We lie here

In our own little world

In this beautiful field

Holding hands

Because were so in love.

You stare at the sky

And see clouds

Fluffy white things

End of.

I see endless possibilities

Rabbits bouncing around

And men fighting in a boxing ring

And children picking flowers.

I turn and look at you

At the same time

You turn and look at me

Because were so in sync.

I see your stunning mahogany eyes

Pools of melted chocolate

That I could drown in

Or swim for hours

Living in your beauty.

You see

A reasonably pretty girl

Someone you could look at

For a while

Blonde hair

Always good

Just generaly good looking

A 'trophy bird'

Like you've always wanted

To impress your mates.

We smile at the same time

Because were both thinking the same thing

Because were so alike

'I love you'

'Damn, your hot'

After we've finally drawn our eyes away

From each others faces

We turn and look at the now starry sky

And sigh in unison

Because we have identical personalities.

And your thinking

Jeez, its cold

And I'm thinking

I wonder if the Gods

Are watching us.

Because you see,

Were so alike

Which is why were together.

Isn't it?