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Chapter 49: A Dream Come True

-Eve's POV-

*One month later*

"I can't wait for this! It's going to be so exciting!"

DawnMarie smiled as she parked her car in the parking lot outside of the mall. "I know! You didn't tell the twins about this, did you?" she asked suspiciously.

I rolled my eyes. "No, I did. I love ruining surprise birthday parties because I'm a complete killjoy!"

She laughed as we got out of the car. "Yeah, I know you are. That's why I checked!"

The gang and I planned a surprise birthday party for Adam and Sean. It was July 4th, and we told Sean that we were going to the park for the 4th of July fireworks. Well, that wasn't a lie; we were going to see the fireworks, but we also had a party set up for them in the park. True, their birthday wasn't until the 6th, but this was a perfect setup for a party.

There was a DJ there every year that played music before the fireworks, and we told him what we were planning on doing. He was a local and knew all about the now-famous Parker twins, so he automatically agreed to help us set the party up along with everyone else who set the firework show up.

We stood outside DM's car for a few minutes, waiting for my mom to show up. Since when was she the fashionably late type? All I knew was, Adam and Joey's shifts at Hot Topic were going to end in ten minutes, so she better hurry up. She was bringing Cole, Sean and Mallory over to see them and tell them about our plans to see the fireworks. Sean knew that we were going to see the fireworks, but he didn't know about the party. Adam didn't know about either yet.

My mom's car pulled up a minute later. She got out of the car followed by Mallory. Cole slowly got out of the backseat with Mallory's help. He was no longer in a cast, but he recently started physical therapy for his leg and was having trouble doing certain things with his leg. He could walk with a slight limp, but anything involving lifting his leg up or jumping was hard for him to do.

Once Cole was out of the car, my mom opened the other door and helped Sean onto the pavement. Sean still spent most of his time in a motorized wheelchair that his parents bought him after he was released from the hospital, but last week his physical therapist finally decided to take the next step. He gave Sean metal crutches that locked around his elbows and had handles that he could hold onto in the hopes that he could at least have a chance to move his left leg. They didn't want the muscles in his left leg to weaken, especially after he gained a little mobility back, and sitting in a wheelchair 24/7 wouldn't do much to help that cause.

I smiled when I saw him standing next to my mom. He had what looked like a metal cage wrapped around his right leg, keeping it completely straight and guarded from any harm. I knew he wouldn't be able to move it anyway, but at least his doctors were making sure he was as safe as possible.

"I look like the child of Stephen Hawking and the Iron Giant," Sean said with a smile.

"Sean, be nice," I said sternly.

"Hey, that's a compliment. I admire Stephen Hawking, especially after my accident, and the movie "Iron Giant" gave me heartburn for a week!"


"What part of that confused you?"

I smiled and shook my head before I turned towards the mall. I hooked elbows with Cole as Mallory did the same to Sean next to me. I watched Sean as he slowly shifted his left leg forward and had to roll his hip to get his right leg to move. He looked frustrated, but I didn't blame him.

"Well, at least I'm standing," he said, as if he read my mind.

"It's a start," DawnMarie said.

It took us twice as long to reach the doors of the mall than it normally would've taken. I couldn't help but notice how many people gave us strange and sympathetic looks as they passed us, but at least there was a woman kind enough to hold the doors open for us when we reached them. We all thanked her in unison before we headed for Hot Topic.

Going up to the second floor was like pulling teeth for Sean, but we finally made it. We used the escalator to save him some pain, but I could tell it was just as annoying as using the steps for him. At least Mallory was with us holding him up and giving him something to smile about.

"Dude, you guys need to go to Hot Topic!"

We all shifted towards some random teenager on our right. He had messy blond hair and clothes that suggested that he was a regular Hot Topic shopper. There was a girl that I assumed was his girlfriend with him. She had red hair and was also dressed like a Hot Topic regular.

"Um…why?" Cole asked hesitantly.

They both laughed. "You'll see. But seriously, head over there. It's hilarious!"

The two teens walked away before we could ask any other questions. I had a very weird feeling that this hilarious sight in Hot Topic involved Joey. Call me crazy, but if he was on shift and something funny was going on in Hot Topic, he had to be involved.

We followed his advice partially out of curiosity and partially because we were going to Hot Topic anyway. Once we were a few feet away from the store, we saw a few people standing by the doorway. A few of them were laughing while others looked confused. What the hell…?

