I wiped the black stuff of the corners of my mouth. My lip was stinging and I really felt like crying. I did not want to look at myself since I'm afraid of what I'll see. I walked outside and it was raining. I quickly whipped up my purse and covered my head. Luckily the cab was there already. I quickly ran inside and was thankful for the darkness. Now I felt sore all over with every move a burden. The driver didn't notice my current predicament but I did ruin a handkerchief I carried. The school guards didn't notice me too and I made my way back to my dorm room to clean up.

I began to remove my articles of clothing in the bathroom. I wasn't about to look in the mirror just yet. It was a pain to move my joints too and when I was done. I looked in the mirror. I had two huge black eyes that would be impossible to cover with make up. I touched my eye and felt the swelling. There was a bruise in my right cheek too and this was impossible to cover with makeup also. My lips were swollen as well, like I ate a lip plumper but it had a cut. I hope it won't scar. Parts of my torso were bruised too. My neck, down to my abdomen, they all had random bruises. I could not identify most of them, only a CSI specialist or something can figure this out.

"So much for eternal beauty…" I began to wash my face with only water. Washing with a cleanser will make my wound sting. I washed the cut on my arm too and the rest of my body. At least it stopped bleeding. I tried to brush my teeth too but the toothpaste kept oozing out of my mouth and onto the wound. After I finished I took another look at myself. I seem okay in terms of I'm still alive. But my appearance would be a turn off and give people a shock.

Sweat pants and a sweater it is.

I went to my drawer a picked up a new change of clothes. A sports bra would be quite comfy today. I slipped a batman sweater on and some gray sweat pants. Socks would make my ankle hurt so I guess some ugly pink crocs would suffice. These shoes maybe comfy but they're ugly as hell. I think could take a nap before somebody picks me up for those accursed night classes. I was about to lie down and take nap when I heard a knock on my door.

"Just a minute!" It's that time already! I don't even look presentable. Oh shit! My black eye! I rummaged through the drawers for sunglasses. I quickly placed the large wide framed ones and they hid my eyes perfectly. Then I remember my lip and I quickly got an itchy wool scarf and wrapped it around myself. It covered my mouth but it made my jaw itchy.

Two more knocks persist on the door.

I opened the door expecting Quinn. I didn't know Simon would pick me up today. It hardly seems appropriate. I looked at him and noted his appearance. He was wearing a hoodie and jacket with a shirt underneath and simple worn out jeans. He was sporting a pair of Nike shoes too. Compared to him I looked like a raped hobo. "What happened to you?" I heard him say and I shook my head violently.

His hands hovered near my face and took the sunglasses off. His eyes were wide in shock. "Who did this to you?"

"I don't…know." I decided not to tell him about it. He wasn't worth getting involved in this. I removed the itchy scarf. His fingertips brushed my bruised cheeks and wounded lips. "I don't want to be ugly…" I admitted to myself and him.

"Where else?" He asked while still examining my face. I rolled up my sweater sleeve to reveal the cut. "You didn't even bandage it. Do you have a first aid kit?" I nodded and went over to my study table and took out the first aid kit. I gave to him and he began to fix my arm up. I sat on the bed while he knelt beside me. The sting of disinfectant went through me and eventually went away. He wrapped a bandage around it tightly. "This is going to sting okay…" He placed some disinfectant on my lip and I gripped the bed.

"There…" I looked at the bandage and touched it. I rolled my sleeve back down. "I'm sorry." I looked at him. He looked like someone died. "I didn't mean to…"

"It's fine." I balled my hand into a fist and lightly dug it in his stomach. "But, I feel like we should, keep away from each other…for now." I stood up and remembered what he did. It was scary and I don't think I could look at him properly. I should get over it first. If I get over it.

"Huh…I guess that's logical." He stood up and placed the kit back in its place. His movements were so careful as if he could destroy the table. "Why and how did this happen?"

I shook my head. "Long story and I don't want to talk about it." I touched the cut on my lip. I thought I was supposed to spontaneously heal by now. But then again, I was badly messed up. "Where are we going anyway?"

"Remember the place you told Quinn about? He found it."

Oh joy.

"This place is so dusty…"

The moment I came in the cross-less church, the allergies were acting up. The church was crumbling, but it still stood strong. It was located at the outskirts of New York. It took us two hours to get there. Some pews were broken in half. Some pews didn't have legs at all. The mossy marble altar that was slightly elevated was stripped clean. There was a huge stained glass window with a picture of angels destroying demons while watching over the sinful humans. On both sides of the stained glass window on the same level of the altar were two large wooden doors. On the side of the right wooden door was an old organ. On the side of the left wooden door was a cabinet. The moonlight shined through the windows nicely, giving it an amazing kind of illumination that Photoshop can't replicate.

The thing that caught my eye the most is the flowers growing out of the floor.

Despite the dustiness of the church they grew healthily. The flowers gave a subtle scent. I went over to the nearest 'flower bed' and picked one green colored flower. I held it as I followed Quinn. He was walking towards the altar. Once he got there he examined it and brushed off some moss. I was startled by the sound of the organ. I looked over and Asher was playing a tune I did not recognize. Simon ran to the organ and watched Asher play.

The notes he played were tantalizing. I never realized he was a good instrumentalist. But playing that organ made him look older than he looks.

"We should check these doors." He pointed at the wooden doors. I was nobody asked me about my appearance. I was out of my usual style and they didn't seem to mind. But I couldn't help looking like one of the broken pews compared to them. "Simon and I will take the right door."

I guess that leaves me and Asher.

I got to the left door and eyed it. It was bigger than I thought. It didn't have door knobs but it had those medieval metal rings. I grabbed onto one of the rings and pulled. It didn't even budge. I tried a second time but I think I almost pulled off the ring.

"You're supposed to push it." Asher appeared beside me and he pushed the door lightly. I sighed and felt defeated. I looked down and it was dark but a small light was below. The only way to get down is through the staircase.

"I absolutely hate stairs…" I looked down and felt woozy. "More than I hate the dark." I tried to take one step down but I couldn't. I held my batman sweater and stepped back.

"Then hold on to me." Asher held out his hand. I was reluctant to take it. But I couldn't think of a better idea so I did.

"But what about the dark?" I gripped his hand. It was cold but not icy. He even had a subtle tinge of pink to his skin. I'm guessing he fed.

"Close your eyes then, we'll make it."

"Okay, but if I trip it's your fault." He took the first step and I closed my eyes.

