I sit here

Staring at the phone

Typing away at my emails

Waiting for you

To ring me

But you don't

Do you?

Why don't you?

You told me you liked me

You gave me your number

And I gave you mine

But have you rung me?

Of course not

I keep trying to tell myself

Maybe it's all in my head

That maybe you've run out of credit

And forgotten to put more on.

But your on contract

Or maybe you've had your

Phone taken off you

But some teacher at school

But you say they don't care about phones

Or maybe your ill

Led in bed

Sniffling away with tissues at hand

But you were fine yesterday

Maybe someone you know is in hospital

And your there with them

Comforting them

But I doubt it

Or then again.

Maybe you've been hit by a bus.


That's got to be it.

Then again

Maybe you just don't like me that much