Well, my confusion didn't last much longer. We all made it to the doorway, and we all saw what was so funny the second we looked into the store.

Either Adam or Joey had messed with the stereo in the store and had the Spice Girls song "Wannabe" blasting through the speakers. Adam and Joey were standing together in the center of the store, singing along to the song and dancing like complete idiots. Joey was pretty much booty dancing and Adam was head-banging like he was at a hard rock concert rather than listening to the Spice Girls.

One of the people next to us looked at Sean. "Dude…are you related to him?" he asked, motioning to Adam.

Sean looked at him and frowned. "No, not at all. I have no idea who that guy is!"

Either that guy was plain stupid or he sensed Sean's hostile sarcasm, because he turned his attention back onto the two dancing workers. I wondered where Mickey was.

"If you want my future, forget my past!"

"If you wanna get with me, better make it fa-ast!"

"What the hell is going on in there?"

I looked over my shoulder and my previous thought was answered. Mickey had a look of complete horror on his face as he watched his two employees acting like morons. I was sure he was used to seeing Joey like this, but the fact that Adam was acting like this too was probably scaring him.

A lot of the audience cleared out when they realized who Mickey was, but my group stayed put. We knew by Mickey's personality that he wasn't going to get mad.

And, of course, we were right. Mickey burst out laughing as he walked into the store. "Guys, what are you doing?"

"If you wanna be my lover, you got to be my friend-!"

"No Joey, it's "you gotta get with my friends", not "you got to be my friend"."

"…Wait, what? That doesn't make sense! Does that mean if I wanna be someone's lover, I gotta bang all their friends?"

Adam, Mickey and Joey were all in hysterics now, so we all joined in as we entered the store. This was ridiculous, especially after what happened recently between Joey and DawnMarie.

"You better not bang all my friends," DawnMarie said, pulling Joey away from Adam and kissing him.

"Sorry, I can't help it. I mean, look at all of them. Those are some hot pieces of ass! Especially Cole!" he said, made a growling noise at Cole.

"…I'm gonna pretend you didn't just say that," Cole said.

"I still can't believe you two are dating. That's like frickin' statutory rape!" Sean said, scrunching up his nose.

"For one thing, I'm going to be 18 next month. And another thing, we're not having sex, so you don't have to worry about rape of any sort," DawnMarie said, sticking her tongue out at Sean.

"It's still creepy. He's six years older than you!"

"Jack is eight years older than me, and I'm four years older than Lance," my mom said casually.


"HAHA!" Joey said, pointing at him as DawnMarie wrapped her arms around his waist.

I smiled and walked over to Adam so I could hug him. Ever since he was reunited with Tom and started dating DawnMarie, he stopped taking drugs. We all found out that Joey's unique sense of humor really had nothing to do with drugs; he was just a little more air-headed than usual when he was stoned. But even though he wasn't on drugs, he was still the Joey we knew and loved. And we still called him our favorite stoner just for the hell of it. Old habits die hard.

"Hey Adam, we're going to head over to the park to watch the 4th of July fireworks tonight. You're coming with us!"

"Gee, how nice of you to ask me!" he said sarcastically.

"We're not giving you a choice. We're all going, even Joey!"

"…I am?"

"Yes, you are. We all are! We're going right after your shift ends."

"Do we have to go dressed like this?"

Joey hip-bumped Adam, making him stagger out of my arms. "C'mon cutie, we can be the twins today! You gotta admit that we look sexy in our too-loose-for-comfort jeans and orgasmic ties!"

"…Orgasmic ties? That's a new one," Adam said.

"Would you rather have orgasmic jeans? I thought that sounded more awkward considering where they're located on our bodies. But hey, you can have the orgasmic jeans and I'll have the orgasmic tie. Or I can be just be all-around orgasmic and you can just be cute. It's up to you!"

"Well, you can take your orgasmic selves and head out to the park. Rose and Julia are going to be here to take your shifts any minute. You can leave a few minutes early; I'll hold down the fort," Mickey said.

"Awesome!" Joey said. He grabbed onto Adam's hand and practically dragged him out of the store, making DawnMarie and I follow them. The rest of the gang followed behind us, smiles spreading on all of our faces. I loved how we told Joey about the party and, even though he wasn't on drugs anymore, he still had the memory of a goldfish. That was a good thing in the long run, though. If he remembered, he probably would've told Adam by accident.

