I speak to you of gravity

Not some unfriendly force

I wish that only gravity

Would be the thing enforced.

But other forces come and go

Strong and weak and charged.

And what is more, velocity

That initial constant true

Results in circles never closed

Instead of closeness new.

Oh, why does man not understand

The graveness of his acts?

I fight and fight but then regress,

And know not where I stand.

And in clarity of moments brief,

We would but die of grief.

Love would understand the most,

But is not one to boast,

So how can one the Name now know

If death the knowledge dealt?

And what if I my head bowed low,

Or before the Presence knelt?

It seems that dumbness conquers grace

In moments most malign,

But what would I for my life do,

With happiness divine?

Gravity, will take your course,

And draw the circle tight?

The force's differential trait

Is greater in degree

Than that of this dull thing

We call velocity.

And yet the paths that we have set

Do have this thing, alright:

This thing we call, heh, gravity,

But in a different right.

I wish that I could see,

I wonder where I'll go,

But then I would not love this ride,

And regrets would never know.

The tears I cry, a gift from Him,

How blessed be His Name,

I thank Him for His gift to me,

And trust in His big game.

I ask then, friend, one thing of you:

Do know how grave your moment now,

But don't let it interfere;

Trust in grace and what is promised,

Your soul is much too dear.