Hey, my name is Andrea Elizabeth Casson. I go by Andy though. I am a unique girl. I am the rebel in my family, the talented one, at that too. I can play drums and write deeply. I'm the girl who always has headphones in her ears. Hey, I'm not bragging. Kym just wanted me to list the good characteristics about me. Anyways, I have lived around. Here and there. I'm originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. That was the best place and my favourite place that we've moved to, and the place we moved often back to. Dad's retired from the Army, my brother's in the Marines. My three sisters and I are very proud of our two men. My brother's two years older than me. I just turned seventeen and he's been nineteen for about five months. . My brother's name is Andrew Noah Casson. He goes by Drew. My closest aged sister, Myranda Lynn Casson, is about a year younger than I am, she's just turned sixteen. My family and I call her 'Randa', though. My youngest sister, Rosalind Aimy Casson, is only four years of age, born a week before my mother's death. We call her, Rose, or Lind. And, lastly, my older sister, Marcy, is nineteen years old, yes, she's Drew's twin sister, but they were separated by two minutes Macy's older. She's the actual reason why we're moving here, Macy is actually a rising actress and her manager wanted to move her here to get more publicity. She's mainly here for commercials, ads, her own show, and movies. Randa and I call her Mace. My mom died when I was thirteen but I've learned to fend for myself. I'm really close to my three sisters, brother and dad, though. I don't have many friends because I kept on moving and because of my rebellious attitude. Sure, I can be nice. I have long very, very, very, very dark brown hair with many shades of brown and some red in it. Yeah, it's natural. I also have icy blue eyes, the only one in the family besides what my mother had, with blue yes. My best part of my face. I dress unique. I have my own style. I am half Vietnamese so I had a kind of yellowish glow to me as well as naturally straight long hair, but I am also half Scandinavian, explaining the rare icy blue eyes. I fill a lovely C-Cup and I make sure I'm in tip-top shape. I'm about 5'10, I'm a pretty tall girl. So, that's pretty much me. I am also sometimes considered the 'slut'. I still don't care, sure, I hook-up with random guys sometimes. But I'm pretty smart to take birth control on a daily basis. But I have flaws, ha, but I wouldn't really call them flaws, I am an awesome pick-pocket, I have my own very, very high tech spy kit and awesome new grappling hook. I'm pretty emotional, so don't mess with me. Where am I now? Just now getting off the airplane and onto my newest home. Los Angeles, California. Goodie.

Chapter 1:

Easing In.

November 2nd, 2009

Los Angeles, California

2:34 pm

"I hopped off the plane at LAX, with a dream in my cardigan, welcome to the land of fame access (oh!), am I gonna fit in, jumped in the cab here I am for the first time, look to my right and I see the HollyWood sign this is all so crazy! Everybody seems to famous. My tummy's turnin' and I'm feelin' kinda homesick, too much pressure and I'm nervous…"

Party in the USA -Miley Cyrus-

Andy's POV:

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have landed in Los Angeles, please wait momentarily to get off the plane. Thank you and have a great time here in L.A"

I heard the flight attendant's voice in the speakers. I sighed, taking off my seat belt and turning off my laptop, I put it in my black book bag and turned up the volume on my iPod. It was tuned to one of my favourite songs, 'Favourite Girl' by Justin Bieber. I smile every time I hear this song. I got up, my black tutu with a white hem swinging side to side with my hips. I smoothed out my hot pink jacket and 'hooker sleeves' ((My friend Hunter and my private joke, lol.)). I walked to the back of the line of passangers waiting for the plane's door to open so we can get off. I sighed and felt my high ponytail sagging a little, I put my arms up, my book bag with my stuff on it swinging off my elbow and tightened my long hair by pulling. I sighed again, hating that we were specifically moving to L.A, was because my older sister, Macy, was becoming a HUGE actress/singer and has many auditions that had her booked for the next few months. We were all forced here because of that, too. My cell phone beeped three beeps. Dad. I picked it up just as the doors opened.

"Yeah dad?" I asked, holding the phone up to my ear.

"Hey sweetheart, I have your suitcases right here, so you don't have to go through that crap of a luggage carosoul. Just meet your brother, he just got back from Iraq, you'll be glad to see him after all this time. I love you."

"I love you, too, dad. Thanks for the heads-up." I said, then hung up, walking down the aisle and out of the plane, the only luggage I was carrying were just my book bag with my favourite books, my sleek black laptop, my small purse with my life's savings ($2300). What? It was in hundred dollar bills, and I'm seventeen. I've been saving ever since BIRTH.

