Alexa Sanford slides her notebook into her shoulder bag, re-hangs the bag on the tree branch next to her, and climbs to the next branch, where the foliage is thicker. Cat-quiet, she grabs her notebook again, hissing through her teeth as her pencil falls from the spiral into the bushes below. Jordan starts when the pencil makes a soft rustle in the bush next to where he is leaning, against the tree trunk's papery bark. Dismissing the sound with one of his telltale grunts, he goes back to "browsing the candy store", as Alexa once heard him call the park's main path. Alexa settles more comfortably in the dark leaves of the tree and takes out a new pen as she spots her roommate Tanzi jogging down the path in their direction. She looks down again – Jordan is slowly getting up, an impish grin that reaches his eyes streaking across his face. He walks – meanders, really – over to the middle of the path, blocking Tanzi's way. Tanzi slows to a stop, her obnoxiously beautiful face contorting into a look of slight confusion.

Alexa puts her pen to the paper.

BOY: Hi.

GIRL: Hey…

BOY: Sorry to interrupt you, but – I just want to say something really fast.

GIRL: Okay…

BOY: I just wanted to tell you that I think you are a very pretty girl.

His arms rise cautiously in the air, as if he is surrendering to the cops.

BOY: That's all. Except, do you like coffee? Do you even drink coffee? I mean, I don't really drink coffee – only sometimes – but if you want coffee, then I would be perfectly happy to get some for you. Or with you, even. If you like coffee, that is.

Silence. The girl's mouth stretches into a lazy smile, her white teeth flashing in stark contrast to her tanned skin. Alexa covers her mouth with her hand, trying not to laugh.

GIRL: It just so happens that I rather despise coffee.

Alexa thinks, Ouch. This makes it really hard for her to hate her roommate now.

The boy's face falls as he struggles to keep his composure.

GIRL: On the other hand, I happen to be a pretty big fan of tea.

Her smile is warmer now, as if she, too, is trying not to laugh.

BOY: …Really?

His voice is hopeful, and Alexa almost pities him.

GIRL: Yes. And the shop in the quad is in possession of a particularly delicious iced tea, currently.

BOY (who seems to view his position as rather tenuous at present): …The coffee…tea shop is at the end of the trail.

GIRL: More or less, yes.

BOY: You're going towards the end of the trail.

The girl smiles in earnest now, but refuses to give ground.

GIRL: I am.

BOY (beginning to regain his confidence, but still carefully hopeful): Would you mind terribly if I accompanied you to the end of the trail and, consequently, to the shop where there is currently a particularly delicious iced tea?

GIRL: As it so happens, I wouldn't mind at all.

Jordan smiles at Tanzi, triumphant, and falls into step with her as she walks down the trail. Alexa is pleased to find that Jordan looks akin to a man who has come face to face with a tidal wave and lost, and, satisfied, she jumps out of the tree to retrieve her fallen pencil.