It was hard to transfer schools, you have to pack your things and leave your family. But for me it was easy, I'm glad I left my family and packed my things. I have more freedom this way. The smell of the air here in New York is different. It's far from the smell back in LA. Everyone is so busy here and no one seems to rest. This is a good change; I needed this new busy life.

I held on to my wool scarf and fixed my brown suede gloves. My school uniform consisted of a mustard yellow and brown plaid skirt, a white long sleeve blouse, a navy blue sweater vest and stockings. The administrator said we could alter our clothing but we have to wear the sweater vest, so I wore my brown boots. It was winter anyway. The cold can be bearable. Just like how transferring to another school in the middle of the year would be. It was stupid actually, to think it would be all right it wouldn't it was always that way. Perhaps it's for the better?

The school is awfully large, but can house all employees and students as well as guests. It's a dream of any student in a varsity team and any person aiming for an Ivy League education. Is this the perfect school? No, I have heard nasty rumors about the school but I don't want to get to it.

My dorm was bigger than the other students, but not the biggest, of course I wanted the biggest one, but they were occupied, I don't like having roommates too. Whoever thought of sharing a room anyway? I say there's no privacy. My bed was in a simple beige color and the walls complemented it with a creamy milky tone. The study table was near the door with my laptop on top and some boxes for me to organize things. My closet was big enough for roughly all my clothes since I had to stuff them in. Of course I had a stereo and TV. Everything I need is in my dorm room, perfect for me.

I looked at myself in the tall mirror installed in on the wall next to the closet. My hair is bright red with darker roots; it fell below my elbow but just above my waist. I tied it with a hair elastic and placed a black headband on. My lips were always pale so I have to put red lipstick on it. My skin is quite tan but not enough to make me look like I'm a fake. Overall, I looked good today.

I walked through the halls of St. Gabrielle. The smell was always fresh due to lush greens and clean air in the school. A few female students rush by me and almost bump me. Are all people here that rude? They didn't even say sorry!

Once I got to the courtyard the air got colder. There was a small loft area raised from the ground just across. Students were sitting and chatting at the top. A particular group was just watching them and the people in the courtyard. They were oddly paler than everybody. They looked like siblings but didn't seem to act like it.

There was a really tall girl, she had raven black hair and had icy blue eyes. She was thin and lanky with a shy demeanor. She was holding on to someone's jacket. He was equally tall and also has black hair but it fell only below his chin. He didn't seem to mind her holding on to him. He gripped her hand lightly. They look like siblings but they acted as if they were a couple. Incest, how repulsive.

From behind the two, someone pushed in between them, breaking the girl's grip apart. He scolded the both of them. The girl and her equal twin moved away. And his gaze locked onto mine. I felt fear, pure fear. But I couldn't turn my eyes away. He had the same frozen blue eyes and freakishly pale skin. He chuckled and I felt the cold air wrapping me around.

He was roughly six feet tall, from what I see. His eyes had a menacing look to it but he still managed to look angelic. He looked well built, but not like those big body building freaks, he was just freaky. His brown hair was styled like Zac Efron, he's not only a freak, but a clone as well?

He smirked at me and gave me a wink. I looked away quickly; I was beginning to hate that Efron clone.

I gripped on my wooden bracelet and took it off. I stared at it for a moment and made me feel better. Then someone bumped me and I dropped the bracelet.

"Oh I'm sorry." Finally I friendly face! Someone who finally said sorry. Now this guy, he was freakishly tall, basketball player like height. 6"5 maybe? The peculiar thing is his lips, very pink. He handed me the bracelet.

"Thank you. I'm glad to see a friendly face for once." A friendly girly face indeed. "You're really tall, do you play basketball?" He raised an eyebrow and laughed.

"I'm not in to sports." I just noticed how tan he was. Abercrombie and Fitch are making people now?

"Weird. But it's great to see a friendly face." I smiled at him and of course he smiled back. I think I'll take that Abercrombie and Fitch comment back. He was handsome really, in a girly man way.

"You seem new, are you?" He walked with me as we got nearer to the loft, somehow I didn't want to go to the loft.

"I just got in yesterday." Obviously, I am new, crazy pretty boy.

"Do you need help getting around?" Friendly indeed.

"I'm fine thanks." I guess I made a new friend, I guess. "I didn't catch your name?"