"Do we have the twins' presents?" Cole mumbled to me. Sean and Mallory were a few steps ahead of us, so they didn't hear us.

"Yep. Diana has them. She has Zavry and they're going to meet us at the park."

"Are the Tarentellas and Chelsea there, too?"

"Yep. They're all there already. Courtney's family is there, too. They wanted to come to say happy birthday to Adam and Sean."

Cole smiled. "Cool. Let's get going, then!"


"HOW DID YOU KNOW? …Wait a second. It's not my birthday!"

"…We know, Joey. That was aimed at Adam and Sean."

"…Oh. Never mind!"

Adam and Sean looked around them in shock as everyone cheered for them. There was a table set out with a cake, food and presents on one side and two other tables set out for people to sit at on their other side. People who weren't there for their party looked over and smiled at their surprised reactions as they sat down side-by-side at one of the tables.

"But…it's not our birthday yet," Sean said.

"We know. But today would be a great day for a surprise party! There'll even be fireworks!" Chelsea said cheerfully.

Chelsea didn't have stitches in her face anymore, but she started wearing cover-up to cover most of her scars. You could tell they were there, but she was still fairly pretty, even after the accident. Adam didn't have his stitches in his throat anymore, either, and his voice went back to sounding like it used to. He had a scar, too, but it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. We were all thankful for that.

Adam and Sean smiled at each other, giving me enough time to sneak away from them to grab their presents.

"Guys! I have something for you!" I said. I put two boxes down in front of them. "These are your presents from me and my family. You can't open your other presents yet, but I want you to open these now. You'll see why once you open them."

Adam and Sean exchanged another glance before they looked down at the boxes. "Why do the boxes have holes in them?" Sean asked.

"You'll see. Now open them!"

Adam helped Sean disconnect his crutches from his elbows so he could move his arms more freely before he picked Sean's present up and set it on his lap. They both counted to three, which I figured was a twin tradition, before they opened the boxes.

"AAAHHH!" Sean yelled as his present jumped up at his face. "It's attacking me!"

Adam laughed as his present jumped out of the box and onto his lap. "Aww! It's a puppy!" he said. He picked up the little white fur ball and looked it over as it squirmed in his hands. "What kind of dog is it?"

"It's an American Eskimo. A private owner was selling them, and I remembered how you mentioned loving dogs with long fur, so we picked one up for you!"


We looked over at Sean and I burst out laughing. His fuzzy black puppy was crawling all over him and licking every part of his face it could reach.

"It's not eating your face! It's trying to kiss you!"

Sean finally lowered his hands and let the dog nip at his chin. A few seconds later, he started laughing.

"What kind of dog is this one?" he asked, wrapping his arms around it and snuggling it against his lap.

"Yours is a Pomeranian. There was a really cute Pomeranian in the pet store I went to when I bought Adam's puppy some food, and it was too cute to pass up. We figured that, since we got Adam a puppy for his birthday, we'd get the Pomeranian for you!"

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Sean asked.

"Yours is a girl; Adam's is a boy," I said.

"So I'm a daddy to a bitch?" Sean said lovingly.

"That's one way to put it."

"What are we going to name them?" Adam asked.

"Hmm…," Sean trailed off for a few seconds. He looked at Adam's dog. "Yours looks like Lady Gaga. Let's name him that!"

"…But my dog's a boy."

"So? His name is Lady Gaga! Get over it!"

Adam laughed and shook his head. "Okay then. What's your dog's name?"

Sean hummed and picked his puppy up. They made eye contact and his puppy's tongue rolled out of her mouth in a comical manner. "I shall name you Biggie Smalls!" he said triumphantly.

"Biggie Smalls? What kind of name is that for a pet, let alone a female pet?" DawnMarie said from behind me.

"It's a great name! My puppy's name is Biggie Smalls and Adam's puppy is named Lady Gaga! The end!"

"Can you imagine what the vet is going to say when we tell her what we named our dogs?" Adam said, shaking his head.

"Awwhh! Puppy!"

We all looked behind us to see Zavry waddling in our direction. Diana was behind her, a smile on her face.

"Hi everyone," Diana said. She looked at the puppies in Adam and Sean's laps and her smile widened. "I thought Zavry was saying random words, but I see why she was so excited."

Adam smiled and put Lady Gaga on the ground. He already had a collar on and we had leashes in the boxes they came in, so we weren't worried about them running too far. As soon as Lady Gaga was on the ground, Zavry squealed in delight and dove at him.