We were going down slowly and I haven't tripped yet. He did not talk or try to touch me elsewhere. He just let me grip his hand. He instructed me to count my steps and it helped since I couldn't see.

I dropped the flower I was still holding.

"Oh no, I dropped the flower…" I let go of his hand and knelt down. I opened my eyes and it was still dark. I closed it and relied on my sense of touch to find the flower. I gripped on something thin and pulled it.

"That's my lace. Please stop pulling it." I let go of the shoe lace and patted the floor. I touched something soft and then thin. I brought it up to my eyes and saw a hint of green.

"I found it." I held up my hand and waited for him to take it. "Asher?"

"Oh sorry." He held it and I stood up. We continued our pace until we reached the bottom. I opened my eyes and warm candle light was introduced to us. Don't get me wrong, it was well lit but something was off.

"Someone's been here…" Asher whispered.

"Thank you captain obvious." I walked in the room. It was circular and made from stone. Just ahead of me was a stone coffin. I ran too it and touched the surface. It had a beautiful relief surface. It was Adam and Eve. "Look it's so beautiful!" I smiled as I ran my finger tips over the relief. There was some writing but it looked…well, I didn't understand it. It looked like squiggles and dots.

"What a drawing…" I said with a straight face. I ran my fingers over the textures. I looked over my shoulder and Asher was beside me. He's so fast, I kind of envy him. I bet he can heal fast too and he didn't have to look like a raped hobo. But it's good I can still feel human, but I wish I wasn't all the time.

I rubbed my hands together. "Time to open the cookie jar." I held on to the side but I couldn't find something to grip. I felt it move but I wasn't even touching it anymore. I looked at Asher's fingers pushing the stone cover away. What a show off. I looked at the contents of the coffin, nothing but dust, old cloth and stone tablets. The stone tablets did not have any writing on them.

"Waste of time…" I held the tablets anyway. I could use a paper weight. I circled the coffin and saw another image. It was a woman kneeling on the top of a mountain. She seemed to be calling upon something in the sky. The second image was cracked and you wouldn't able to make anything out. The third image was a woman drinking a glass of wine.

"Shall we?" Asher called out. I nodded and we proceeded our way up again.

I looked around and the church again while we were waiting for the others. So naturally I was alone with Asher. He looked like a statue just staying still like that. Well, a very refined mature looking statue. He doesn't look like the perverted Asher I know. It was a pleasant sight to look at.

But he still sucks. Balls.

"Did you find anything?" I heard Quinn and faced him. He looked all dusty and dirty. I would clean him up with my mouth if he wasn't covered in dust. I'm allergic.

"I wish." I pondered and then sneezed. "Excuse me."

"You're excused" I spun and looked around. I was definitely the only female there. Asher didn't shift yet. That thought of him shifting from man to woman is interesting. Interesting and very disgusting. What if I have that ability? That would be so...Ugh.

Okay back to subject. No one else was there but us.

"Quit talking to your self." Quinn commented while he sat down one of the pews.

"I wasn't talking to myself." I quickly retorted. I searched the area again. No one, it was just us. I quickly went over to Asher. I knew he was stronger than most of us. I haven't seen Quinn in action yet. Simon seemed unstable. Well Asher was unstable but he saved me so that probably counts for power. "Someone else is here…" I whispered while tugging on his sleeve.

"I know." I sighed with relief and let go of his sleeve. He stood up, I realized again how tall he was. I moved out of the way. I felt quite short. If I stared at him for too long, I would get neck cramps. I quickly remembered what he did to me and I was supposed to be mad at him. I don't know if I should set this aside first because of danger or let my arrogance get the best of me.

I looked at everybody. Asher was aware that there was someone else in the church with us. Quinn looked slightly cautious while Simon was quite relaxed.

"Show yourself! I know you're there!" All eyes were on me. I realized that it was impulsive and stupid. It's too late to change that now. I bit my lip hard. What if that person was dangerous? What am I talking about! Of course that person or thing was dangerous. If it wasn't it would just come out of the blue.

"I was wiling to play hide and seek…" My eyes flew to the direction of where the voice was coming from. She was holding a knife to Simon's throat. I gritted my teeth. I felt my jaw tense. She saw me and laughed. "Control your fledgling Ashford! You wouldn't want another one of yours to die will you?" I looked at Asher and he clenched his fist. He looked at her with pure darkness in his eyes.

I stared at her for a while and took note of her appearance. She had platinum blond hair with the ends shaded with electric blue. She wore a leather bra as her top and worn over it was a leather jacket. For bottoms she wore black Capri pants. For shoes she wore black Mary Jane heels. She had a holster for a gun and a knife worn on her right thigh.

"Asher do you know her?" I asked him out of curiosity. He shook his head with his eyes still planted on the platinum haired lady. I looked at Asher again, he was ready to jump and pulverize her. He took one step.

"Oops, don't move or this cutie pie's neck will be nothing but shredded ribbons." She made her point and she cut his throat lightly. The knife was coated with blood. Simon wasn't bleeding intensely but it was enough to make him wince.

My cursed sensitive vampire smell caught sent of his blood.

"Looks like someone is hungry" She laughed manically. I felt my fangs fully extend and I covered my mouth. Tears began to well up my eyes. But a burning sensation formed on back of my throat also. "I thought she would be more controlled by now. Have you lost your touch Ashford?"

"What do you want?" Quinn stepped forward.

"I don't want. I need." She looked at her knife glistening with blood. A drop was about to fall but she flicked the knife. The blood landed on my cheek. I wiped the blood off my cheek and stared at it. "I need those stone tablets. Give them to me and I will give you the boy."

"Fine we'll give it to you-"Asher almost grabbed the tablets out of my hands. I quickly pulled away.

"No! No one is handing over anything!" I still had the stone tablets with me. I was sure there was more to it than that. "I-if you want it, you have to fight for it."

"Don't challenge her! You barely know how to defend yourself!" Asher shook my shoulders. I ignored him and pushed him away.

"No let the fledgling fight. This would be amusing." She let go of Simon and pushed him to the ground. He held his throat. She snapped her fingers and two sprites appeared one red and one azure. "Keep them busy while I mess around with the fledgling."

"You got it boss!" The sprites said with glee and colored lights began to appear. It was like Christmas except there was nothing to be merry about. A flaming red wolf and a woman seemingly made of water appeared. They began to move towards Asher and Quinn. The wolf charged at Quinn. He slammed to the wall and his left sleeve was burning. The water creature tried to drown Asher.

