I woke up to wrinkled sheets and a cold hollow of where Shane had been. I was used to it by now; he'd leave early in the morning just in case my parents came in or anything. He'd stay all night and leave early in the morning so we wouldn't get in trouble. He'd come by before school to pick me up and no one would know the better. He never left completely though, he'd always leave a note or something like that. Today when I rolled over onto my side, there was a note sitting on my pillow. It was folded up and had my name written on the front.


I love you so much!

I will be there usual time to take you to school, so what I'm graduated. I still want to take you. If you want we can stop for some breakfast. See you soon baby.

I love you with all my heart. Forever and always.


It was such as sweet note that it brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't going to cry though, I couldn't. He was leaving in 6 days time and I was going to make the most of it. I looked at my pillow again and I now noticed that under the note, there lay a folded up piece of material. I smiled; I knew it wasn't his hoodie because Angie had that. I stood up and picked up the shirt, it was his favorite Metallica t-shirt. It was clean so I decided to wear it for the day. I climbed out of bed slowly and pulled on some skinny jeans and a cami top. I put his shirt on over it and tied it in the back with a ponytail. I ran a hairbrush through my long red hair and put it up in a sloppy bun. I straightened my bangs out and swept them across my eye like they always were. I cleaned off my glasses and slipped them back on after I put a little bit of eyeliner on. I grabbed a pair of mismatched socks and threw those on, grabbing a pink high top converse, and a black high top converse out of my closet. I put those on lacing them up and scooped up my bag.

I ran downstairs and checked the fridge for notes from my parents. There was only one and that was one from my mom.


Dad and I will be home around 8 tonight.

Go ahead and make yourself some dinner.

Take care of the puppies and keep the fireplace going.

Love you,

Mom and Dad.

Well, Shane could come over and help me study tonight. The more time I got to spend with him, doing I don't care what, was better. I looked at the clock and Shane would be here any minute now. I grabbed my iPod off the charger and slipped my cell phone into my bag. Just then, Shane pulled up in his vintage 1971 Midnight Blue Chevy El Camino SS. God I loved that car almost as much as I loved him. Usually Shane drives me to school but when the weather gets bad enough and he can't drive his dad's Ford F150, I pick him up in my Dodge Ram 2500. The weather wasn't too bad yet but soon I would be driving to school alone in my big old truck.

I smiled when he hoped out of his car and walked up the front walkway. When he saw me in his shirt, his whole entire face lit up. He pulled me into a bear hug and I had to remind him I couldn't breathe. He let me down and kissed me deeply before pulling away, his own breathing a little labored. I laughed and hugged him once more. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me tight against him. It was nice standing here in his arms, resting my head against his sturdy chest. I felt tears threaten to leak out of my eyes because in 6 short days, this was going to be gone. I sniffled and pulled away, wiping my eyes on my coat sleeve. Shane put his hand under my chin and pulled my face up so I could look at him. He kissed away my tears and kissed my forehead before looking at me.

"Babe, I know you're sad that I'm leaving soon. But don't think about it. Just remember, I may be gone, but I'm leaving my heart here."

"I know, and I've put it under lockdown. Watch out for my heart to sailor, you have it in those big hands of yours."

"Last I heard, you weren't complaining about my big hands. Now come on, don't want you being late to school, getting a detention, and then having your parents be thankful I'm leaving. I don't want to be remembered as a bad influence on you babe."

I laugh thinking that my parents will never think he's a bad influence. He's always there for me, he's tutored me when I needed the extra help, he's brought me chicken noodle soup when I've been sick, he even came over and rocked me to sleep after my grandmother died. They could tell that we were in love with each other, everyone could. If you knew us well enough, then you were in on the 'joke' that we were going to be married someday. I would love for that to happen and have children with him. It made me smile to think of little Shane's running around the house. I sighed as I threw my bag in the back seat and hopped in the car. I pulled my iPod out of my pocket and plugged it in to his car stereo.