"…I think Biggie Smalls just peed on me," Sean said slowly. He picked Biggie Smalls up and groaned in annoyance. "Yep. She did." He put Biggie Smalls on the ground next to Lady Gaga so Zavry could play with her, too, before he looked at me. "Can I have some napkins?"

I nodded and walked towards the food table. I grabbed a handful of napkins for Sean, and when I turned around, I accidentally collided with someone.

"Sorry," I said. I went to walk around them, but I stopped when I saw who I walked into.

"It's okay," Courtney's dad said. He smiled. "I don't think we properly met before. I'm Eric Brayford."

I smiled. "Yeah, I recognize you. I'm Eve Mayfield."

I shook his hand, feeling a little awkward. "So…you're here with Sara and Jeff?" I said.

He nodded. "Yeah. Sara wanted to come to see Adam and Sean. They're good kids. Courtney was pretty fond of both of them."

I smiled. "Yeah…," I trailed off, trying to avoid thinking about how Courtney actually despised the twins.

"She actually always liked Adam and Sean, even after what happened with Sara. Courtney always had trouble showing her true feelings, and sometimes her hurt came out as hate. She was like that ever since she was little. She told me herself over the phone after Sara lost her job that she wished she could still be friends with the twins. She knew that Steve had something to do with their dishonesty, but she didn't know what to do to prove it." He smiled and touched my shoulder. "But I'm so glad that this is all over. I'm glad that you were able to prove that she was right. And I'm happy that you're happy. Adam and Sean really are good guys. There's nothing in the way to stop them from loving you like there was when they tried to love Courtney."

I smiled. "I know. I'm sorry that I didn't see the real Courtney before all this happened, but it's good to know that she really did forgive them. And it's great knowing that we all forgave each other. We're all thrilled that you and Sara are going to get remarried, especially on Courtney's birthday. I wish you luck, but I know you don't need it. After all, you were always friends with her. I know everything will be okay from here on out."

I saw Sara approaching us and Eric smiled. It was like he sensed his future bride approaching us. "Hey guys! I'm just relaying a message for Eve. And I quote: "Eve, where the heck are you with those napkins? I'm starting to smell like puppy pee and it's freaking me out! Love Sean." Of course, I changed a few choice words in that message, but you get what I mean," she said with a laugh.

I laughed too before I walked past them. "I got 'em right here! I kind of forgot why I came over here until now! Thanks Sara!"

I was handing the napkins to Sean a few seconds later. He didn't even bother thanking me (probably because I took an extra ten minutes to give him the napkins) while he cleaned up his lap.

"Well, that was uncomfortable," Sean started. "I was starting to feel-LADY GAGA, STOP HUMPING BIGGIE SMALLS!"

I jumped at Sean's sudden exclamation, but I knew why he screamed it just by following his gaze. Adam and I burst out laughing when Sean scared the two puppies apart, and I couldn't help but laugh harder when I saw two people who weren't involved in the twins' party look in our direction with confused looks on their faces. Sean's exclamation must've sounded really creepy to them.

Zavry started giggling as she waddled past us. She must've heard Sean yelling, because she learned a new word and was repeating it in a cheerful voice.

"Hump! Hump! Hump! Hump!" she said happily, followed by a joyful squeal.

Sean's eyes got huge as Joey burst out laughing behind us. Adam and I glared at Sean, giving him that "you need to learn when to shut your mouth" look.

"If Diana hears her saying that, you are in a shit-load of trouble," Adam said angrily.

As if on cue, Diana approached us with a small scoop of ice cream on a plate for Zavry. "Hi Zavry! Are you having fun?" she asked, sitting in the grass so Zavry could crawl on her lap.

"Hump!" she replied with another giggle.

Even though I wanted to glare at Sean again, I ended up laughing when I saw the look Diana gave Zavry. She looked like someone slapped her.

"Okay, I can explain that! ADAM DID IT!" Sean yelled, pointing at Adam.

Diana looked up at the twins, giving them a doubtful look. She smirked knowingly before she looked down at Zavry. "Zavry, who taught you that word?" she asked sweetly.


Now our mouths were hanging open in shock. "Okay, Adam really did teach her that one!" Sean said accusingly.

Diana glared at them and sighed. "I cannot believe Garrett named you two Zavry's godfathers. I hope I don't die for a long, long time!"

