Payback is a bitch

I saw an entire set of muscles clench then release. I had gotten to see two of Branden's tattoos. He had a thick barbed wire tattoo on his upper left bicep. The second was right front forearm, it was a rectangle full of Japanese art work. Then he .I've been seeing this for the past fifteen minutes. Branden had been lifting weights his back towards me for a while now. I almost jumped of joy when I saw him stand up, except they quickly fell when I saw him start to stretch. I let out a loud groan. I stood up and sat down in front of him. I looked up while he stretched. I took a quick glance at his abs before looking back to his face. I was beaming with joy of seeing him shirtless, I wanted to run my hand all over his six pack.

"Are you bored?" he asked with a wide grin. Had he seen me staring?

"yes I am."

"Then you shouldn't have lied to Kate and John. I'm sure they wouldn't have mind if you would have tagged along."

"Oh yeah because everyone likes to feel like a third wheel!" He let out a loud laugh. I looked around the the gym. "Can we leave now? The gym's practically empty." I saw him roll his eyes at me. He extended a hand for me. I took it and let him pull me up.

"I'll just change into something not sweaty." He said before running off into the locker room. He reappeared minutes later with another pair of shorts and a white T.

"I'm going to have to stop at my house taking a shower and changing before we can go anywhere else. Is that okay?" I nodded. I followed him to his very big black truck.

"What kind of truck is this!?" I said wide eyed. He simply laughed at me.

"Its a Ford Raptor." We got in and drove to his house. The ride there was even more uncomfortable then the ride with Katie and John. He pulled into a tall parking lot building. Then I quietly followed him to the elevator.

"So what floor do you live in?" I asked.

"On the fourth."

"Oh, cool." When the doors opened he continued leading the way till we stopped in front of a big white door. He quickly unlocked it and let us in. Hi apartment was surprisingly clean. His living room was really nice. It contained white couches with black throw pillows and a square coffee table in the middle with magazines and two long candles. In front of the coffee tale was a white fire place with a large portrait of The Beatles.

"You liked the Beatles?" I asked gazing at the large portrait.

"Liked? Who said I stopped?" I roll my eyes at his smart remark.

"You knew that's what I meant."

"Yeah, I'm going to shower quickly." I turned back around and saw him entering into what I guess it his room. I sat down on the couch. I quickly looked up when I saw him return.

"Sorry there's the remote control if you want to watch something." He talked as he turned on the television and handed me the control. Then he left again. I flipped through different channels not really stopping to look what was on. About fifteen minutes later Branden came back out. He had changed into some normal jeans with a brown shirt and brown Vans. I smile up at him.

"Nice shoes." I see his eyebrows furrow then look down at his feet. He then looks back at my feet. I small laugh escapes his lips.

"Of course Vans are so comfortable."

"Definitely." I say standing up. The room quickly gets filled with an awkward silence. Then Branden scratching the back of his neck and then looking at me.

"So..uh..where should we go?"

"Lets go to the movies." I take a hold of his hands and start heading for the door.

We end up going to the movies but not really paying attention to it. I had gotten to choose the movie but Branden had criticized it the entire time we were watching it. After we left the theater we went to ice cream. He talked about how he was oldest of two kids.

"So you always had to look after your little sister?" I asked before taking a spoonful of ice cream. Branden shook his head.

"Little brother."

"Oh..I thought you said you had to make sure she didn't do the wrong thing?"

"I said I had to take care of him because I knew how the kids he hanged around with were like. He was easily carried away."

"Where is he now? Does he live with you?"

"No he's back in Virginia"

"So if your entire family is back in Virginia then what are you doing here in Alpharetta?" I knew I must have sounded like a stupid jerk as soon as I said it. We were both quiet.

"I came here because my best friend Andrew. He was moving here and he asked me if I wanted to come with him. I've been friends with him since kindergarten. I would feel weird without him."

"Okay where is he now?" Alpharetta was pretty small. Mostly everyone knew each other. The only new recent person was Branden and know one else.

"Something happened and he won't be able to be here till the end of this week."

"Thanks cool how you left your entire life behind to follow your friend." I smiled. Branden made a weird face.

"You make it sound like I'm gay."

"What? Whats wrong with being gay?" I laughed.

"Nothing is wrong with being gay, just I'm not."

"Your not what?" I tried to make a puzzled look but my big grin was giving me away.

"Joann I'm not gay!" This time I lost it and burst out laughing. Branden sighed walked over to throw away his ice cream. I expected him to walk back and sit down. He shocked me when he walked out of the ice cream parlor. I threw my ice cream away and ran after him. When I walked out I started walking back to the car. I hadn't expected him to get so easily mad. I wanted to burst out again by just remembering the look he had given me. He had looked so cute agitated. I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist. I quickly let out a loud scream of terror. I stopped when I heard the all too familiar laugh.

"You asshole!" I screamed on the top of my lungs. He continued to laugh at me.

"Pay back's a bitch honey."

"What!? What did I do to you?" asked as I slightly punched him in the shoulder.

"You said I was gay." We continued heading to his car. "I had a great time, even though you hurt some what my pride." I turned around slightly to look at him. And with no doubt there was a big grin on his lips. I blushed when he caught me starring at his lips. I looked down at my vans. I hated blushing in front of guys. It made me feel so vulnerable. When I looked up I noticed that Branden had gotten closer to me. I swallowed a big lump in throat when I saw him leaning closer to me. Before I knew it his lips where already on mine. I felt like melting as his soft lips moved against mine. He wrapped his arms around me waist and pulled me closer towards him as I did the same to his neck. Seconds later he pulled away.

"I'm sorry..I shouldn't have kissed you. You don't even know me. I'm so sorry I hope we can still be friends." I looked up at Branden baffled. I thought he wanted the kiss just like me. I nodded.

"Don't worry." I felt like he had slapped me in the face. It wasn't until the car ride that I got it. Branden had hurt my pride too. Then his words hit me again 'pay back is a bitch.'