Before you read! I don't really know if this is counted as a poem, more of a letter. (if that's what you want to call it) I said these things to my best friend, Alan and I wrote them down on Word to put on FictionPress. It's really sweet and I hope you enjoy it!

Dear Alan,

You're the first person I talk to in the morning,

The first person I want to see.

You text message me a good morning

With a smile right beside it.

And I smile back as if you can see mine.

You ask me how I slept.

You give me pet names,

That I only allow you to call me.

You call me beautiful,

You call me amazing.

I can't see how you see me as those things,

But I smile anyway.

Because I know you'll say it again soon.

And I'll have the same stupid smile on my face as before.

When we talk on the phone,

I love to hear your voice.

Your laugh makes me smile, especially when I'm down.

I love how you do that, it's my favorite thing you do.

When I talk to you,

I have no problem saying you are my best friend.

You have convinced me you care.

You've seen me at my worst, but even better

You've seen me at my best.

I can talk to you for hours

And never get bored.

I miss you everyday.

Never before have I had a friendship as strong as our's.

I want it to keep growing.

I don't want it to stop.