nation's newest dating show…

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