She stares at the bars of her cot

And cries

Soft sobs that no one would hear

Even though they want to

She's learnt by now that no one will come

Whether she sobs quietly

Or screams at the top of her young voice

So she doesn't bother screaming

It tires her out

And she needs that energy

To stay alive

When they forget to feed her

And forget to give her blankets in the winter

Because she's the child

They never wanted

And can't afford

But they cant get rid of her

Because deep down

Their decent people

It just doesn't show

The baby ruined their life

They have no money

They argue all the time

So they choose to ignore her

Even though it pulls at their heart strings

But there's nothing they can do

Its survival of the fittest

So they hope

And pray

That their baby makes it

And that this makes her strong

But someday she will forgive them

For neglecting her

While she cries

And cries

And cries

And one day she'll grow up

And help people like her parents

Who can't afford the kids

Are decent people inside

But for now

She stares at the bars in her cot

And cries softly

Wondering why they don't love her.