You surround me,

Invade my mind with all that you are.

You encompass my innermost desires

And with one smile, you light

The darkest sky.

There's something about this girl.

Your accidental grace and

Unintentional serenity

Draw me in like a lullaby,

Slowly easing my nightmares into dreams

Of you and I.

This future we see clearly

Is terrifyingly beautiful.

I hold the hope of that maybe someday,

That burning wish to pull you close

And taste your life, your essence, your presence.

There's something about this girl.

Stay close, don't go, don't turn away.

Don't rush, just breathe, we'll be okay.

Everything will come in time.

I won't give up, I won't give in,

I'll rise above the ash and save us.

There's just something about this girl.

My hollow heart is living, beating,

Chiming in melody, perfect harmony

With yours.

I can't resist you, can't deny you,

I can never have you close enough.

Do you still believe in


I believe we're close.