"C'mon Diana, you know you love us! We're like the sons you never had!"

"Yeah yeah, I hear ya."

"Way to go!"

We looked up to see Tom leaning against the table with the cake on it. He was laughing at the stupid scene that just took place. Joey was right next to him having a similar reaction.

"Go ahead and laugh! You're just jealous because I'm beautiful!" Sean yelled in a very overdramatic way.

"I can see why you won the Best Supporting Actor award," Tom yelled back.

Before Sean could respond, another voice caught our attention.

"Okay everyone! Who's ready for cake?"

We all turned towards my mother and Michelle, who were standing together on the other end of the table by the twins' cake. Adam and I helped Sean stand up and we wobbled over to the cake, Diana and Zavry close behind us.

Adam and Sean sat down in front of the cake while everyone crowded around them. They looked down at the cake and Sean automatically burst out laughing.

"So, we're 1,919 years old, eh?" he said.

Michelle rolled her eyes. "No, I told the people at the bakery that this cake was for my twins and it was their 19th birthday. I don't know who the idiot was who wrote on the cake, but instead of writing "Happy 19th birthday Adam and Sean", they wrote "Happy 1919 birthday Adam and Sean"."

"How do you mess that up?" Cole asked.

"We asked the people at the bakery the same thing." Ryan said.

"Maybe they went to write 19 two times for both twins and put it too close together," Megan suggested.

"Well, that's kinda stupid. Writing 19 one time would've been good enough," Chastity said.

"Hey, stop making fun of people who write on cakes! Remember the time we made your mother a homemade cake for her birthday and we wrote on it instead of getting it done professionally? Do you remember what happened?" Lance said.

"Let me guess; you wrote 900 instead of 90," Jack said jokingly.

My mother punched Jack in the shoulder, making him cringe. I was surprised that my mother had enough strength to make my body-builder father have a physical reaction to her abuse. "I was kidding!" he said in his defense.

"Hey, wait a sec. If she's 90, that would make you 98, since you're eight years older than her!" Sean interjected.

"Shh! Nobody has to know that!"

We all started laughing before Lance finished his story. "Uh, no…but you're close. We went to write 41 and DawnMarie wrote 411 instead!"

"Hey, that stupid icing stuff was hard to get out of the bottle! I couldn't help that it got all over the cake!"

We laughed again before we started to sing to Adam and Sean. Just to be nice, Sean picked Zavry up so she could help blow out the candles. That ended up being a bad idea, because she sneezed on Sean's side of the cake. It blew out the candles, but it also infected part of the cake.

"Hey! She did what I did when I was a baby!" I said cheerfully.

"Yeah, only you got snot all over the cake. At least Zavry had manners and kept all projectile mucus in her nose," Jack said, ruffling my hair.

"Haha," I said sarcastically, redoing my bun that my dad messed up. True, my bun was messy to begin with, but that wasn't the point!

"It's okay, Zavry. I'll eat the germy side of the cake with you," Sean said, grabbing a nearby knife. Adam took Zavry from Sean so he could cut the cake.

A few minutes later, we all had cake. Sean kept to his word and ate part of the cake that Zavry sneezed on. The idea made me cringe, but I still had to smile.

"Beanie!" Zavry said stubbornly.

Sean smiled. "Yes Zeevy?"

Zavry didn't verbally respond. Instead, she grabbed a handful of her cake, shifted upwards and shoved the cake in Sean's mouth. He gagged, not expecting Zavry's sudden urge to feed him. Some of the cake ended up in his mouth, but more of it ended up on his lips.

"Bleh! Ugh…Thank you," Sean said with a goofy smile.

Adam once again took Zavry out of Sean's lap. Sean reached for a napkin, but there were none sitting near him on the table.

"Great," I heard him mumble.

I turned around to get one for him, but I was surprised when I saw that Mallory beat me to it. She smiled at me as she passed me. I wasn't sure why, but her smile seemed…different. It almost seemed devious, as if she was planning something.

"Here Sean," she said, holding it out to him.

The icing lining his lips made his smile comical. "Thanks Mal."

He reached for the napkin, but Mallory suddenly pulled it out of his reach. He gave her a weird look as she knelt down beside the bench where he was sitting.

I had a feeling I knew what was coming next, so I slowly inched towards them so I could hear what they were saying.

