It's cold again.
My name is Lion Nasbury. I am a young woman and writer, and I live my life alone. This lifestyle I chose, and am frankly quite happy with. It's healthy to want to be alone, really it is. But enough of this talk, I'll move on.
It's another long day in this tiny cottage of mine, with the blistering wind peeking through the cracks of my wooden walls. The days are always cold up here in the mountains where I live, and I am sure the other residents feel the same. I live in a village, Dar, which is just as bland as it's name.
I came to live here some 8 years ago, and hope to live here forever. If you want to know, I am 30 years old. I'm getting to be a geezer, aren't I? Anyway, I should get back on track. Well... it started when I was 13.
I had the average life. I had many friends, but I was hated by those 'popular' girls. They would always stare and point and say I was weird. I don't think I can blame them. People have always said that I have been wise beyond my years for the longest, so maybe my maturity was always frightening to them. It was not only that. My religion. I am a Pagan, a Wiccan, or it you want to put it in the way that most say it, a Witch. I think that's what scared them the most.
No one understood that. Am I not allowed to have different beliefs than everyone else? Do you all think that I do nothing but voodoo and place curses on you people!? I do believe in God, but I choose not to worship him. Why is it that it does not matter if someone is Jewish, if someone is Muslim, if someone is Buddhist, no one cares? Then I stand up, and I say what I am, I get stared at, and see those people, muttering beneath their breaths...'evil'. So that is how that all began.
Maybe I should try something on a lighter note? Hmm...I don't think that will last too long. Well my best friends were two girls, Lily and Gretchen. Lily was beautiful, blond haired, blue-eyed, and loved by many. She was such a social butterfly, and I don't think anyone could find a flaw in her. Her life is proof that not everything is as it seems. Everyone thought she was absolutely perfect, had it better than everyone else did. They didn't know that at night, she was tormented and beat, and cried herself to sleep. A real shocker, right? I was always there for her, like a prince, like a knight in shining armor. I held her close, told her everything was alright, and that I would protect her. I protected her for the longest time, but one day, it was just not enough. She cried her eyes out until they bled, she shook and shivered, and took a blade...and took her life. That is how I lost my Lily.
Gretchen. She was a beautiful girl herself, deep-set brown eyes, blond, wavy hair, a cute, round little face. She was the opposite of my Lily. She was an outcast, and everyone was afraid of her, kind of like me. She was open with how she felt, which I feel that people should have respected her for. But as you know, those people don't care about respect. They cared about themselves, and money, and how many boyfriends or girlfriends they can get. Gretchen was always upset that she could not get a boyfriend, so I played the part of a prince for her as well. I would always tell her, 'Gretchen, your true love will come to you. Everything takes time.' She was never a patient girl. But, as I predicted, the next year she met quite a charming young man. I guess it was destiny, but when she found him, we slowly broke apart...but it doesn't matter to me, as long as she is happy.
I had many more friends, Breda, the little jabber, blabber mouth. That girl loved to talk, that was for sure. But she could not keep a secret, and our relationship ended with betrayal.
Jun, a real aggressive girl. We had a strong relationship in our youth, but people change. We changed.
Remi, he was a close friend of mine for a while. He always seemed lonely and sad, and I never knew what to do. One week he never came to school, and he never came back.
Though there are so many more, I must lastly add my dear cousin, Antionette, who always was a darling. We always got along so well, and we promised we would be together forever. That next week she was killed by her boyfriend while he was intoxicated.
I am sure this is all too depressing for you, but the tomorrow's entry should be much better. We will be pressing into my teenage years. Good night.