You're always there

Following me

You hide,

But I know your there

I see you

I catch you.

I try to run

But your always on my heels


Can't you leave me alone?

As soon as I'm outside

Your there

But you cant go inside my house

So HA!

But I see you,

When I'm near a window


Your still behind me.

So I stay away from windows

Because you scare me

Your dark

And dangerous,


And Scary.

But you dont come out

When its cloudy

Or raining

I don't quite know why.

And your never there at midday,

Lunch break?

Whatever it is,

I don't like you

You're too close

I ike my space

And you invade it.

But somehow I know you'll never leave

So I'm going

To a place where there's never sun

And I'm going to try to outrun you,

my shadow.