Take my frail being.

Mold me into what you wish

I would become and

shape me with your spited hands.

If ever I fall,

you look down on me and laugh.

Slowly take my life

as I'm slipping back under.

Helpless cries of fear

ring out in the distance now.

No one is around

to hear or save me this time.

I can't see the light.

Blinded by pain and sorrow,

Hate and anger and

Only one can stand freely.

There's no point again…

It's taking over quickly.

I'm finding myself

fed up with your memory.

Let me go and be

freed from all my thoughts of you.

I cannot eat and

I cannot sleep without you.

Loosen your grip on

my life and heart so that

I may be able

to rest and not dream of you.

Your face haunts my sleep.

When I close my eyes, you're there.

You're happy and free

Just like I had always planned.

But there comes a time

When we must learn to let go

And free the tortured

Who suffer from your absence.