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Murphy's Law

If anything can go wrong, it will.

It's not that I'm pessimistic. Oh no. No sire. Well, admittedly, my friends call me a cynic, but they're just exaggerating. I'm just one of those people who fall at every other step and attract more trouble than a trouble magnet.

"I love Mark," I whispered to Mel in the lunch line. But it was only a stage whisper. I made sure that everyone +/- 5 spaces of me heard it clearly.

"Yeah, yeah," said Mel.


"Okay. Anyway, I dare you to walk till that table with this tray without falling down," challenged Mel.

"What?" I said, and I knew in the back of my mind that I should not do it. But I'm also one of those people who cannot resist a challenge.

"Of course, I can walk till there without falling!" I said indignantly. "I have two feet. I walk."

Mel coughed something that sounded suspiciously like, "Doubtful," and I ignored her.

I mean; all I have to do is walk. It should be simple enough, right?


Why isn't anyone answering?

Okay, I'm going to do this and make Mel be my servant for a day. Tee hee hee. I'm going to make her fetch me chilled pina coladas at least a hundred times.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can possibly go wrong, can it?

Murphy's Law no. 1 – If anything can go wrong, it will.

I swear I walked straight enough. I even kept in mind the whole center of mass thing they keep droning about in Physics. But somehow, maybe because God likes Mel more than he likes me (I mean, I only missed one church service), I stumbled and fell.

Murphy's Law no. 2 – A falling object always lands where it can do the most damage.

The tray flew (I didn't know that inanimate objects were supposed to fly like that) and somehow (don't ask me how) it went and landed right on Mark. My love.

This can't be good.

I looked over at Mel, and I saw that she was stifling laughter behind her hands. Oh, she won't live to see tomorrow. She knows, she knows and still, she laughs.

Oh, the audacity.

Mark stared at me, with those nice green eyes that always seem to make me see stars now.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I said hysterically, glaring at Mel out of the corner of my eye. I know that she has somehow planned this. Using her super black magic powers, she has rigged it so that I would fall and look bad in front of my new love, Mark and she would win the bet and she would then get me to do stuff I didn't want to do.

Mark got an irritated look in his eyes and he opened his mouth to yell at me or something.

Murphy's Law no. 3 – The amount of love someone feels for you is inversely proportional to the amount of love you feel for them.

Before Mark could say anything, and soothe my poor heart with his melodious voice (never mind that he would yell at me), "Mark!" a voice called from nearby.

I gritted my teeth. Ah. There was the biggest obstacle I had to encounter in my quest for Mark. Dana.

His girlfriend.

But he's going to run off me with me and dump her as soon as I work my irresistible charm.

The hint of irritation in Mark's moss green eyes disappeared because he started attending to Dana as usual.

The problem is, Dana's not a bi***. She's nice.

"Hi, Vinaya," she called out when she saw me. "How are you? Long time, I haven't seen you."

Murphy's Law no. 4 – When you really, really want to hate someone with your whole heart, the person turns out to be the nicest person in the world.

"Urgh!" I said. "I cannot bear this. I hate Dana. I do. I totally hate her. From the bottom-most pits of my heart. How can she date my Mark?" I said to Mel as I walked back to my table with my tray. I had stood there for a while, watching as Mark catered to Dana's every whims and fantasies, like a sweet puppy.

I want a sweet puppy.

"Your Mark?" Mel snorted. "What about-?"

"Ssssh," I said crossly. "Don't say it. I love Mark."

Jason, the third person in our trio slammed his tray onto our table. He looked to be in a thoroughly bad mood. "Look, Vinaya," he began, intensely glaring at me with his brown eyes that seem to go black when he gets angry (like now).

"I love Mark," I said serenely.

"Goddammit! You're freaking impossible."

"I still love Mark."

He got up, and left.

I smiled.

"Do you know Mark gets Dana ice-cream every single day?" I asked Mel who looked like a deer caught between headlights. She rather looked as if she didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

I was absolutely horrified when I reached home. I had remembered that I had been instructed by The Great Boss (The mother) to pick up the little brother from his art class.

And I had forgotten and I was late.

I raced out of the house, ignoring the overcast skies.

Murphy's Law no 5 – When you don't have an umbrella, it will rain.

I reached the class thoroughly soaked and in a thoroughly bad mood. The brother was waiting outside with a frown on his seven-year old face.

"You're late," he said.


"I'm going to complain to mom."

"Whatever," I said.

"I want that," he said suddenly, pointing at the display window of a "Toys R US" shop nearby. There was some action figure of some remotely familiar Transformers character in full view.

"I don't have cash," I said, "Now, let's go home." I pulled him but he didn't budge and dug in his feet into the road. Which, being concrete, is not something which is physically possible, but he did it.

The little tyke started wailing.

Right there. He sat down on the road, in full view, of all passersby. Which were quite a lot, considering that it was a peak time and this was one of the busiest shopping streets of the locality. I could even see a few of the snobby girls hanging out in a Gucci shop.

"Stop crying," I hissed.

Murphy's Law no. 6 – The intensity of the tantrum is directly proportional to the amount of people around to watch it.

