Your lips take the breath away from someone else
And now I understand what is wrong with myself
You idiot, you fool, you should have seen it all along
Everything I wrote you was a disconnected love song

That's why I am fleeing, driving down the lightless roads
Heading for that deep unknown which only desperation knows
My hand upon your ribcage, my promise around your neck
Are all that I'll remember when I'm lying tangled in the wreck

You will remember nothing, so I command this now from you
May you live on, forever unaware that I was there, too
In every scene in the montage of your life as a bitter, bitter girl
I was watching you unfold and embrace this broken world

I am dying, slowly, though I feel so alive upon the ground
The glass is so dazzling and so brilliant, sparkling all around
And the metal is so solid, embedded in my throbbing stomach
And the tears so glistening with starlight leave me awestruck

I have left behind a dusty trail of treacherous promises
You weren't supposed to believe everything that a devil says
When you open your eyes, see only the sight of empty absence
Of nothing, howling in the wind, and not my traitorous presence

Hold me close - don't touch me - never let go tonight
Trust me - then fight my will - quit walking out of the light
Before I go, please lie, and be what I needed you to be all along
Instead of being you, and making me write another bloody love song