Shane had one of the best stereo's I knew of. Surround sound, huge sub woofers in the back, iPod hook up, brand spanking new stereo, and xm radio. He had a funked out ride and he was very proud of it. I swear, some days it seems like he loves that car more than he loves me. It was understandable though, I wasn't one of those blond bimbo's who knew nothing about cars. I knew a lot about cars and when you couldn't find me in the stables, the library or the music store, I was under my car. My poor baby, sitting all alone in the garage, just waiting for me to work on her some more. I have a beautiful Ford Mustang Fastback sitting in the garage. Motor is completely shot, carbonator is going bad, and needs some serious work on her body. One of these days I was finally going to get enough money to restore her to her original beauty. Shane would help me on weekends when neither of us was working and then after school when he was at work I would work on her. I would finish Galina some day, soon I hoped. Yes, Galina is an odd name, especially for a car, but it means calm in Greek and anyone who knows me agrees that I can be in a bad mood and as soon as I start working on my baby, I instantly calm. I put on our playlist and sat back in the seat, zoning out thinking about my baby. I don't know how long I was zoning out for but suddenly Shane was waving his hand in front of my face.

"Earth to babe, you there?"

"Huh? Yeah, sorry I just zoned out completely. What were you saying?"

"Nothing, you just looked like you flew out of your body completely. What were you thinking about so hard anyway?"

"Just thinking about Galina."

"Ah, your precious baby. I see how you are; think about her more than me." I laughed and entwined my hand in his, resting it back on the gear shift.

"Babe, you know that car is important to me, but nothing is more important to me than you. Besides, you have your moments about Kadira here. So you shouldn't be saying anything bad about Galina and if you do, then I will bad mouth Kadira." Kadira meant powerful in Arabic and anyone had to agree that this car was pretty damn powerful when she got going. Shane was thinking about putting NOs in her and taking her to Tokyo and going drifting. Anytime he would say that, I would laugh at him and point out that he has no idea how to drift. Me though? I do, I used to drift out on the back roads in my Dodge Ram when I was 15.

"If you bad mouth Kadira, you are so not riding in her anymore."

"I'm sorry babe; Kadira is almost as good as Galina."

"Are you kidding? Kadira runs unlike Galina."

"Oh just barely! Kadira needs new pistons and if you don't fix the carbonator, she's going to break down on you. So don't give me any shit that Kadira is any better than Galina."

"Okay okay, you win babe. Calm down geesh."

He raised our entwined hands to his face and kissed the back of my hand. He smiled over the tops of our knuckles. We always had pointless little arguments like this and it was fun. We loved having them and that was a part of our relationship. I smiled and settled back into the seat again and sang along to the song playing. Too young to fall in love, Motley Crue. I remembered how that became not our song, but on our song playlist. We were on the phone one night, staying up late talking. A habit of his was to play a song loud enough for me to hear and quiz me on the song name and artist. It was his way of 'broadening my musical tastes.' I just think that he wanted to see if I knew as many rock songs as he did. This was one of the many songs he played but before he played it, he said something to me. 'Babe, this song I used to listen to a lot. But lately it isn't true anymore and I want you to listen to it and tell me who sings it.' So I listened to the song, knew instantly that it was Motley Cure, but didn't know the name of the song. I asked him and his answer was 'Too Young to fall in Love.' It was so sweet that he didn't think this song was true anymore, that was the first time we said I love you. It just melted my heart when he said that that I smiled at the memory of it.

We pulled into the gas station that was conveniently on the way to school. This was breakfast for us, oddly enough. I never ate a lot in the mornings so we would stop at the gas station to get my 'addiction' as Shane called it. Arizona Green Tea and a . Very odd breakfast but hey, it was me! Shane was used to this so every morning we would stop and it alternated of who would buy. It either depended on who had money on them, or who got to the cash register first. I prided myself on not being one of those completely dependent gold digger types. When Shane and I went out on dates, we would split the cost. He was also used to this and he later told me that it was another reason why he loved me. I paid because I pulled out my wallet first and he gave me an exasperated sigh.

"Babe, it was my turn to pay. You know that."

"Baby, you know that the way we figure out who pays is by whoever has money on them, who gets to the register first, or whoever pulls out their money first. Now shush it and lets go."

"Fine, but I'm paying next time. No arguments."

"Fine by me, you are such a whiney baby sometimes."

"Yeah, but you love it."

"Yes, you're my chauvinistic pig but I love you all the same."

"Chauvinistic yes. But pig? I'm not that bad, am I babe?"

"No, you're not that bad. Come on babe, let's blow this Popsicle stand."

"I love how you can say things only a kindergartener in a bad action movie would say and you make it sound hot." He came up behind me as we were walking out the door and put his arms around my waist, kissing my neck. We walked out the door like that, him walking behind me with his arms around my waist. We've done it tons of times before so it was no hard feat. We hopped in the car again and we were on our way to school.