"Damn! You looked messed up!" She placed the knife back at the holster. "I guess I won't need this. Whoever did this to you did a very bang up job!"

In a quick dash she was in front of me and she hit my stomach. My hands released the tablets, sending it flying through the air.

"Quinn!" I called out to him since he was the nearest. He jumped away from the wolf and barely caught the tablets. I coughed out some blood and dodged another punch.

Wait. I didn't know how to fight! I was butchered just a while a go. I barely got out of there alive!

"You're pretty when you're on the ground!" She brought out the knife and tried to stab me. But I moved away just in time to push her. Yet she stayed put.

She was a fucking tank compared to me.

"You really think you can just push me and get away with it!" I nodded and she lunged at me with her knife. That got her of the edge but due to blind rage; I dodged it nicely while I watched her fall on her face. She swore in a language I couldn't make out and grabbed my shin. Her grip was painful and made me tear up a bit. She wouldn't let me go and she took her knife and cut something. It was a vein; at least it felt like one. I fell on the ground.

"I got you now!" She exclaimed. I braced myself for another world of pain. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. I felt the ground beneath me. It was rough and it scrapped through my clothing. There was dust and dirt on my face. I looked up and saw the knife. It felt like a long time before it plunged down. I smelled the blood in the air, mostly coming from my wound. The cut on the back of my feet felt horrible. The blood didn't seem to stop flowing and I was beginning to feel dizzy. The colors and shapes began to blur. The random splashes of gray and multi toned spots began to appear.

Slowly my vision began to fade.

I saw someone push the platinum haired menace away. But again I was greeted by darkness. My body felt numb. I told my self to wake up. But I could not. My body was unconscious but somehow my mind wasn't.

But maybe I am dreaming?

Finally! I opened my eyes. Bright light was waved in front of me causing a mild head ache. I could feel somebody messing around with my foot but I did not bother as my grip from reality slowly began to fade. I was reacquainted with darkness and the feeling of emptiness.

Yet I thought of many things.

Was I dying? Was I dying again? What of my companions? What about my mother? What about Asher? Was he safe? What about Simon? Was the cut on his throat too deep?

I was flashed back in reality again. I was able to make things out properly. Everything was sterile. Everything was white and bright. White hot fire coursed through my body. Every vein felt like it was in flames. I cried out and tried to get up. But I was bound by something. I looked to my right and saw crystal blue eyes. They were not of Asher's as his had a certain glow to it. The eyes smiled at me, it was like it was telling me everything was going to be okay.

I lashed out again when I felt more pain. I could hear someone screaming. It pierced my ears. I wished I could have moved my hands and cover them. I looked at the eyes again. They were apologetic. Slowly they began to move away. I was about to see the face and body of the person who had the eyes but darkness crept in. It shielded me from light.

Again I was not able to see. My body was tired of the episodes. I was tired of everything. My body slowly gave in.

I let the darkness consume me and protect me.

I was thirsty. My skin felt old even though I did not touch it. My eyes felt dry as I opened them. I lifted my hand to scratch them. As I brought it up I was hands that were for a corpse. I changed plans and brought them to my lips. As expected they were as dry as I desert. I got up and it took a lot of effort. It was tiring and it made me even thirstier.

"You shouldn't get up so fast." My eyes flew over to my friend, Simon. My immediate reaction was with my fangs. He was still walking over to me. He wore the same outfit he was wearing yesterday. He neck was bandaged. I realized that his cut my more than I thought it was. He went nearer and stopped. "You look…"

"Dead?" My voice came out raspy. I placed my hands on my neck trying to feel my throat, trying to see if something was wrong. I noticed I was wearing those weird backless hospital gowns you knot at the back. The cloth looked like it was for a picnic. It had the blue and white checkers all over but smaller.

"Like a corpse bride." He tried to steady my body. I felt his strong heartbeat through the gown. I felt a sad for a bit. Envious he didn't have to suffer like this. I felt my lips go into a frown.

"Nice to know someone here is alive." I removed his hands and felt the heartbeat again. "You do realize I'm thirsty?" I smiled while showing off my fangs.

"I figured. Here." He handed me a cup. It was those giant cups with the bendy straws that couples share in our old theatre way back. I felt some nostalgia. I remembered when I was eight how I fantasized about growing up and having a boyfriend. My "boyfriend" and I would share popcorn and the giant cup. The flavor of the drink would be grape but my boyfriend would prefer strawberry. But he wanted to make me happy so he'd buy me grape.

Stupid childish fantasies.

"What is it?" I took it and it was warm in my hands. It felt soothing and nice. I felt the Styrofoam cups pores with my fingertips. Yeah, I was weird like that. He raised an empty bag of blood.

"Asher told me to give you some." I immediately took heavy gulps of the drink. "I prefer strawberry though." I stopped and stared at the drink.

"Huh, imagine that." I said softly. He asked what I was talking about and I just shook my head. I continued to quench my thirst. He was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed now waiting for me to finish up.

"I can't believe you got spiked with silver." I didn't know what he was talking about. I ignored him and kept drinking. "We thought you wouldn't survive with all that silver in your veins."

I choked on my drink.

"How long was I out?" I was half-way through the drink and I felt slightly better.

"Two days." I placed the drink on my lap.

"You've been here for two days?" I asked and my voice sounded and felt normal. My skin was beginning to look better too. I looked at him and he nodded. "What happened to you?"

"Mild poisoning." He pointed at his neck. "She's really good with those knives." I felt a bit mad. I was not mad at her or him. I was mad at myself. I was mad for…well, being such a girl. I always considered my self as a tough badass femme fatale. I used my feminine charms to get out of trouble. I kicked people in sensitive parts.

But I was still a girl.

I was beat up and kidnapped. I was cut and bruised. I was weak.

"Why are you crying?" I looked at him and felt my tears. I was about to wipe them away when he wiped it for me. I could still feel the static electricity. It wasn't painful but it was alarming. I felt warm all over.

"I don't know." My body began to feel normal. My taste buds could sense the flavor of the blood. "What is this stuff?" He lifted up the bag of blood again and I swatted it away gently. "It tastes like crap." It didn't have the usual flaming sensation. The taste just went down and it did not curl. Although it fixed the damage I had, it was bland. It tasted like cola left out for five hours. It lost the spirit of the drink. I'd rather feed on a human.