The strange look didn't leave Sean's face as he reached for the napkin again. Mallory dropped the napkin in the grass next to her, which really seemed to confuse him. "Uh, what was that for?" he asked blankly.

Mallory smiled. "I think you have something on your face. Let me help you with that."

My mouth dropped open when I saw Mallory put her hands on both sides of Sean's face and kiss him. Sean's eyes widened in surprise, but it only took a few seconds before the initial shock wore off and he kissed her back. He closed his eyes and they sat like that for a few seconds before Mallory backed away from him.

Sean smiled, some of the icing still on his lips, but most of it wasn't. "Wow…," he said, stifling a laugh. "That was sweet."

"In more than one way," Mallory said jokingly.

"I could get used to unconventional kisses," Sean said casually.

I shifted to one side so I could see Mallory's face. I smiled when I saw some of the icing that was originally on Sean's mouth stuck to hers. "I think I can, too," she said in the same tone of voice.

"…Did you see that?"

I jumped slightly and looked over my shoulder. Adam was standing behind me with a shocked look on his face.

"Yeah! It was so cute!" I said, holding back a clichéd girlish squeal.

"I kind of feel left out," Adam said placidly.

I smiled at him. "Do you?"

I didn't wait for him to reply before I spun around, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I felt him smile, which made me smile, too.

"Hey! What are you guys doing?"

We broke apart and saw Cole giving us a suspicious look.

"Nothing," I said innocently.

"Hey Cole! C'mere!"

We all spun to face Sean. He was motioning for us to come over to him. Mallory was leaning against the table talking to Chelsea, so she wasn't distracting him anymore.

We walked up to him. "What's up?" Cole asked.

Sean looked serious. "Cole, did I ever say how thankful I am that you saved my life?"

Cole blinked. "Uh…yeah. I'm pretty sure we both thanked each other. Why?"

"Because I feel like I didn't thank you enough. I have something for you."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. Come closer."

Cole leaned towards Sean, a confused look on his face.

"A little closer."

Cole's face was a few inches apart from Sean's now. "How close to I have to be for this-?"

Cole's sentence was cut off by Sean grabbing onto Cole's shirt and forcing him into what looked like the funniest kiss on Earth. Cole looked dumb-founded at first, but after the reality of what was happening hit him, he sprung away from Sean and nearly toppled over. He would've fallen over if I didn't catch him.

"UGH! What the hell? Bleh!" Cole yelled, wiping the remnants of the icing Sean originally had on his mouth off of his own mouth.

"Sorry! I still had some icing left!" Sean said cheerfully.

Cole looked at him, completely confused. "What the hell? Why'd you have to kiss me? I thought the idea of kissing me grossed you out?"

"It does!"

"Then why'd you do it?"

"Because I can!"

"So, how was it?" I asked, winking and bumping my elbow against Cole's.

Cole stayed silent for half a minute before he responded. "Guys…I think Sean turned me straight!"

We all exchanged surprised looks. "Seriously?" Sean said.

"Well, there's one way to find out," Cole said. Without any warning, Cole grabbed my hips and pulled me into a kiss. I squeaked in surprise and, when I realized what was happening, started to laugh. My laugh was muffled, of course, and my laugh made Cole laugh, too.

"Hey bitch! That's my girlfriend!" Adam snapped.

Cole broke our kiss and we backed away from each other. Adam pulled me against him possessively as Cole put his hands on his hips.

"Well?" Sean asked expectantly.

"…Nah. Not straight. Maybe bi!"

"What the hell is going on?"

We looked at Joey and DawnMarie as they approached us. They must've seen what just happened.

"It's a long story; trust us."

"Well…can we join in?" Joey said jokingly.

Adam and I smiled at each other. "Sure! Why not?" Adam said.

Now Adam and I were kissing each other and Joey and DawnMarie started kissing right next to us. I was aware that Mallory stopped talking to Chelsea and kissed Sean again just for the hell of it, leaving Cole and Chelsea alone.

I kept one eye open to watch Cole and Chelsea and I smiled against Adam's mouth when I saw them approach each other.

"…Do you wanna?" Chelsea asked casually.

"Eh, what the hell?"

I laughed against Adam's mouth as Cole and Chelsea randomly started kissing. If this wasn't the most random kissing session I'd ever seen, I didn't know what was.

"What the heck?"

We all seemed to break apart in unison when we heard Jack and Tom approach us. They were both looking at all of us with the most epic 'WTF?' faces ever.

