A Mighty Kingdom

Once upon a time,

There was a prince and a princess.

The prince was strong and mad.

The princess was shy and sad.

When they met, they were happy.

Together, they were incredible.

When apart, sadness overcame.

It was a fairy tale.

In the princess' castle,

They were each other's inspiration.

In the prince's castle,

They were each other's vulnerability.

But when they fought,

There was an earthquake.

And that earthquake wouldn't stop.

No way could these two be together anymore.

No incredibility.

No inspiration.

No vulnerabilities.

Just earthquakes.

The princess would not leave her castle.

The prince didn't care.

The princess wanted to be happy,

But no happiness was in her heart.

She asked herself if she could ever get over it.

And she did.

She met somebody else,

Who she calls her friend, mentor, and husband.

She was happy.

She had that incredibility in her heart.

She had vulnerability and inspiration again.

And so, there were no more earthquakes,

There was a new king and queen in the kingdom.

And they lived happily ever after.