Mother, sister and I are sitting,

Grandmother beside us..

More family is coming inside and sitting,

And the man standing in front of us…

He's telling us about her beautiful life in quiet words.

And then he leaves. It is his turn to sit.

His wife stands in front of us now.

She talks more about her beautiful life,

Her words more quiet than her husband's.

Her voice cracks,

And a tear runs down her face…

Then another,

And one more.

She leaves and sits down, crying even more.

Everything is quiet for two whole minutes.

Grandmother stands up and speaks with tears in her eyes.

More family does the same.

The man stands up again and prays.

I look up after Amen.

I see my grandmother,

She is crying,

As am I.

We get up and look at pictures of her,

And then congratulate wife for her being strong.


Mother is driving.

And grandmother has a glass bowl in her hands.

She opens the lid,

And a light musical tune plays.

The whole way until her home arrives.

We go home.

And Aunt Tommy's life was beautiful.