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I sped into the drive way and hopped out of my car so fast I almost fell flat on my face, but I caught my balance and ran inside. Inside, I found my uncle Mark sitting in his favorite arm chair watching TV. My uncle Mark was 12 years younger than my father so he was only 10 years older than me. So with me at age 17 he was still only 27. My uncle wasn't married though, he was a massive player. And everyone knew it. He didn't usually break many girls' hearts though; he just got hotties and had one night stands. The girls all knew he wasn't looking for anything serious; he was a fun and games man.

Every Thursday night he would take me out to dinner, and spend quality time with me. No girls hanging off his arms. Just for me. Today was a beloved Thursday.

I had moved into my Uncle's house 4 years ago. When my parents had split up. It was only supposed to be a temporary thing; Mark didn't want a teenage girl hanging around his game house. But it turned out that having me there had been different then he had thought. He could still have girls around because I never cared, I would usually either ignore them or learn stuff my hippie-so-out-of-fashion-mother couldn't show me. Then when my Mother had moved across the country and my Father had re-married some suburban trophy wife it was official that I wanted to stay with my Uncle Mark.

"So Marky-man, Where are we going tonight/" I asked happily as I sat on the arm of his chair. He looked up and smiled.

"Well my chicky-babe Ally, I thought we could hit the town and I could introduce you to the sweet life I live. Maybe even a bit of the hard drink selection. I might have made a little something for you." He says reaching into his wallet and bringing out a card that looked almost identical to my drivers' license, but the age was changed to say I was legal drinking age. I squealed and hugged my uncle as I grabbed the card.

He'd had that made up for me six months ago when I first got my license. But he always kept it with him so that if any one ever got him in trouble for taking me to bars or clubs he could say I was allowed to be there. He had said he would let me have it when he thought I would need it.

I ran upstairs in the giant house and changed into a night-on-the-town outfit this one consisting of short black short shorts, black shiny heals and a bright red spaghetti strapped top with gold sequined detailing down the bust. I didn't take a bag, instead shoving my thin wallet in my back pocket and my mobile in my right front pocket. I had already straightened my hair so I tossed it up in a loose pony tail leaving my side fringe down.

I then ran down stairs and jumped into Marks black, sleek, shiny convertible BMW. It was the model a head of mine, which he had bought me for my 17tyh birthday. He followed and got into the front seat and swiftly pulled out and was roaring off.

First we stopped at the ice cream parlor, as was our tradition. Buying our ice creams (me white chocolate, him Choc-mint) we sat down in a small booth.

"So how did work go with the bimbo?" I asked.

"Not too bad, at first she thought she could hold something over me, that I would give her good feed back so she didn't mention anything about us to my boss." He said smirking

My Uncle worked for record companies, he was good at spotting talent and knowing who would last in the industry and who would crumble. This week a blonde bimbo he had spent a weekend with had decided she could sing.

"Let me guess, she told your boss and laughed in her face?" I said between licks, hey so I like my ice cream, A LOT!

"Not just did he laugh, he told her that she couldn't be in our studios because she had a history with me." He said smiling widely.

"What a slap in the face! Speaking of did I tell you about my day at school?" I asked. He raised an eyebrow in question so kept going. "Rick told me today that since we had been dating a week it was customary to have sex this weekend, to make it official. So I gave him my pimp hand and dumped his ass." He patted me on the shoulder happily.

"That's my girl, you should have got your knuckles into his face, just like I taught you." He said. His suddenly looked serious as he leaned forward.

"I've always thought that there's no good reason to make permanent fixtures in life, permanent fixtures that would suffer if I left. I've never married, never stayed close with many people; my friends are close but not too close. You were not supposed to happen, I knew if you became a permanent fixture in my life then it would hurt to leave you. But I have taught you as much as I know, and I think you can go on like normal if I'm not always there for your Thursday night entertainment. You can still be, and enjoy life." He said solemnly.

"What? I don't get it." I whispered. What was he saying this to me for, he was a healthy 27 year old male, with no health issues, he was doing fine.

