We sparred for little bit longer until we had both worked up a sweat. Neither of us had cuts, except for the one I had received. We had a few new bruises but that was about it. We came to a mutual agreement when we started growing weak and our breathing was labored. We cleaned off our swords and put them away in their cases. We walk down to the kitchen and we each grab a glass of water. When I'm done with mine I put the glass in the sink and walk into my room closing the door behind me. I turn on some music and step into my bathroom, turning on the hot water. I wait until the bathroom starts to get steamy before I strip out of my clothes and step into the shower. I stand under the spray of water letting the scalding water pound onto my back. The next best thing to Oscura's hands is hot water. I quickly wash my hair and my body and turn off the water, stepping out. I wrap a fluffy towel around my body and step into the cool air of my room.

I take in a small breath from the cold air on my heated skin. I walk over to my dresser and pull out some clothes. Black jeans, black cami top, red panties and bra and set them on my bed. I hear the door open and I just go about my business.

"What do you want Oscura?"

"Besides the lovely view, I came to see what you want for dinner. I'm going to the market in a few moments." I blush lightly when he comments about the 'view'.

"Spaghetti sounds good. As for the view, you simply caught me at a bad time. I look terrible." I turn around to face him.

"Okay I'll grab some pasta while I'm out. You do not look terrible Alessia, you look beautiful. I caught you at the perfect moment."

He walked up to me and placed his hand on my cheek. I leaned my head into it closing my eyes. He stroked my cheek gently with his thumb and I smiled opening my eyes to look at him. He leaned in slowly towards me and I leaned in meeting him half way. He kissed me sweetly at first but I licked at his lower lip asking for entrance. He opened his mouth and our tongues battled as my hands found his hair and his hands gripped my waist. I pulled him closer to me moaning and I could feel his erection already. I pulled away gasping for breath and he started kissing his way along my jaw. He nipped and kissed to my neck, finding my weak spot, just above my collar bone. Just then the door bell rang and we pulled away groaning. He left quickly to answer the door and I was somewhat grateful. Oscura was my mentor, my best friend, my rock but never has he been my lover. We've kissed a time or two before but we've never done anything more. We were both virgins and I don't know if I was ready or not to lose it. I would be ecstatic if I was to lose my virginity to him but I wasn't ready.

I pulled the towel off my body and quickly changed into my clothes. I walked into the hallway and found Oscura standing in the foyer sorting through the mail. So that's who had interrupted us, hmm, I should thank him later. He heard me coming and when I stood next to him he handed me my mail. I quickly skipped through looking at what I had gotten. The last envelope was a large one with just my name and address written on it. I recognized the hand writing immediately and knew it was a new assignment. I quickly set the other letters on the small table in the foyer and ripped open the envelope. I pulled out the small pile of papers to read who I was to kill.

Next assassination for:

Assassino Nascosto


Mirago De Ratiz




Reason for assassination:

Raped the Prime Ministers daughter.


De Ratiz corporation building, level 48 room 223.

I growled as I read the reason for assassination. This bastard raped the prime minister's daughter, she was only 10. I hated men like him, that's just terrible raping a child. It's terrible to rape anyone, to take away their will but a child is beyond the line. I was already thinking of how I would kill this one. When Oscura heard me growl he looked up from his mail cocking an eyebrow at me. I just handed him my assignment papers and ran up the stairs taking them two at a time. I walked into the gym and over to my weapons. I put a blade against my spine and strapped it on; I put my sai set around my waist, feeling a little calmer after having their familiar weight resting against my hips. I grab long blade and its sheath. I'll put it on later. I decide to bring my throwing stars just in case too so I grab those and their sheath as well. I go back into the kitchen and set my long sword and my throwing stars on the table. I walk into my room and put on a tight black shirt. I pull on my knee high black boots and zip them up. They're made of old leather and they have the perfect shape from being worn so much. Antonio got them for me when I got my first assassination assignment and Oscura put in blades in the toes for me when I turned 13. I put the throwing star sheaths on the inside of my boots and walked back into the kitchen. I placed my throwing stars in their rightful spots inside my boots and picked up my sword sheath. I secured it to my waist pulling off my sai set. I placed the sighs on the thigh holsters, more convenient. The jeans were tight enough to the way I liked them but lose enough as not to reveal my weapons. I put my blade into its sheath and turned around to find Oscura standing behind me holding my leather jacket.