"I feel better, can we go now?" I finished the bland drink nonetheless. I needed it. I placed the cup on the end table. He got up from the table and opened a cabinet near the windows. He threw a duffle bag on my lap. I opened it. "Great!" I looked around for a bathroom. I got up and walked towards the bathroom door near the door leading out of the room. I opened it and it surprisingly smelled clean. I held the duffle bag in my hand as I looked around. Well cleaner than the old hospital back at home.

This is actually my second time setting foot inside a hospital. First time I stepped in a hospital is when I was 11. I got into an accident when I was riding my bicycle with my friends. Good thing it didn't leave a scar. After that I gave up on bicycles.

The bathroom was clean. The kind of clean you see in those chemical cleaner commercials. It even had a shower with toiletries.

"Can I take a shower?" I peeped in the next room and saw Simon nod. "10 minutes tops." I heard him groan. Boys, always impatient, but little does he know that I will actually take a 10 minute shower. Their usual perception of 5 minutes is one hour. He probably thinks I'll take a shower for two hours. I ripped off the flimsy gown and quickly took a shower. After I was done, I looked my self in the mirror. There was a clean towel on top of the hamper. I began drying myself and noticed my fangs were still protruding. I concentrated on making them normal but it did not work. I ignored it and got the duffle bag. I opened it and brought out…lingerie?

I took the black lace bra. It was la perla and it was a push up bra. The panty matched it. Good thing it wasn't a thong. I never really understood the purpose of thongs. They were weird and made my ass itch. I wore the underwear and marveled on how good it looked on me. Whoever picked this must be an expert. I looked at the other clothes that were in the bag. I found a low cut cream colored tank top, a brown suede midriff jacket and denim short shorts. I slipped into them quickly. I looked in the bag to see if there was more. Shoes, correction high heels, four inches of height to be exact, it matched the cream colored tank top but it had silver heels.

I was about to wear them when a stinging sensation alarmed me and I dropped the shoes.

"Ouch!" I looked at my finger tips and they were slightly burnt, but they were already healing slowly. I took the shoes and carefully placed them on. I looked at myself and I looked great but I looked like some lipstick jungle amazon. I made my way to the bathroom door and made my way to the hospital bed.

"I look like a whore." I pointed at my shorts. "I might as well wear underwear. Daisy dukes are nice but it's really cold this season!" I was annoyed now, he wasn't even looking! I watched him while he stared out the window. He looked flustered and uneasy. "Are you all right?" I felt my emotions simmer down.

"Oh…I'm fine…" He stood up quickly and grabbed the bag.

"Let's get out of here."


Much to my dismay, we traveled to a certain clone's house. Technically not a house it was more like a hotel suite. Well 5 hotel suites on one floor that is. We were waiting in the foyer. I looked around. It had beautiful plush carpets and wood paneling. The furniture was very Victorian. It had a warm cozy feel to it. There's a center table with a huge vase of fresh roses completed the look, along with portraits of the family. I walked over to the portraits.

"Hey don't touch those!" Simon grabbed my arm. I removed it gently and rolled my eyes.

"I'm just going to look." I gave him a wink and started with the first painting.

It was Lily. Her dark hair contrasted her pale skin and blue eyes. She wore a 15th century gown. It had red long sleeves, a white kirtle and black chemise. The artist captured the essence of the fabric and the design really nicely. It was very realistic. Her hair was very long secured with a knot in the back and wrapped with white and red ribbons. One braid was studded with pearls and a lose lock was looped over the braid. She sat on a sofa with her right hand on her face. Her red lips had a small smile and her cheeks were slightly flushed. The sun was shining through the intricately designed wooden window. The room was in colors of maroon and gold.

The next picture was of Sera. Her dark hair was in a simple bun. The picture was of her smelling the flowers in the garden. She's actually quite tall. She was wearing a 15th century summer dress. It was a simple picture but again the artist captured the essence of life and the colors. Although she was related to Lily, she looked nothing like her. Simply, Sera's features were more mature than Lily's.

The next painting was of Asher's. He had his signature smirk. His brown hair was pushed back and it fell past his chin. He looked like a brown haired Dracula especially with his frilly blouse and tight pants. He even had cool looking boots. Overall, he was a stunning creature. The painting was simple, just his full body with a gray sheet behind him. I had to admit, the boy looked good.

The last picture was of a couple I've never seen before. They had the signature blue eyes of the family. The dark hair and pale skin and the impossibly insane beauty, they had it all. Again the 15th century fashion was present. The lady wore a headdress and a purple gown with gold detailing. The man wore the frilly blouse and tight pants with a royal blue coat. The background was a stone bridge and a porcelain fountain.

I felt a pang of pain in my heart. Asher had parents, who were married. As for mine, well I don't know my real mom. I don't even look like my dad. I'm the only person in my family with red hair and green eyes. My father believes that my real mother is dead. But somehow, I still feel that she is alive. My gut feeling failed me a couple of times but this time it's different. Maybe I look like my mom, but maybe I don't right? Every time I ask my father about my mother, he tells me on how great she was and how she is proud of me, then he changes the topic.

"How are your parents?" I looked at Simon who was watching me intently. I tilted my head to the side.

"They're fine, safe at home." He smiled at me and I find my self smiling back. I feel relaxed around him. Well most of the time. I can still sense his power. It's kind of like a feeling of uneasiness and peace at the same time.

I felt another overwhelming wave of energy. I massaged my temples. I never had a headache before when I sense powers. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked at Simon who seemed worried for my welfare. But his touch made it worse. I could feel the static just like last time. Are my abilities getting out of control? Or maybe I'm just tired. Maybe it's because of that sorry excuse for blood I drank a while a go. I could ask Simon for a sip. But he might not like that. He maybe my partner but I can't just get blood from him.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." I heard Asher and I turned away from the paintings. The headache was still there and it still annoyed me. He seemed happy to see us. He gave me the elevator look. Correction, he seemed happy to see Simon and this outfit. My jaw dropped and I realized something. He picked the outfit out. I ignored my thoughts and concentrated. He was with Lily, Sera and Sera's body guard.

I never noticed Lily's or Sera's energy until now. Even the body guard had some power.

"Can you keep your energy in check? I'm getting a migraine." I tried to reach out for something but I caught someone's hands. I looked and Asher helped me get to the living room. I heard the other's follow and he helped me settle down on a really nice couch. I let my hands grip the softness of the sofa. I heard something in audible. "What? Can you repeat please?"