"I was, uh…just coming over to tell you guys that the fireworks were going to start soon since the sun is going down, but…yeah. I'll just let you alone to do…whatever the hell you were doing. But if you're going to get freaky, just be careful and do it behind trees or something!" Jack said.

"And I just tagged along to find Joey, but…yeah. I didn't expect to walk in on what's probably going to turn into a scene from a potential porno!" Tom added on with an accompanied twitch.

We waited until Jack walked away before we all started laughing hysterically. He had to be the perfect person to catch us. Tom didn't leave, and even though he was probably scarred for life, he joined in on the laughter.e

"Well, that was pretty interesting," Cole said as he wrapped his arm around Chelsea's waist.

"Who was better? Me or Chelsea?" I asked.

Cole frowned and looked from Chelsea to me and back again. "Uh…I'd rather not say. I want both of you to still like me and I don't want to get castrated if I tell the truth!"

"Why? Do the dudes you kiss have more skill than both of them?" Sean asked.

Cole's sideway smirk actually freaked me out. If Sean was right, I was going to give up on life.

"Well Sean, what do you think? You kissed both guys and girls before. What gender makes for a better kisser?" Tom asked curiously.

"Well, James bit me after I kissed him, so he's definitely out for the most passionate kisser on the planet. Eve likes to punch people in the gut, so she's out, too."

"Hey! I didn't mean to punch Adam! It was an accident!"

"Joey? Oh my God!"

All our attention was turned onto a random girl who was approaching us from the other side of the park. She just left one of the refreshment stands that was set up, and she was holding what looked like a cup of lemonade.

"Who is she?" Adam mumbled to Joey.

Joey didn't respond. Even though the sun was partially set, I could tell that the color drained from his face.

"Uh…hi Kate," he said slowly.

Holy crap. This was Kate? This chick was long, wavy blond hair, blue eyes, big boobs and pretty much the perfect body? This was Joey's ex-girlfriend? How the hell did they hook up when they were so…different?

"Joey! I can't believe it!" Kate said, putting her cup on the ground and walking up to Joey. She practically pushed DawnMarie over so she could hug Joey.

"Yeah, um…what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see the fireworks, silly! But I'm so happy to see you! I heard all about the stuff you did on the news. I can't believe you helped save those guys' lives and helped catch a murderer! That's awesome!"

Joey gave her a weird look. "Yeah, well…they're my friends. They were in trouble and I wanted to help them."

"Yeah," she replied airily. She looked at Tom and frowned. "Who's this?"

"This is Tom; he's my little brother."

Kate raised her eyebrows. "Your little brother? I thought you didn't know your little brother!"

Joey and Tom smiled at each other. "I didn't until a month ago. I met him the day he graduated from high school."

"Oh," she said, sounding bored. She sighed and looked Joey up and down before changing the subject. "Joey, I've been thinking. I was a huge jerk for breaking up with you. You really didn't deserve to lose me like that. All that stuff I said about you not being normal was really mean. But after you did all that stuff…I know that you're really great and you're worth being with. I'd like to get back together!"

Whoa, what the hell? He didn't deserve to lose her? He had to be a hero for her to see how great he was? And he was dating my sister, so she needed to back off! I clenched my fists and Adam had to hold onto my wrist to stop me from punching this bitch's lights out.

Joey frowned, which was a good sign. "Well Kate, for one thing, I'm glad you at least like me again. I don't like when people are mad at me. But," he pushed her away from him and pulled DawnMarie against him, "I don't appreciate when you try to push my girlfriend over. I'm sorry Kate, but I have a girlfriend now; a girlfriend who likes me for who I am, and not because I'm a hero that was recognized on the news. I know you're not a terrible person, but I'm not stupid. I know that you want to get back together because everyone in town knows who I am now. Being the girlfriend of one of the guys who was involved in the Parker tragedy would be pretty cool because you'd be in the spotlight. I'm sorry, but," he wrapped his arm around DawnMarie's waist, making her smile, "I've moved on. Find some other "normal" guy who will treat you like the prissy princess you are."

Kate's mouth dropped open as Sean let out a loud "hah!" from behind Joey. That was epic! I never would've expected Joey to say something so mean with such class to someone, especially an ex-girlfriend. I just gained a whole new respect for him.