He handed it to me slowly and I slipped it on. My favorite jacket, leather, black and it was a bomber jacket. It fell to the tops of my knees concealing most of my long blade and all the rest of my weapons. I looked at him and searched his face for any emotions but there were none, just his handsomeness set in stone.

"I'll be back as soon as I can. Before dinner for sure, it won't take long but I want to play with his mind for a little bit."

He nodded understanding that when an assignment did something that really irked us we screwed with their minds before we killed them. It helped us take out our anger and it let us have a little fun every once in a while.

"Be careful Alessia, please."

"Don't worry Oscura, I won't get caught. You know I won't. I'm almost as good at stealth as you."

We usually did this at night, easier to hide in the shadows that way. You only assassinated during the day if you were extremely well skilled.

"I know I'm just saying though. When you leave I'm going to the market so I'll lock the doors. If you get home before me then just use my window to get inside again."

I nodded and leaned forward kissing him lightly. He kissed me back holding me tight before releasing.

"Potere la sua disposizione di anima nell'ombra. " May your soul lay in shadow. I nodded and walked over to the window. I opened it and slipped out with ease climbing up to the roof. From there I ran along the tops of buildings until I was standing in front of the De Rantiz building. I looked up at it, it was a fairly tall building and I saw a balcony that I could hop onto. I backed up slowly and ran towards the balcony jumping on to it and landing on my feet with ease. I slowly opened the door and eased my way in, creeping along what shadows there were. I had come through into an empty conference room by the looks of it. I slowly opened up the front doors and slowly peeked out making sure no one was around. No one was so I creped out and found the doors to a stairwell. I carefully opened the door and stepped into the stair well. I took the stairs two at a time until I came to the top of the stair case. There was a door to my right that said roof access and one to my left that said level 48. I quickly opened the door on my left and stalked into the hallway making sure I wouldn't be seen.

I scanned the doors quickly looking for room 223. I noticed it at the end of the hallway and I slowly stalked to the door, making sure I wasn't seen. I slowly opened the door and I heard Mr. De Rantiz inside.

"I said I didn't want to be disturbed!"

I slipped in through the door in a blur and shut the door behind me. De Rantiz thought that whoever was at his door left and he went back to his work. I flipped through the air and landed lightly behind him. I slowly pulled out my long sword and got ready to kill De Rantiz. I slipped my hand over his mouth and pressed the blade to his throat. He started to yell but when he felt the blade against his throat he stopped instantly. I leaned down close to his ear and I knew he could feel my breath tickling his neck.

"I heard what you did to the prime minister's daughter. She's only 10 years old you know. To rape someone is one thing but to rape a little girl? That deserves death. Mirago De Rantiz, I am here to deliver you your death for the things you have done to others. Lei puo pregare a dip ma c'e nessuno qui ma me, il portatore della sua morte." You can pray to god but there is no one here but me, the bringer of your death.

He took my advice and started muttering out a prayer that I could hear even though my hand was still over his mouth. I'd have liked to play with him a little longer but it was day and he was praying. I quickly slit his throat cutting his prayer off before he could finish. I was atheist and I hated it when they started praying. There is no such thing as god, if there was, then he would listen to our prayers and spare people's lives when we begged. I quickly wiped off my blade and opened the window. I hoped from the balcony of his office to the roof of the next building. I slid down a drain pipe so I could walk along the alley way. My legs were a little stiff for some reason and I wanted to stretch them out. I was walking along enjoying myself when the hair on the back of my neck prickled. I was being followed, I quickly ran down another alley way and tried hiding in the shadows the mid day sun was casting. I thought I lost my follower but I heard someone flipping through the air. I pulled my sword and faced the attacker. It was a guard from the Dio Guerriri, 'God's warriors'.