"Quinn." He smiled at me. What's making him so happy?

"Lena." Looks like the rules. Just got screwed. Boys in LA are not like this.

"I will see you around Helena." He waved goodbye. Wait a minute! How did he know my real name!? I couldn't think of any explanation, so I shrugged it off. But I felt like a shiny new toy.

Everyone was looking at me. Every is looking at me. Their eyes pierced through me and I blushed. Then that long haired girl bumped into me. She was beautiful up-close. Disregarding her thin and lanky figure, she looked like a porcelain doll. Her cherry lips and slightly flushed cheeks were perfect. But her blue eyes seemed sad and deep. Anyone could easily get lost in them.

"Oh." She daintily looked at me. She brushed off some dust from her skirt. "I'm truly sorry." She fixed a lock of my hair and placed it behind my ears. "Did I mess up your hair?" She continued to fix my hair

"No, you didn't. It's okay really. Please stop." She stopped fixing my hair.

"I'm sorry." She looked at her feet. Prada heels, I noticed.

"I'm fine, please stop apologizing." I assured her and she seemed relieved. I was too; she's so nervous, I wonder why?

"Okay." She smiled and left me alone. Another cold breeze swept through. The leaves of the trees swayed and danced. It was beautiful.

"Admiring the scenery I see?" He asked. Another surge of fear went through me. From afar he looked like the devil in disguise, but up close, he was more of an elegant fallen angel. His seem to glow as he looked at me. I looked away quickly, as they had the same deepness that the other girl had. "I see you have met my sister Lily?"

I coughed. It was awkward moment, what else was I supposed to do? "Yes, beautiful scenery and yes I have met your sister. Is she always that-"He cut me off.

"Nervous? She's only like that when she meets someone new, or if she talks to someone unfamiliar." He was still looking at me, and then he took a deep breath and smiled. But it wasn't the kind of smile you'd see everyday, it was an odd smile, and I couldn't make out what emotion was he trying to convey. "Did you sign up for night class?"

"Night class? No, I didn't" I didn't know about a night class either. "What's that?"

"You'll find out soon enough. With that he walked away." What an odd person, I didn't even get his name.

It was our break time and I was alone. Again everyone stared at me. Do these people have a staring disorder or something? Quinn waved at me from afar and he came closer to me.

"Hey there. Need a friend to sit with?" He pointed to an empty table. I nodded and followed him. Unfortunately it was near the trash can, talk about fresh air. He sat down and placed his tray down. He ate his food savagely. "How are you holding up?"

"So far so good, I talked to this really weird guy a while ago." I placed my tray down also, I only got salad and a banana. He got a sandwich, banana, apple, a muffin and a small pack of yoghurt. Of course anyone who ate that much had a big appetite, I find it quite interesting.

"I saw you talking with Asher." I choked, Asher was his name then? That's an okay name, I guess, but he's so scary, and that name is, hot. I looked over my shoulder and saw Asher smirking at me. Bastard.

"Oh that's the freak's name then?" I turned my attention to Quinn. He was staring at me oddly. He took another bite of his muffin and I noticed the sandwich wrapper and banana peeling on his tray.

"Finally! A girl who can resist Lord Asher!" He clapped and started eating the yoghurt, he already finished the muffin! Here is that cold air again, I shivered one more time and Quinn laughed. "You'll get used to the cold here, when you get out of campus, it's hotter. Probably because there are so many trees here in school."

"Lord Asher? What do you mean?" Oh, don't tell me he's of royal descent? He's rich which makes him popular? I've seen this crap before and I hate to admit it, I was one of those stereotypes. I was popular before in my school, I was the queen bee. Every girl wanted to be and every boy practically fell to there knees every time I was near. I ruled my school before but after a few years I got tired of it, so I went here, to start fresh and be different. The table creaked as I shifted for a bit.

"He's from a small royal family; they have mixed descents, Russian, French, British, Italian and English. They have money but they don't like to spend much. They do spend enough though. All the girls love Asher. But people stay away from Lily and Sam." Lily and Sam, Sam must be her brother, I think. I saw them sitting down on a table across from us. Asher, Sam and Lily, they all sat together and ate out of brown paper bags. Wait paper bags? I watched them some more, they took out opaque sports bottles and a sandwich bag. They drank vigorously out of the sport bottles and took small bites of the sandwiches.