"I…uh…fine!" she snapped. "Go back to being stoned every night and living alone! Your popularity won't last!" she snapped.

"I don't care if my popularity lasts. As long as I have my friends, I could care less if anyone else knew my name."

Kate glared at us before she spun around and stomped away, not even bothering to pick her drink up. Once she was out of earshot, Joey looked down at the cup and smiled. "Anybody want lemonade?" he asked jokingly.

DawnMarie threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek while everyone else cheered.

"Dude, that was awesome! I don't think I'd ever be able to turn down a chick that hot!" Sean said. He smiled at Mallory. "Of course, I have a perfectly hot chick with me right now, but you get what I mean!"

"Eh, whatever. She wasn't that great of a person to begin with," Joey said.

"Epic win, bro!" Tom said, high-fiving him. Hearing someone calling Joey their brother made me smile. I never saw Joey so happy. Turning down his hot ex-girlfriend for my sister (who was better than her in pretty much every way, so she should be jealous), being reunited with his little brother and stopping his drug addiction all in one month was one hell of an accomplishment for anybody, especially Joey.

"Guys! Let's move to the other end of the park! It'll be easier to see the fireworks!" Michelle yelled to us. We gave her thumbs-up to show her that we heard her before she rejoined Ryan and Megan and headed in the other direction.

Adam walked over to Sean and helped him reattach his crutches before he pulled him into a standing position. We all started following our families to the other side of the park where the field was more open and there would be more room to watch the fireworks.

"Biggie Smalls! Lady Gaga! C'mon!" Sean called. The two puppies rushed towards us and started weaving in between our legs, making us smile.

"See! They respond to me and they don't even know their names yet!"

Adam rolled his eyes. "Sean, they're just following us. They don't want to be left behind."

"You just don't want to admit that I'm awesome."

"I won't burst your bubble. I know I'm the better twin. I'll just let you keep living in denial!"

"Yeah, okay. We already know that I'm better at kissing. I have a higher kissing count than you. I even kissed your girlfriend and she liked it!"

I blushed as Adam scowled at Sean. "Keep it up, buddy."

"What're you gonna do? Push me over?"

Adam smiled and, without any warning, unwrapped his arm from around Sean's waist and pushed him over into the grass. Sean let out a scared yell as he toppled over, flailing his crutches in the air the entire time and almost taking Joey's knees out with them.

"Adam, you asshole! That's unfair! You're such a jerk!"

Cole sighed and turned around. He walked past me and, using his upper body strength, helped Sean get into a position where he could pull himself onto his feet using his crutches. Once Sean was back on his feet, he sighed and smiled.

"Thanks Colin!" he said cheerfully.

Cole's smile turned into a glare and, after getting a nod from Adam, turned to Sean and pushed him over again. Sean started flailing around again, yelling profanities every which way in annoyance.

"Guys, c'mon! I was joking! You're all a bunch of assholes!"

"You deserved that one!" Tom said from his spot next to Joey.

I smiled and shook my head. "You should really help him up," I said to Adam.

"I will…eventually," he said. "I'm enjoying his pain right now!"

"Mallory! C'mon! You know you want to help me!"

"Um…," Mallory looked at Adam, who shook his head. "I will, Sean. I will once Adam lets me!"

"Once he lets you? What the hell? He's not holding you back!"

Adam wrapped his arms around my waist and smiled at me. "This is the best birthday ever, even though it's still two days away," he said.

I smiled and snuggled against his shirt. "I'm glad you like it."

"Hey bitches! Hello! Crippled with crutches is in need of some assistance!"

Adam kissed my forehead. "You saved me in so many ways this year, Eve. Sean and I will eventually go to college, most likely the year after you graduate, but promise me that we won't lose contact with each other."

"Help me!"

I smiled up at him. "I promise. If I have my way, we'll be together forever. I love you, Adam Tarentella."

Adam smiled and brushed some of my loose hair behind my ear. "I love you too, Eve Vandemark."

As Adam and I kissed, I knew everything was perfect. This whole mess was over. I had everything and everyone I could ever ask for.

This nightmare was finally a dream come true.


A/N: Well, there ya go! I can't believe I'm finally done with "I'm in Love With a Professional Heartbreaker: How Adam Met Eve". It doesn't feel real to me yet. I don't think it will feel real to me for a while yet. Well everyone, move on to the next and final "chapter" for my final good-byes, and thank you so much for reading my story! :D You guys rock!