"There is no need for bloodshed Assassino Alessia. I am here to take you before the Dio Guerriri. They wish to speak with you, now come."

"I am not going with you. I do not obey the Dio Guerriri. I have not broken any of their rules so they should leave me to my peace. I am a lone assassin; they have no jurisdiction over me. Now leave before I force you."

He just laughed and pulled out his own sai set.

"Put away your long blade and fight with real weapons." He wanted me to fight him with sai.

I sheathed my sword and pulled out my sai from their thigh holsters. I spun them around in my hands before lunging towards the guard. He darted out of the way and swiped at me. I backpedaled but I wasn't quick enough. He sliced my side and I could feel the sting and the rush of warm blood. I growled and lunged him again. I hit him in the knee knocking him to the ground. I delivered a round house kick to his jaw and he crumbled to the ground. I slowly picked him up and slit his throat.

"Dio Guerriri worships a fictional being. There is no god and there never shall be." I whispered in his ear before he bled out and I walked away. I walked through the alley ways holding my side until I got to our back door. I jingled the door knob and sure enough it was locked. I quickly vaulted myself up to Oscura's window. I slid it open and I slid in through his window. I stood just inside of his room and closed my eyes, letting my senses take over. I could smell him and I felt instantly calm. I looked around at his room, it was gold with black trim and he had photos and posters plastered to all the walls. I saw a picture of us together in a frame on his nightstand. I smiled at the memory of it, it was Oscura and I while at the festival late one night in Venice. We were happy and smiling and having a good time, it was 3 years ago shortly after our first assassination together.

I closed the window before walking into the kitchen. I sat down on the counter next to the sink and pulled off my jacket, throwing it on the counter next to me. I took off my long sword and its sheath setting it lightly besides me. I peeled off my shirt and cami top until I was sitting on the counter in pants and a bra. I turned on the faucet and turned on the hot water. I reached under the sink grabbing rubbing alcohol, bandages, a needle, thread, and a washcloth. I ran the wash cloth under the hot water and cleaned away the blood. I rang it out letting the blood wash down the drain. I poured a hefty amount of rubbing alcohol onto the wash cloth and ran it over the wound. I hissed in pain as the alcohol came in contact with my open wound. Just then I heard the front door open and close. Oscura was home, I didn't want him to see me like this so I called out to him.

"I'm in the kitchen Oscura, don't come in."

"Why, what's wrong Alessia?"

"Nothing, just stay where you are."

He ignored me though and walked into the kitchen. He had some grocery bags in his arms and when he saw me he quickly dropped them on the table and ran over to me. I heard him whisper 'Merda' under his breath. He pulled the wash cloth from my hand and gently cleaned the rest of the cut for me. It was quite a deep cut from the feel of it. He reached under the sink and pulled out some anesthesia and rubbed it on my skin. He numbed the skin around the cut for me knowing how much I hated needles. He let the anesthesia kick in and started threading the needle. When my side was numb, he started sewing the skin together closing the wound. When he was done he wiped it off with rubbing alcohol and then hot water. He kissed it lightly before cleaning up all the tools.

"Thank you."

"Alessia, I thought I told you to be careful! What happened?"

" The Dio Guerriri's guard happened, that's what."

"Oh no, tell me the story."

I sat down on the floor and he sat down too pulling my body against his. I sat with my side pressed to his chest, curled up against him. I told him the whole story and he listened to me, sitting there just holding me. I wasn't scared or anything but for some reason, sitting in Oscura's arms I felt calm, as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders somehow.

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