Your beautiful eyes

Watch me

Everywhere I go

You follow me

If not in body

Then in spirit

And in mind

But it's not good for you

To follow me

For I go places

No human feet should

And I see things

No human eyes should

And the things I hear

Stay with me forever

Haunting me

In my every breath

And every blink

And I know you will see these things too

And they will haunt you

And I cannot put that on my conscience

Because I love you too much

So as I look down upon your head


In sorrow

As I whisper cruel lies

To make you hate what I am

And what I stand for

So you will be protected

From what I am

And what I stand for

I tell you I never loved you

But I did

I tell you I used you

But I didn't

I tell you I don't need you

Oh, but I do

And as each lie slips between my teeth

I hear your heart breaking

As you believe me

Why do you believe me?

Is it for the best

Or am I ruining my only chance of happiness

As I tell you

That you're useless

To me

And that you should move on

While I secretly hope you don't

And that you continue to love me

Even when I can't love you

For your own protection

So am I evil

For telling these lies?

Or am I holy for sacrificing

All that I love

For your own protection

As I look at you

With lying eyes

Cold and hating

And see you shiver with secret cold

Am I evil?

Or do I love you?

You decide.