"You and Simon should come to The Hamptons this weekend." Lily smiled but she looked worried. I wonder why. She looks healthy anyway. And her skin had a nice healthy glow too. "That's where the welcoming party going to be held. Well at our house at least." Oh, that white house. A party…

Last time I went to a party…

"Well it wouldn't hurt right?" I smiled. I didn't even notice Simon beside me. "It sounds like fun…but a welcoming party for what?"

"Well it's for you guys! The one's who passed the test at least." Asher took a glass of wine or blood from the French maid clad girl. Okay it was blood; I could smell it from here. I bet it doesn't taste as bad as my morning breakfast.

"So basically we're having a party to celebrate something in my opinion that is shallow. The plan is to honor us new comers by partying like there's no tomorrow, get drunk or do drugs and possibly have a one night stand with one of our schoolmates?" I crossed my legs and waited for their response. It was a very weird and blunt response. But that's how I do.

"That's the plan." Asher smiled.

"It always will be."

I was looking forward to that party. I asked Asher if he could take me to the party partly because I didn't have a ride and I didn't know where it was. I wanted to ask him how he lures people and convince them into letting him feed. I feel that if I should exist this way, I want to learn how to survive.

So here I am in the back seat of his car having a semi-awkward moment with him while I'm on my way to the party. He actually wore a suit but the tie wasn't fixed. He didn't seem to bother though.

"How do you lure them?" I fixed my simple outfit. It was just a button up long sleeved shirt and jeans. Asher rolled his eyes.

"You look like a librarian on a break."

"I don't!" I slapped his arm.

"You do. How do you expect to attract a potential blood donor if you look like that?" He looked at my outfit and shook his head. Then his eyes lit up. "Lily can lend you some decent clothes." He brought his phone out and started texting.

"Let's say I have a decent outfit. Then how do you get them to submit to you?" I crossed my arms. I was kinda pissed off that he didn't like this outfit, but he's a guy teaching me how to mesmerize anybody I want. It's like asking how you know if a guy likes you. You have to listen to the guy but keep an open mind on your own ideas.

"It's simple; you just have to catch their attention first. A little eye flirting and when the person comes up and talks to you, and flirt a little more. Then simply ask him or her if you want to talk in private. But I have to warn you; don't just bite when you have the person cornered. Kiss him and make your way down his neck, gently take the bite."

"That's beautiful." I said as a half joke.

"It is. Each person who offers you their life source is a gift. They let you have the privilege of tasting their precious gift to you. But you can't just waste it. Consume every bit you take. But never take too much." He looked at me with serious eyes. "You could kill that person."

"Noted." I bit my lip and clenched my fist. It was one of my weird mannerisms when I had nothing to say. "So who was your first bite?" It was an odd question if I do say so myself. The fact is I liked secrets. I like knowing people. I like knowing strengths. But I love knowing weaknesses. Although I don't usually use it against the person but when the time comes, it is a very viable weapon.

"My first love." I felt chills and giddiness. The subject of love is a fun topic. Although I haven't had a boyfriend yet, I liked to hear about other people's experiences. Plus this is Asher we're talking about. Playboy persona, a very handsome person and he have a mysterious family, what girl wouldn't want to know more?

"How was it?" I smiled. My first human bite was Simon. It was very different. But I didn't take it from his neck. It was from his wrist. But how different does the neck feel? For a human I mean.

"For her it was like…euphoria. For me…it's hard to explain." He looked at the window and gave a satisfactory smile. "We're here." I looked at the window too. The house, it was filled with people and the lights were wild. This house could pass for a star if it kept this up.

"Damn!" Look at those lights! The sky must be jealous now because somehow, the house outshines the peaceful night sky. The car stopped and the driver got out and opened the door. I stepped out and felt embarrassed. I was very much underdressed for the occasion. I felt the flush of embarrassment.

"I'll take you upstairs." I followed him as he moved towards the entrance. The foyer was big and had various décor. The amount of people seemed to compliment the beauty of it. We were nearing the stairs, but an endless amount of party goers were drinking and dancing. A random person bumped into me but he won't move away. I gave him a gentle push and an excuse me while I followed Asher.

We went to the last hallway near the staircase. An ornate oak door was the only one in the hallway. He knocked on it.

"Who's there?" I detected a female British accent or maybe it's Australian. I'm not too sure, but the accent was there. I heard the door knob click and it opened. It was Lily. Her dark hair was in messy beach waves. Her face had no cosmetics on but it was glowing. I eyed a bottle and a glass filled with red liquid on her dresser. I noticed the flush on her cheeks.

"How come you don't drink from humans anymore?" Asher inquired. I took a quick glance at her room. "Never mind. Wardrobe disaster here." He pointed at me. "Could you fix her up please?"

"No problem." Her accent went back to normal. She grabbed my wrist. "We're gonna have so much fun!" She smiled at me. She bought me to the center of the room and circled around me. I could see her thinking deeply while she went over to her closet. I wasn't so shocked when it turned out to be a walk in closet. But as soon as I took one step in an attempt to follow her, she was already out of her closet carrying five possible outfits I may end up wearing tonight. Among the choices was a puffy blue layered dress, a champagne baby doll dress, an orange cocktail dress and a long sleeved purple short dress. She kept glancing at the clothes and me.

"Here try this one." She handed me the blue dress. "Change in there" She pointed at the bathroom. As I walked into the bathroom all I could think was how they can play catch in here. She had her own salon like establishment here. Maybe I'll ask my step mother for something like this for her bathroom. I quickly removed and folded my old clothes. I placed on the blue dress. It made me look polished. The blue brought out my skin but it made me look paler than usual. I touched my skin that was free from any wound of any sort. I missed my tan and I'm still getting used to the fair look. But I was glad my skin doesn't look that much wounded any more.

Being a red head is a full time job.

I heard a knock.

"Yes?" The door swung open. Lily pointed at the cushioned salon chair. I took a seat and she began to open various drawers and plugging in various hair styling tools. She was fixing my hair with the tools while my eyes began to drift to sleep.

I opened my eyes and I saw my face with makeup applied and my hair in beautiful curls. I closed my eyes for a second and I wake up an hour later.

"Thank you, for last time." She added finishing touches. "If you weren't there that time who knows what could have happened to me." I remembered what happened the first time we met. It was very frightening for her. I could sense it.

"Wait, you need one more thing." She was gone in a breeze. I looked around. I felt jealous of her power. Even if she may seem frail, she is stronger than me. I could defend myself, but to what extent? I seem to always end up as a bloody mess. I question so many things. Why is everyone after me? This isn't the typical teenage angst I put up with.