"What's up with Lily and Sam?" I watched them again. They were done with the sandwiches and they took out a small Tupperware filled with chocolates. Asher took one and bit it violently, red oozed from the chocolate. From his eyes, there was an odd glow, and he saw me watching him. He smirked at me and winked. Fear, that same feeling when he was talking to me and every time I see him and he sees me.

"Don't you know they're a couple, Lily Ashford and Sam Baldassare. Sam is Italian and he's engaged to Lily, well sort of." But they look so much alike! But then again… "Sam's father owes the Ashford's so he offered his son." Arranged marriages, I thought they were no longer a trend, I guess they brought it back.

"That's really weird, hey! How come you know all this?" Quinn laughed. I gritted my teeth and he took it as a "don't mess with me" sign.

"This is because you're new. You'll get used to it. It's not incest or anything, yeah I know they look like brother and sister. But they love each other you know. Sam is taking care of Lily well." Seems like someone had a crush on Lily, his tone and his words couldn't explain any better.

"You loved her too?" He winced and I laughed. He was easy to read when he said a lot.

"I did. But I let her go, they seemed destined for each other you know. I'll find my girl someday." He rubbed his hands together and stood up.

"You'll be late for class." He said coldly. I pissed of the first friend I made in this school. That's just awesome.

Soccer. Soccer. Sports. I hate sports. Surprisingly it was hot outside. I felt a surge of relief and I sat on the bleachers. The coach didn't call me yet, what's his name? Oliver I think. He was short, only five feet tall. Poor guy. I practically towered over him with my five foot seven frame.

Lily sat beside me. Apparently she hasn't been called either or she didn't want to play the game. She looked flushed and her paleness from the morning was gone. Her eyes looked like crystals in the sun.

"I don't like soccer." Lily turned to me. "Do you like soccer?"

"I like soccer, but I hate to do anything active." It's true, I don't like being active. I'm lazy but I can get the job done. My classmates sucked at kicking the ball. They keep missing.

"Ms. Goodchild and Ms. Ashford!" I bit my lip. He called us. "Why don't you take your conversation somewhere else? Let's see, jog around the field five times and see how that will make you feel?" Son of a-, He can't be serious.

"But Coach we just-" He cut me off, by whistling. "Fine." I got off the bleachers and Lilly followed. Stupid tiny teacher.

We jogged slowly and no words at first. It seemed wise anyway. The sun felt nice on my skin, a great way to shake off the cold earlier. I should get a coat for my birthday. I badly needed it anyway. Lily was jogging really fast and she was ahead of me by a few. Okay, maybe not jogging, she's running now.

And another problem rose, I was a sucker for competition.

So I did what I could. Run faster.

And she ran faster as well. Too fast.

"Slow down!" I called from afar. That wasn't human for her. Hell, she didn't even look human. Her eyes were glowing. She stared at me for a few moments and the color calmed down. It turned back to the original color.

"I'm sorry." She said to me with an odd tone. I sensed something hostile. She fell to her knees gripping her head. She's screaming so loud. I covered my own ears and staggered on my knees.

I ran up to her besides the shrieks. As I got near her, she kept crying and still gripping on her head and her skin had rashes that weren't there before.

"Lily!" I knelt down and grabbed her shoulders and shook her. She screamed some more. "What's wrong?" I tried to calm her down. "Lily?" Her rashes started to become redder. She stopped screaming for a while and scratched on her skin…until it bled.

The crimson oozed out of her rashes and she covered her ears once more. "Lily!?" She pushed me, hard. I literally flew away. I landed on my arm and a sharp pain went through me. I tried to get up but my arm and leg failed me. Thankfully I was still near Lily.

I crawled towards her. How come my classmates weren't paying attention? She was still thrashing and her skin is still bleeding. The blood stained her clothes and it got smeared on her arms and face.

Her eyes looked bloodshot and the colors of her irises started to fade. I got to her and grabbed on to her hand. "Lily?"

"Can you hear it?" She whispered. She became pale again. "Can you hear it whispering?" She sounded like she was high on something, but not the good kind of high. The bad kind.

"What? What do you hear?"

"He keeps whispering."

"What? What does he whisper Lily!?"

"MORTE." She covered her ears again.

Some kind of liquid was trailing down my knees. I looked at it, blood?

Nausea took over me and I felt reality slip away.