Tattoo Parlor

I check the inventory one more time. Yup everything's in order. This had become my routine for the past week. Come into work at Anchors Away the tattoo and piercing parlor. I had been stuck working for my best friend Beth since she had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. I wouldn't mind so much working here if the people that came in to get their tattoos or piercings wouldn't give me all those glares like what-the-fuck-is-she-doing-here look. "Pete, I'm done with the inventory. Everything's good." Pete comes into the room carrying a water bottle.

"You can take a break if you want. I'm expecting a customer that called yesterday and set and appointment, but I'm sure I can take care of him by my self."

"Okay, do you want me to get you something while I'm out?" I ask as I close my laptop and grab my black pea coat.

"Nah, I'm going to lunch with Beth after work." Pete walked back into his office again. I drive to the nearest burger place to wait around fifteen minutes for a burger. I grabbed my to-go bag and drove back. I set my bag on the counter, then walked to the closet to put my things away. Pete popped his head from out of his office.

"Good your back, I need a smoke. I'll be in the back, oh and one more thing. Can you put these away." He sat some papers in front of me and walked towards the back exit. I quickly tried to remember where I had put the binder with all the other paper work he had given to me. Fuck! I knew I should have put them back. I looked through the draws in the front counter. I went into the back room and still didn't find anything. I walked back to the front and checked the closet. The black binder was sitting on the top shelf. I stood on my tipi-toes reaching for it.

"Nice tattoo you have there." I turn around and see Branden grinning.

"Why are you here?" I tug on the ends of my black shirt.

"Well this is a tattoo parlor so I must be getting a tattoo." I didn't know if I should have been embarrassed or angry at his smart comment.

"Well this is also a piercing parlor."

"I'm here to get a tattoo." I try not to laugh.

"You getting a tattoo? Of what?" I watched quietly as Branden rolled up his left sleeve. Half of his bicep was covered in some sort of Japanese tattoo.

"I'm getting something's added to it." He looked down at his tattoo and then back at me.

"Wow, never would have thought you were the type that got tattoos." I said as I walked back towards the counter. I heard Branden laugh.

"Okay then what type did you think I was?" I pulled out some sheets he had to fill out.

"Here fill these out. I'll go call Pete." I left him in the lobby while I went to call Pete. I packed up my things since it was time for me to leave.

"Your leaving?" I looked up at Branden who had the form filled out and signed.

"Can I see your ID? And uh yeah, my shifts over." Branden pulled out his wallet and handed me his drivers license. I looked at his picture. He had shorter hair then he did now. He looked good, not that he didn't look good now. I quickly gave his ID back.

"Uh yeah everything's good then. Pete will be with you shortly, just take a seat." I grabbed my clutch bag and headed for the door.

"I was wondering if you could show me around later?." I was caught off guard by what Branden was asking me.

" I guess. Yeah. Just tell me when you want me to show you around." I didn't wait for a reply before I left.

I change into some small shorts and a tang top after coming out of the shower. I brush my hair and walk towards the kitchen where my room mate Katie is cooking some spaghetti.

"So are you going to want some?" She asked getting out a plate from the cupboard. I shook my head.

"I'm not hungry." I responded as I reached for the remote control for the television. Katie sat down next to me with eating an apple. I glanced at her and looked back screen looking for a show.

"I thought you were eating spaghetti." I stated. I heard her give out a big sigh.

"I was, but I'll just eat when John gets here." I moved my gaze from the screen to Kate.

"Your having John over?" I hope she was kidding. I didn't feel like being a third wheel tonight.

"Yeah, he should be coming over any minute." Like if on cue the door bell rang. I quickly jumped off the couch and into my room to change. I grabbed a pair of black leggings and an oversize sweater gray sweater. I slipped on some black and gray low vans. When I came back into the living room I could see John kissing Katie. They must have heard me because John quickly pulled away.

"uh..hey John." I say. He looks some what embarrassed. Typical John, he so shy.


Katie smiled and faced me. "So are you going to eat with us?"

"Actually I just remembered that I'm going to hang out with Branden." I lye. I know I haven't fooled Katie, but how she has her eye brow arched.

"You are? I'm sorry to tell you but I think Branden must have forgotten because he's still at the gym." I could feel my face turning read. I want to slap John. Why did he have to say anything.

"Joann, its okay you can-" I stopped Katie from talking.

"Not a problem I'll just call him and meet him at the gym." I say walking towards my room.

"I have my phone right here. I'll call him for you." I roll my eyes when I hear John's voice. Great.

"Oh hey! Branden listen I was- I tug on the phone so John can give me it. He sighs and hands it over.

"Branden! Hey its me Joann. I was calling you to tell you that its okay. I forgive you for forgetting that we were hanging out together." I take a breath of air and pretend to listen to what he's saying. I hear him say my name but stop him. "Of course I forgive you! Okay I'll meet you at the gym in a few minutes." I hanged up I went into my room to grab my clutch bag. I found Katie and John ready to go out.

"Where are you guys going? I thought you were staying here?" I asked.

"We are but were taking you to the gym." I look at Katie.

"What? No, I'll drive it's not a big deal."

"Joanne stop, its okay we have to go buy something and its on our way." Kate followed John as he opened the door for her and me. The drive was silent. I took a deep breath when we reached the gym. I quietly got out and mumbled and thanks. I hesitated at the door. I looked back and saw Katie looking if I was going in. I turned back and opened the door.