This is different. I seem to be in life threatening situations every fucking minute. Perhaps someday I will be able to protect myself properly.

"Shoes" She waved a pair of black Mary Jane pumps in front of me. I quickly removed my current footwear and replaced it with these. They fit nicely.

"What's happening?" I pressed my lips together. She simply smiled at me while I waited for a reply.

"Pure Blooded women are disappearing lately." She said as her smile and expression became dark. "First they hear a voice. Second they begin hearing things. Third they go 'mad'. Finally they disappear."

"I don't think your brother will let you disappear that easily." I reassured her with a smile and in return she smiled back. The thought of people disappearing was very unnerving. Could they be taking them due to their ability to reproduce without death? Maybe they're trying to destroy pure blood monarchs? Whatever the reason is, it shouldn't be ignored.

"I hope so."

As soon as I got out of Lily's room, I quickly scanned for Asher. The sea of people that filled this house was overwhelming. I noticed that all of the girls wore slutty outfits, if I do say so myself. My dress was still modest. Everything seemed to smell of smoke, booze, pot and vomit.

I walked slowly and stepped on something firm. I almost tripped in my heels. I looked down; it was a person who was passed out. I quickly recognized who that person was. I quickly grabbed his graphic t-shirt and tried to wake him up.

"Tony!" I shook him. Then I realized if I shake him, he might puke on me. "Tony!" I poked his shoulders; I was still trying to wake him up. His eyes moved a little and they flickered open. He moved away from me like I wasn't there. He stood up with great dexterity.

"I'm drunk! What's up bitches!" He snapped his fingers and he made a pattern of fire. It looked like fireworks. Finally he spelled his name with it. Thank goodness he didn't start a fire. I clapped along with many others who witnessed the one time show. I moved on and looked around some more.

"I heard Shaw was selling vampire blood to human kids not involved with the DSA." I heard a girl whisper to her friend. "I think that new kid Helena killed him because she found out."

The fuck, I didn't do anything! I wasn't even involved. I fucking found him dead. He was selling vampire blood as a drug? How could anyone think of that? Involving humans? Really? Maybe he did deserve to die. I noticed that the only people who know about it are the night class students.

Well it was better that way.

I continued my pace and finally found Asher conversing with some girls in scantily clad outfits. He was planning to feed on them. I could sense that they're human. The distinct heartbeat was very calming.

"Asher!" I called out to him. He glanced at me. I stared at his eyes and he stared back. He was about to say something but nothing came out. He shrugged and continued to talk to the girls. After a few sobs here and there from the scantily clad posse, he left them.

"You look delicious." I rolled my eyes at his comment and he laughed. I moved towards an empty couch and sat down. I sunk into the couch immediately.

"Tell me are all vampires like you?" I looked at him with intense eyes.

"Well let me tell you about vampires in media. Like me, most of them are sexy bastards. Sadly today, there is an overwhelming angst in their system. They act like hormonally enraged teenagers. We have so many powers? Why can't we sneak into a jail house or kill some rapist or kill a few drug dealers? I say that they don't show what a vampire can truly do. We pure bloods, are favored by the gods, we are the originals. We deserve to live in decadence and glory. We are not gods, but we are favored by them and we should act like it!"

His eyes glowed in blue.

"Vampires suck blood, we don't sparkle."

Damn, what a passionate prick.

"So how about that lesson?" I changed the subject quickly and he bought out a vial of blood. He handed it to me and I took it.

"You'll need this for the next step, you're development is too slow for me. We need you to develop your powers quickly." He looked at me, he was waiting for something. "Well aren't you going to consume it?"

I thought long and hard. If I drank it I might see his memories, feel his emotions, and most likely act like a passionate prick like him. If I drink the vial, I could get his power.

I took too long and he shoved the liquid in my mouth. I consumed the blood quickly before I could choke. "The fuck did you do that for!" My fangs protruded in rage.

"There your eyes are glowing too. Lovely green shade, very hypnotizing." He looked around then looked back at me. "Try it on him." He pointed at the beefy teenager who looked like he could wrestle or take on a pack of wolves. He was just a few feet away and he was already staring at me. I had to admit, he was kinda cute. He had a dark features but his light blonde hair contrasted them. He was going near me and he smiled at me. I find myself smiling back as well.

"Try not to get him injured." I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to control his mind and try to compel him to do something I commanded. He left me alone and went to get something from the kitchen he told me.

"Hey there…" He was in front of me and he smiled. "I've never seen you around here."

"It's because I'm new." I gave him a toothy grin. I covered my mouth realizing my fangs were still seen. He laughed me softly.

"It's okay you don't have to hide." He grinned back at me. What a nice boy! It's too bad I'm out about to force him to do something stupid.

I didn't exactly know how the whole process goes but I think he has to look into my eyes. I gazed into his eyes quickly and lingered for a while. I began to see my own reflection in his eyes. I had no idea what to do and say, but I did not break eye contact.

"You should probably answer my questions."

"Okay." He gazed into the deepness in my eyes. I thought of something to ask.

"Is Bailey here?" He nodded with my vivid reflection instilled in his eyes. Seems like its working. "If I asked you to make out with her, would you?"

"Yes." The boy had a goofy smile on his face. It was cute and I pitied him. He was a victim of one of my experiments.

"I want you to make out with Bailey."

When I said that he blinked once and for a while he stared into an empty space. Then he just walked away. I prayed it would work.

"Looks like it worked nicely!" Asher sat beside me again. "You pretty much had the whole idea of compulsion spot on!" In the background we heard a few profanities and some gasps and screams.

"What kind of bloke goes up to somebody and tries to shag them!" Bailey grabbed him by his collar and threw him on the floor. "I'm Bailey Harker! Do you obviously think you can get away with that!" I saw Bailey in a black leather jacket with a red shirt underneath that says 'Do not enter' and olive camouflage pants and combat boots. Her hair was up in a high ponytail. She looked like she would kill the guy. She stepped on his throat. Some random party goers held her arms and took her away from the poor guy.

That was the last I saw of Bailey that night.

"Time to for you to get out of the nest and explore the wonderful world of feeding! I wish you luck kid, you're going to need it!" I stood up and Asher patted me on my ass. I looked at him in rage but only to find the sofa empty. Sneaky bastard.