His wails got increasingly and increasingly louder, my face got increasingly and increasingly redder and the amount of people gathering around multiplied logarithmically.

Bloody brilliant.

I got him to come home with me (only when I agreed to take him piggy-back), and desperately hoped that my mum would not have come home yet and would not be waiting for me. Please, please, please, I looked heavenward praying with all the fervor I had. Please.

Murphy's Law no. 7 – If you want something really bad, chances are you won't get it.

She was waiting for me with her hands on her hips.

"Welcome," she said sarcastically. "I have heard about all your antics. Mel called, and she seemed to be worried about you."

"She was late," my brother put it.

Remind me to kill him later.

"I was not!" I said.

"Just keep quiet, Vinaya. Go out and get some fresh air, you need it. God knows your brain works really weirdly at times."

"I'm soaked!" I said.

"Go." And the door slammed.

My brother had slipped inside and I was the one who was left standing outside, dripping and shivering from head to toe.

"What the-?" I exclaimed. I banged the door, I kicked the door, I knocked, I did every single thing imaginable but The Great Boss did not open the door.

I screamed at the door for a little while then (on the lines of 'I will rip all your wood out if you don't listen to me and open. Won't that hurt? Me peeling off your skin? Open! I command you to open! Oooooopen Sesame!), but stopped when our neighbor, an old lady came out of her house to stare at me.

I decided to do as I was told and stomped to the park opposite my house. I sat down on my favourite bench, and pulled out my cell. Might as well do something constructive if I don't have anything to do.

I changed my Speed Dial 1 to Mark. And then I called him.

It went into voicemail.

I hesitated, but then thought that if I was going to do it, might as well do it now when I had some courage at least.

"Hello, Mark," I said, speaking really fast that made me sound as if was an express train. "This is Vinaya. Vinaya. Vinaya. You know me, right? I am the girl…who sits at the table right across you in lunch. Anyway, I was wondering whether you would like to go out with me? I know you have a girlfriend and all….but still. I love you. Really, truly. No, I do. I- anyway. Bye. Call me back soon, okay?"

I pressed the 'End call' button and then whooped with joy. I climbed on the bench and began jumping up and down. Yes, I am a definite case of ADHD as my mother tells me sometimes.

"Mel," I squealed, after I dialed her number and she picked up. "Guess what, guess what, guess what? I asked out Mark."


"Yup, on voicemail. Cool, right? I'm sure he'll reply really soon."

There was a long silence. Then, "Vin. You know that Jason-"

"Gotta go," I said cheerfully. And cut off the call. I was still on the bench and then I started jumping again. Big mistake.

Murphy's Law no. 8 - The probability of falling off something is directly proportional to how hard the surface you're going to land on is.

Down, I went, with a loud scream that almost destroyed my own ears.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit," I swore, on the ground.


I looked up, and it was Jason, staring down at me with concern etched on his face.

"What?" I gritted out.

"Are you hurt?" he offered me a hand.

"No, thank you," I said, refusing it, and getting up on my own. Or trying to.

Murphy's Law no. 9 - You will always fall back down when someone offers you a hand and you refuse it.

He pulled me up the second time I fell and I glared at him. "Don't think that I've stopped loving Mark just because you pulled me up," I said snidely.

Jason sighed with barely controlled exasperation and fury. He pulled me close towards him ( Not even gently. Hmph) and I tried not to breathe in his scent. "Vinaya. You do NOT love Mark. Get it?"

"No," I shook my head stubbornly. "I do too love Mark."

"Fine then," said Jason, and the anger changed to hurt and I felt bad, but I was sure that it was only momentary. "Go to your stupid Mark who'll get you icecream every single day."

And he walked away.

Not that I felt empty. I felt completely fine. There was no hole in my heart. My heart didn't still at all. No. Nope.

Okay, okay, it did!

Shit. What have I done?

"Jason!" I yelled, and ran after him, ignoring the ache in my knees. Please don't tell me I've damaged my knees again. At this rate, they're going to be permanently damaged by the time I'm 18.

"You're right," I admitted, as I caught up to him, breathless. "I don't love Mark."

"Oh yeah?" the hurt and sadness disappeared a little but I could still see the suspicion.

"Yup," I said. "I love you." And I kissed him.

After five whole continuous minutes of –ahem – certain activities, Jason said, "I almost gave up there, you know. I mean, for that stupid little fight, you said, 'Okay that's it. I'm done with you. We're broken up and I love Mark'. Usually, it ends at the broken up part. But this time, there was the Mark part. So I was a little worried, I admit."

"A little?" I teased, and pulled him closer.

"A lot."

"I know," I rested my head into the crook of his neck, where it fit perfectly. "I was just…kidding."

"Of course," said Jason deadpan.

"So…," I began and Jason got a wary look on his face again. Jeez. Am I that bad?

Before I could continue my sentence however (just as well for Jason, I think), a loud voice behind me made me turn around.

It was Mark.

"Vinaya!" he called out, and he seemed confused. "What do you mean, you want to go out? Like, on a date…?"

Jason stared at me.

I stared back at him.


Murphy's Law no. 10 – If anything simply can't go wrong, it will anyway.

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