We drove in a comfortable silence to school and pulled into the parking lot. We were early as always so we could hang out with some friends before the bell rang. We pulled into our usual spot and got out. No one was there yet because we were extremely early. Our usual friends, Nancy, her boyfriend Tyler, Alicia and her 'friend boy' Zach, they weren't going out yet though even though it was obvious that they loved each other. I got out, leaving my bag in the back seat and walked to the front of the car. I placed my shoe in the middle of the bumper and boosted myself on to the hood of Shane's car. Shane was still in the car and I was wondering why until I heard him turn up the stereo. He turned it up loud enough that you could hear it perfectly when you shut the doors but it wasn't too loud. I smiled and I heard the door slam shut. He walked to the front of the hood and stood in front of me.

He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me forward until he was standing in between my legs. I wrapped them loosely around his calves and wrapped my arms around his neck, playing with the hair at the back of his head. He smiled at me and massaged my sides lightly. I leaned forward and kissed him lightly. I meant it to be a light kiss but he deepened it, one of his hands sliding up my back to my neck. I moaned lightly as my hands tightened around his neck pulling him closer to me. He knotted one of his hands in my hair, the other at the top of my ass. He licked my lower lip, silently asking for entrance. I opened my lips with a sigh and our tongues battled. I pulled back a little breathless but he continued his assault on my skin. He dragged his lips along my jaw line nipping lightly in spots and sucking on others. He kissed his way to my neck and nibbled at my earlobe making me pull him tighter against me and moan. He chuckled against my skin and the vibrations slithered across my skin making me moan again. He started sucking at my neck and I turned my head to the side allowing him better access. His hands started playing with the hem of my shirt when we heard a truck engine roar to life behind us.

I jumped and Shane just stood there, unfazed and laughing at me. It was Nancy and Tyler who pulled into the lot, Tyler driving in his Chevy Silverado. I let out an annoyed moan as Shane pulled away from me chuckling. He kissed my forehead and walked over to Tyler as he got out of his truck. I hopped off the hood of his car and walked over to Nancy. She got out squealing and laughing at me. I just smiled and shrugged at her. She gave me a knowing glance before turning back to Tyler's truck and pulling out her makeup bag. I swear, that girl has a bigger bag for her makeup than she does for her school work. I didn't mind at the moment though because I needed her makeup expertise and foundation to cover up my new hickeys. I would get Shane back for this later but for now I just walked over to Nancy and hugged her. They guys had already opened up the hood of Tyler's truck so I just went to the tailgate with Nancy. I pulled down the tailgate while she opened up her bag. I sat down and she followed suit. She pulled out a makeup brush and some powder foundation. I tilted my neck and she got to work on my hickeys for me.

"Jess, I swear. One of these days I'm not going to be here to cover up your hickeys for you."

"Yeah, yeah yeah. I know. It's not my fault though! Shane did it to me and I just got swept up in the heat of the moment."

"Mhm, heat of the moment my ass. One of these day's I'm going to teach you how to cover these suckers up."

"I can cover them up myself thank you very much!"

"No you can't! The last time you tried that, you could still see them!"

"Whatever. Just hurry up and cover them for me, I think Tyler's talking about redoing his engine."

"Should I be jealous that you spend as much time with my boyfriend as you do with me?" She looked at me jokingly. We both knew that I was into cars and that I would never cheat on Shane. Let alone hurt Nancy like that. She was practically my sister and Tyler was so not my type! We laughed at our inside joke and she finished up with my hickeys. She put her stuff away and I got off the tailgate and walked up to the front of the truck. I leaned over and looked at the engine with the guys. They were talking about new filters. Ugh, I knew all this already and I knew that even though Tyler didn't want to buy a new filter, he was going to have to. I shrugged and walked back to Shane's car. I sat back on the hood and Nancy came over and sat with me. Just then Alicia and Zach pulled in on Zach's crotch rocket.

Nancy jumped up excited that Leesh was here. I was happy to see her but I wasn't feeling as bouncy. It was too damn early for this shit. I got up slowly and made my way over to Leesh and Zach. Leesh hopped off the bike and pulled off her helmet while Zach turned off the bike and put out the kick stand.

"Damn, I hate helmet hair!" Lessh shook out her medium length mahogany hair.

"Yeah, but you love me babe." Zach got off his bike, took off his helmet and kissed Leesh before we started making noises at them. Laughing our heads off we hugged Leesh and pulled her away to fix her hair.

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