In the corner of my I saw somebody. I turned towards that person and saw him. He was tall guy with wonderful brown eyes. He seemed quiet yet I found his presence inviting. His peaches and cream skin rivaled those of the girls here at the party. His cheeks also had a natural flush on them. He was wearing a sports jacket and jogging pants. His feet were adorned with nikes in a neon yellow color. I went up to him putting on my best smile. As I got closer the more he looked beautiful. I've never actually seen anyone this visually pleasant.

He looked at me with a smile that could rival mine as well. When I was close enough to him, we just looked in each other's eyes. He took out his right hand. I grasped it gently and we walked together, heading to the second floor of the house. Before I knew it, he took me into a coat closet. We locked the door and instinctively began kissing. I removed his jacket and it revealed a form fitting shirt. His body was really athletic and he has the kind of muscles you see on those hot male models.

I was about to go for his neck but I went for his wrist instead. He didn't flinch at all when I took a bite. He was caressing my back as I took his blood from his wrist. He was enjoying it, I could tell. Because he clutched my hair lightly while a smile appeared on his face. The taste burned in my mouth like strong liqueur. The thirst and headaches I had were purged from my system instantly. I kept my bite clean as I continued to feed. I began to see his memories.

All the good and even the bad memories flowed through my stream of consciousness. I began to feel his emotions as well. I could feel the lust flowing from him to me. All those memories and emotions, I thought they would be overwhelming. I didn't realize until now I'm used to the feeling, already. Suddenly, the emotion changed. I could feel my own heart beating so fast. It was like adrenaline but I could feel the panic as well. Soon, it was pain.

I immediately withdrew and saw what I did. He was pale and he looked dazed. My mouth was still moist with his blood but nothing messy. He looked dazed. I immediately looked into his eyes. I made sure he looked back.

"You never saw me. Nothing ever happened to you. You were just having fun." I said firmly. I had my hands firmly on his shoulders just to keep him standing.

"I never saw you. Nothing ever happened to me. I was just having fun." He responded with a deadpan tone. He looked sleepy. "Can I sleep here?" He asked sheepishly.

"Sure." I told him and he sat down in the corner and began to sleep.

I immediately went out of the close. I pushed past the crowd. I was still seeing some of his memories. I covered my mouth as well. First place I could think of was the bathroom. I needed to wash my face and make sure I didn't ruin the dress. There was a never ending sea of people in my way. Finally I reached a bathroom and locked myself inside. The bathroom was small compared to the other bathrooms here. It had the basics and a cabinet for towels and linens. I wouldn't want to ruin those. There was a bathtub with the shower curtain closed up. I felt a strange vibration on my skin but I ignored it.

I turned on the tap and washed my hands. I took a quick survey of the bathroom, very luxe even for a small one. The ceramic looks like it's never been used. There were lots of hints of gold, but definitely no silver. I looked at myself in the large mirror. I was clean except for my mouth area. My lips were literally painted with blood. Before I could wash off the blood, I had the sudden urge to lick my lips.

"Hey who's in here?" A male voice came from somewhere. I heard the shower curtain move and turned immediately to the sound. "Oh, it's you!" He said with a small smile. "What are you doing here?" He wore a man's black cardigan over a white shirt and jeans. Simple shoes adorned his feet.

"I-I could ask you the s-same thing." I was still pretty shaken up by what happened previously. I covered my mouth immediately after realizing I haven't cleaned up yet. It was really embarrassing for Simon to see me like this. His face was plastered with a caring look that made me calm down for a bit, but not really better. He was listening to his iPod apparently.

"Did you just?" He looked a bit pained. "Never mind. I'll help you clean up." He got out of the bath tub while removing his iPod and placing it in his pocket. He took some tissue from the dispenser and began wiping my mouth. It was a kind and gentle gesture. I appreciated it a lot. His hands were light but they managed to remove the stain off my lips. He threw the tissue in the trash can and looked at me with a concerned look.

"Why are you in here and not outside?" I stepped away from him while checking my face in the mirror. I didn't like being too close to him. It gives me weird vibes.

"Because of that." He pointed at my lips and I mouthed 'fuck you' to him. "I'm kidding. I kind of got sick of the whole atmosphere so I went in here. But not without taking some bottles with me." He pointed at the bottles of alcoholic drinks in the bathtub.

"You're going to drink all of that?" I laughed at him. I felt my fangs poke at my tongue. "I'll never get the hang of this." I sighed with disappointment.

"We could share you know…not unless you have other things to do." He smiled at me and I smiled back.

After that, we drank the night away in the small awkward bathroom.

I woke up and looked up the ceiling. It was in a cream color and I felt the sun on my face. The bed was cold and hard as well as soft and warm. I immediately realized this was not my room. I opened my eyes and rubbed them. Apparently I was sleeping on top of somebody. Fully clothed though. The warmth came from Simon's body and the softness came from his cardigan. My head lay on his stomach while he snoozed softly. His arms were stretched wide. I got up and poked him.

"Wake up!" I shook his body. He was still sleeping soundly. It was no use to wake him up. I tried my best not to make noise and got out of the tub. I slipped and heard bottles rolling around. Falling on my face hurt and falling on my face with my fangs still out hurts even more. I tasted my own blood and swallowed. I stayed on the ground first. I was too lazy to get up. I stared at the bottles for a while. We drank. We drank a lot.

The bottles started floating on their own. I heard Simon mumbling. Then the movement stopped. I heard a groan from behind me.

"What time is it?" Simon got up immediately. "What happened to you?" I turned to him and realized he was staring. I rolled on my back.

"Nothing." I got up and almost slipped on one of the bottles again. I felt normal again but my human urges were bothering me again. I craved for fast food and pancakes. At least I still have that part of me. I stumbled for a while and finally got some balance. "Well, let's get out of here shall we?"

I stepped towards the bathroom door and opened it.

"It won't budge." It really didn't. I tried opening it again. Same result. "Well, how convenient, I want those fucking pancakes." I shoved my body on the door. Still no luck. "Fucking want my fucking pancakes."

I kicked the door and it finally opened. I checked to see if there were any severe damages. So far, so good.

"Oh okay…here comes the hurt…" Simon clutched his temples and his lips became pale. He rushed to the toilet and began to vomit. "Fuck my life…" He vomited some more and wiped his mouth. He went to the faucet and gargled some water. "How come you're not-"

"I have a high tolerance." I walked out of the bathroom and heard him follow me from behind. The whole house smelled like booze, drugs and vomit. It felt like home. It made me feel nostalgic to the point that I started breathing in the whole house.

