I had a slight headache when I woke up the next morning as my alarm woke me up much too early in my opinion. I groaned and threw my pillow at the alarm, knocking it to the ground as it shut off, probably broken again I'm sure. I rolled onto my back and looked up at the ceiling, studying the cracks in the ceiling as I tried to find it in me to get up. My phone beeped on the nightstand and I reached over and grabbed it. One new message. Huh.

"Can't make it to school today, feel sick. Grab my homework please? –L" I chewed on my lip, hoping he'd be okay. I quickly replied.

"Sure, feel better –J" I dropped my phone on my pillow and got up walking over to my closet. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and pulled them on over my lacy boy shorts. I glanced at the full length mirror hanging on my closet door and noticed a rather large bruise like hickey on the side of my neck. I traced my fingers over it lightly, wincing as pain shot through my neck from the light touch. I grabbed a white turtle neck and pulled it on nodding in satisfaction that it covered the hickey. I pulled on a pair of black converse and grabbed my bag and phone. I ran into the bathroom and put in my contacts and quickly did my eyeliner. I let my hair fall around my shoulders and I straightened my bangs before running downstairs.

I grabbed walked into the garage and got into my car and drove to school quickly, noticing I was late already. I ran into my first class, shrinking slightly as Wilson gave me a glare for coming in late. I grabbed my trumpet and crammed my stuff into my cubby and walked over to my seat. I sat down and pulled out my music, falling into warm ups with the rest of the band easily. My mind was clouded though, thoughts of last night kept coming to mind. Especially seeing the wolf outside. I knew that should scare me, a wolf so close to my house, but it didn't, it comforted me almost and made me very curious.

All of my classes I mostly zoned out, not listening to half the teachers, nor half my friends during lunch. That earned me a few bruises from Nancy. She was saying something about the homecoming dance but I could care less about it. Finally the end of the day arrived and I walked out to my car pulling out my phone. I texted Lawrence to find out where I should drop his homework off.

"Joey's diner? Flo makes some good pie you know, great brain food." I laughed as I got into my car and started the engine. I turned on the radio and searched for a good station before replying.

"Sounds great, I'll be there in 20 minutes."

I tossed my phone into the passenger seat with my bag and peeled out of the parking lot, avoiding the rent a cop sitting in the parking lot. I made my way towards the diner and idly sang along with the radio not really focusing on anything. I pulled into the dinner and looked around, not seeing Lawrence's bike. I checked my watch, I wasn't early or anything. I shrugged and grabbed my bag, walking into the diner with a yawn. I saw Lawrence at the same table as yesterday and I smiled.

He gave me a small wave as I walked over to him. I sat down opposite him and he smiled, he did look a little sick and I felt bad.

"You know you should be in bed, drinking lots of water and eating crackers or something."

I pulled his homework from my bag and passed it over to him. He shrugged and took the papers from me, looking through them. Flo came over with two coffees and two mountain dews. She set one of each in front of us and walked away with a flash of her pink uniform. I took a sip of the mountain dew, coffee never helped my headaches so I tended to steer clear of it when I wasn't feeling well. I looked at Lawrence, studied his face for a moment. His eyes were back to his sparkling blue, no more unnatural flashes of yellow or anything. They looked pained and exhausted, and he had dark circles forming under his eyes.

"Are you okay Lawrence?"

"Yeah, I'm just tired is all."

I nodded, not convinced that was all that was wrong but I wasn't one to push. I pulled some of my homework from my bag and opened one of my books up.

"So do you want to start on this or want my help? We're supposed to have a test soon in calculus soon I guess and things have been getting confusing. For me at least."

He pulled out the calculus homework and glanced at it, not seeming to care about it.

"Jess, I don't want to do homework right now. I just want to chill out for a bit."

I closed my books and leaned my head in my hands watching him.

"Okay, well what do you want to talk about then?"

"Jessica, I don't want to talk! I just want to relax, I had a long night and I don't feel well."

I bit my lip feeling bad that I had upset him. I nodded and slowly put away my things. He looked towards me and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you doing Jessica?"

I put my things away and looked up at him, standing up pulling my bag onto my shoulder.

"I'm going home. You don't want to talk, you just want to sit here in a moody silence and I need to study. I plan on getting the hell out of this town when I graduate so I have to study and work my ass off to do that."

He stood up, his usual blue eyes turning icy and cold with anger.

"Jessica, I didn't ask you to meet me here just for you to leave as soon as you arrived. Now sit down and stop acting like a child."

"Excuse me? Last time I checked, we both agreed I was my own damn person and I do not take orders from you!"

His eyes turned to that yellow again, this time it was as if they glowed from the anger. Those eyes, I knew where I last saw them, I knew why they had seemed so familiar. Last night, the wolf, those were they eyes I saw in the wolf and that's why they seemed so familiar last night when I saw them! Lawrence couldn't have been that wolf though, werewolves weren't real.. were they? Lawrence gripped my arms in his hands and shook me a bit growling.

"Jessica, god damnit stop being so stubborn!"

I glared at him and pulled out of his grip.

"When did you turn into such an asshole? You're welcome for bringing you your homework."

I turned and walked away, pulling my keys from my bag and wiping away furious tears. When I got to the car and went to open my door there was a solid wall of muscle standing in front of me. I looked up and let out a soft cry of surprise. Lawrence was standing in front of me and glaring at me slightly. He had been in the dinner when I walked out the door though, how had he gotten out here so fast without me seeing?

"You.. I was… you were in the diner, how did you get out here so fast?" I was absolutely perplexed.

He growled and shook his head.

"That doesn't matter. There's things you don't know about me. You need to stop being so childish though Jessica."

"Oh yes, I'm the childish one! I brought you your work when you were sick and I tried to help you so you wouldn't fall behind being new and all! And you get all moody and don't want to talk to me, you just want to sit there! Well sorry for having to WORK for my grades."

He laughed and looked down at me, looking arrogant with those piercing yellow eyes.

"Just because I'm naturally smart doesn't mean you have to act like a little bitch you know. Maybe I just wanted your company, but no you had to be a moody bitch and throw a fit. Is it someone's time of the month?"

"Lawrence shut the hell up! You're acting like an asshole! You're usually so sweet but now you're just being a dick! I know you're sick and you're tired, but that doesn't give you the right to be an ass to me when I was only trying to help you out! Jesus men are so fucking stupid I don't know why I even need one!"

I went to push him out of the way when he grabbed my shoulders again and pulled me close to him. I looked up in anger and surprise when his lips crashed down on mine. I gasped in surprise and Lawrence used it to his advantage, he pushed his tongue into my mouth, massaging my tongue gently as I moaned. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back passionately, getting lost in his touch. Slowly we pulled back and I looked up at him, still slightly angry but mostly dizzy from the sudden loss of air.

"I'm still mad at you, you know…"

Lawrence smiled and hugged me tightly, burying his face in my hair.

"I know, I'm sorry. It was a long night and it's taking a toll on me."

"Will you tell me sometime what's wrong?"

Lawrence pulled away from me and looked down at me, his eyes clouding over as he fought some internal battle. I watched what little emotion I could decipher fly through his eyes before he finally nodded slowly.

"Sometime soon, I promise. Not now though, it's not the right time." I barely heard him as he whispered softly.

I nodded and he hugged me once more before moving so I could get into my car. As I pulled out of the parking lot I glanced in the mirror and saw him dash towards the woods, moving very fast. I shook my head, maybe I was coming down with a cold? All I knew was things were starting to get confusing about this boy and I wasn't sure I wanted to figure it out.