"I've always felt that I wouldn't be an old man, it just isn't in my personality, I grow to certain point but can't get as far as to be an accepting old man, and it would drive me crazy. I always seem to think that the timer starts at sex, and I keeps going, you can't stop it, mines set the same as everyone else. But it's going faster. I just know it."

He said, he was calm and sure now, I could see it. I knew he didn't want to bring down the mood. I knew this was his way of showing he cared. So I stood up and looked down at him.

"Well you better not go anywhere just yet, because you promised to take me to this VIP music industry Party mix, and I pumped for it. So lets go!" I said he smiled cockily and stood up.

"Well off we go then." He said. We got into his car and he again handed me another card, this one was Gold and Red with Studio Records written across the top in sparkling writing, underneath it had my name and a code. I instantly knew what this was, it was my music and film VIP card, Mark had gotten me one some how. I hugged him again. I was so happy, I mean how many 17 year old high school girls get to go to VIP Music parties that will have all sorts of famous people inside.

When we arrived and the club the guy recognized mark instantly but asked me to show him my ID and VIP card. Then he let us through to the club where loud beats of fast paced music pounded in our ears. Mark led me over to the bar where he ordered us some drinks it was a small glass, I couldn't tell the color of the liquid inside because of the flashing lights, so I just downed it in a couple of mouthfuls. It was sweet, I could feel the alcohol going into my body, but I t wasn't to strong that it clouded my mind. After a few more drinks I headed onto the dance floor. I kind of techno enhanced version of Tik Tok by kasha started playing; I instantly started dancing with the beat, feeling one with the music.

I noticed that she was on stage performing the song live.


I noticed a figure dancing a few feet away, he was a few inches taller than me but I could still clearly see his eyes, sparkling wildly. I migrated near him; he started to dance in sync with me, us moving as one. We were grinding against each other, me in front of him, his hand around my waist, the beat pulsing between us, as we danced on I felt my hair come undone and fall down onto my shoulders and down my back to mid-back. I didn't stop to think about it.

Many more songs later and I was turned to be pressed against him, his lips made contact with my neck, I groaned at the feeling, there was a cold touch on my neck and I pulled away briefly to notice the silver rings through his lips, this made me smile and move closer to him, grasping the back of his soft black shirt. His hand was traveling across my back. We were so close, I didn't know where I ended and he started.

I walked out of the club feeling a bit out of it. I had somehow been separated from the guy with out having lost my virginity. I was still reeling from how hot and sexy the guy had been. Mark had only had one drink that night so he could drive me home safely. While I buzzed from the dancing, my hormones coursing through me. I smiled happily as mark drove us through the city to get home.

"well I'm so lucky your , mother doesn't see stuff like that. She would have killed me and screamed about keeping things G rated, because that most definitely was not near G rated." He smirked. I laughed.

"What can I say? I got carried away." I said while smirking too. Just and we turned a corner I saw a flash of light and noticed a car heading straight at our car into the side I was sitting on, I could see panic in Marks eyes, he spun around as he drove, turning the car almost a U-turn, trying to get away from the oncoming large car. It was impossible but I could see he relaxed a bit when the car was facing the other way and was now heading for his side of the car instead of mine, my eyes widened in horror and then I was blinded by the light and saw no more.

I awoke on a bed, a stretcher style bed, I could see paramedics around me, lifting my bed in to and ambulance. I quickly bolted up, feeling slight pain in my back as I did so, jus to see some men zipping up two bodies, into bags. I felt my stomach drop, my throat close up. I managed to croak out some words.

"Did my uncle make it?" No body answered but I could tell from the look on their face that he hadn't. I didn't feel the shock I was expecting to course through me. Instead I just felt empyness. I slowly lay back down and stayed silent.

My father and his wife had been contacted, the doctor said and he talked to me, I had not been injured apart from some minor bruising to the back. I nodded as he droned on. I didn't care. I didn't care about any of it.

And when I closed my eyes, all I saw was that light.

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