"Are you breathing in the house?" He asked me. He stared at me. The look on his face was funny, I could tell he was amused.

What can I say? I'm amusing.

I heard women giggling and a man talking in Italian. I followed the voice and ended up in Asher's room. There were two women in his bed. They were just wearing their undies and they looked utterly mesmerized by Asher. The woman wearing the pink lace lingerie whispered in Asher's ear and he laughed. His eyes landed on me and he gave me a sly smile.

"My friend here was just asking me, if you wanted to join us?" I gave him a blank stare and turned around. I grabbed Simon and stormed out of the room. "I guess that's a no."

"Where are we going?" Simon asked.

"To get food."

We stopped at a diner on the way back to the city. Simon still had a headache as we were eating. I enjoyed my pancakes tremendously. Simon ate waffles while I talked about how I felt last night. He listened intently and told me it was going to be fine. I believed him of course. I paid attention to his face. I had to admit, he is very handsome. His lips were the kind that you would see on GQ. His nose was defined as his cheek bones. When he would laugh at my jokes, his smile could brighten up any person's day. My favorite part was his eyes. They were a lovely shade of blue with gold specks in them. Although Asher's were brighter and more striking, I liked that fact that Simon's were natural. He was one of the beautiful human beings I have seen.

"We should go." He said to me. I felt the urgency in his voice. I didn't know why but I agreed and we split the bill. I sensed something weird as we got out of the diner. It was like a flood of nausea. He took my wrist and we walked to the street. The nausea was still there. I could feel my heart beating rapidly. His heart beat was fast as well, both our hearts were thundering in my ears.

"What is this?" I asked as our pace began to move faster. He sensed my urgency and we stopped. He brought me into his arms and rested his head on my shoulder. I was caught off guard but I decided to go with it.

"Somebody is trying to cast a spell on us." He whispered in my ear and let me go. He held my wrist again as we ran. I recognized the streets we were taking. It led back to the school. "We just have to get into the wards." I didn't understand what he meant about the wards. From what I can think of, it would be our school is protected and if we didn't get in the wards now, we could wind up dead.

The school seemed so far away. I felt the nausea growing and growing. I could hear Simon's heart pounding. It was pumping blood through his veins like a heart should do. The sound was thundering in my ears. The thirst that wasn't there when I woke up came to me like a wave. I quickly resisted the urge but it kept trying to persuade me, control me, to feed off of him. Yet I kept telling myself, I might kill him if I do. I was still young; I have no control over myself. If I let this slide, he'd be dead in my arms.

I watched him as he held my wrist. Something was wrong with him as well. I could feel his unease because of his grip. It was too strong. I could feel my wrist bruising.

"Your grip." I told him but his force didn't soften at all. I saw the school, it was so near. If I could just hold on a bit longer I would be okay. I noticed that the some objects were gravitating towards us. If he gets out of control we would be hit by unwanted projectiles due to his lack of control. "Simon…" I tried to snap him out of it but the force was still there. I could feel it growing stronger. The electricity I feel with him is slowly growing stronger. I could feel power surges across my skin.

We were just near the entrance when we both stopped. I decided to continue my pace but he still held his grip. I tried to pull him off but I quickly looked into his eyes. He had a blank stare. "Please, Simon…" I was getting pissed off already. It was like he didn't hear me.

I took a deep breath and…"Goddamit Simon! SNAP OUT OF IT!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. The blank stare disappeared and I felt his power slowly dissipate. I looked him in the eye and slapped him.

"What was that for!" I rolled my eyes. Could it be?

"You don't remember? You nearly crushed my wrist!" I showed him my wrist it felt raw and swollen. I can only imagine the pain I will experience later. I watched his expression shift. "We need to get back into the wards. Like you said." I really knew nothing of this magical stuff. But learning something new is always fun, perhaps night classes would help.

We ran to the inside of the school and we both slipped. On top of each other. I mumbled a quick apology then got up. I saw a girl watching us. She was eating a sandwich vigorously. She had a purple Disney sweater on top of her uniform. Her cheeks were chubby but she had a heart shaped face. She was on the chubby side and her height was average. She was carrying a canvas bag full of books. Her eyes were framed by glasses. The thing that sucked about glasses is when you don't know if they're looking at you or not because of the stupid glare it makes. She continued to eat her sandwich as Simon and I got up. Her pony tail swished side to side. I noted that she has brown hair with random blue streaks.

She gave us a toothy grin and came up to us. She held out her hand. "My name is Kym." I smiled and held out my hand as well. She took it and shook it hard. My whole body followed. "It's so nice to meet you!" She gave me one of the heaviest hugs I've ever had. Boy, was she touchy feely.

"My name is Helena." I pushed her gently. "Nice to meet you too." Her hugging ceased and I relaxed. She looked at my wrist and pouted.

"Oh no! What happened to you?" She rummaged through her bag of books and took out a roll of bottles. She set her book bag down and opened the roll. She squinted and took out a small phial of…god knows what. She took my wrist again and opened the phial with her mouth and one drop of the liquid flowed out. It landed directly on my bruise and it felt cold like ice. The redness and swelling of the bruise greatly reduced. She smiled, satisfied with her work. "There, it'll be gone in the morning! You'll see!"

"Whoa, that was- Thank you." I stared at my wrist. The cold sensation was soothing yet it was only limited to the blood clot. "What was that you used on me?"

"Liquid ice, just one of the alchemy recipes I made." She winked at me. Did she just say Alchemy? I heard a song playing suddenly. She took out a blackberry and glanced at it. "Oh…I have to go. See you around Helena!" She grinned while waving goodbye then running off the opposite direction.

"Clumsy Kym seems to like you." Simon laughed. I glared at him. I thought she was really nice. She was different from the usual shallow girls in the school. I realized how he changed the subject quickly.

"Hello! You crushed my wrist!" I pointed at the bruise. "What the hell happened back there?"

"Powerful compulsion. I resisted the best that I can." I rolled my eyes at him and walked away.

"By crushing my wrist?" I left him there. I decided to go back to my room to take a nap. Right now, other students have classes but I think I'll just skip it and attend the night class. While walking I saw a woman in a champagne business suit. She carried her briefcase with confidence and the air around exuded power. She was quite tall and her heels just made her seem more, female amazon like. Her dark raven hair was pulled up in a bun. She stopped at a particular room. The principal's office.

I guess she's the new replacement.