"Passengers, please unbuckle your seatbelts, sorry for the wait and have a great time here in Los Angeles, our beautiful city." Said the squeaky speaker voice once again. I sighed once again, and stood up, waiting in the small line to get off. There were many men and women in business suits with two suitcases at the most, or on the phone, or a Bluetooth. As soon as we were moving, a song popped into my head, yes, a song. It was sort of a kiddish song but, I liked it. Party In the USA by M. Cyrus. It was true, I was hopping off the plane at LAX, I looked to my right, I did see the sign, Welcome to Hollywood and saw the huge legendary metal Hollywood sign.

What was I wearing? The usual. Tutu. Jacket. Skinny Jeans. My tutu was black with a white hem and my jacket was hot pink and underneath, on my arms were arm warmers, but I call them hooker sleeves. I sighed.

"Seventh move." I mumbled to myself. But, the place that my dad, brother, and I usually came back to was Minnesota. So, every other move we're back there. That meant I had a best friend, Isabella. I just call her Iz.

"Hello ma'am, need any assistance?" A man in a black and gold airport uniform. I shook my head.

"No, thank you." I said politely. Once I stepped into the waiting area, big strong arms wrapped around my waist.

I gave out a small shriek.

"Guess who?" The man who's arms around me asked.

"Drew! Let go of me!" I cried, I was faced away from him so it must've looked like he was giving me the Heimlich maneuver.

"Fine, little miss grumpy." My brother said, pulling me to face him and embraced me in a tight bear hug.


"Yeah?" He asked, hugging me tighter.

"You're hurting me." I said, slightly chocking on the words.

"Oh, sorry Andy." he said, letting go, I sighed loudly, catching my breath. I took the earphones out of my ears and shut off my iPod Touch and put the earphones inside my pocket under my tutu.

"Gasp! Her earphones are out!" Drew laughed. I laughed with my brother.

"Nice, bro. So, where's this house of ours?" I asked, walking ahead of him towards the entrance. He walked with me, matching my pace easily.

"About a half-an hour's drive from here. It's close to dad's new station." Drew said, holding the door for me to get out.

"Thanks. Well, what about my new high school?" I asked, searching for his, or my car.

"Uhm, not sure, you have to go ask him about that. But I know that you have to take a city bus there." He informed me.

"Where are Mare, Randa, and Rose?" I asked, finally noticing my sisters' absences.

"They decided to take a four hour walk in the park with Rose." Drew answered, rolling his eyes.

He lead me down the sidewalk to an unfamiliar green Mercedes Benz.

"That's mine. You're new car is waiting at our new 'mansion-like' house!" Drew said excitedly. I rolled my eyes.

"Alright, tell me about our new place." I said, jumping into the passenger seat with my bag slung into the backseat. I stood up to smooth out the bottom of my tutu, then sat back down to put a seatbelt on. Drew just jumped into the car and closed the door, he started the car and pushed a button which opened a wide sunroof. I was going to hate L.A. Too sunny.

"Well," he started, speeding away down the road. "it's three stories, three bathrooms, two kitchens, I think about four or five bedrooms, six closets, two on each floor, a family room on the first two floors, a main dining hall on the second floor, and a small backyard with an awesome deck on all three floors." He said, looking at me to see my face.

"Wha-wh-whoa." was all I could say. My jaw almost hit the floor. There was that many rooms and STUFF in our new house? Maybe L.A wasn't going to be so bad. I smiled the rest of the way to our new home.

"Daddy!" I exclaimed as we pulled up in front of a huge three-story grey house. It was so cute! Old-looking, and classic, and BIG! I ran up to my father and jumped up on him, embracing him tightly.

"Hi con." He said ((Con means, child, in Vietnamese, I modeled Andy much like myself, lol. There will be a couple of Vietnamese words in this story, so watch out! Definitions will be in author's notes)).

"Hi, ba!" I said, greeting my father as my brother walked up to us and laughed.

"Okay, we should unpack your things now sis." Drew said, practically prying me off my father, I giggled and walked away. Ha, I love my daddy! He's the only parent I have right now. I rushed into the house with Drew and sure enough, the house was empty when I walked in.

I looked up at Drew in confusion.

"Where are all the boxes?" I asked.

"Oh, the moving guy isn't here yet. But we haven't seen those boxes for a while, last time we moved in like this was, when I was five and you were three to Minnesota." Drew said, smiling.

"We'll finally get to see every piece of furniture that we started with! Andy, I'm pretty sure this'll be a permanent home for us." Drew said excitedly, putting an arm around me and embracing me, when he let go I ran upstairs, ready to claim my room. I ran up to the second floor, the one I saw from the outside with most windows. I stopped running because I saw Drew wasn't following from behind, when I reached the second floor, first thing I saw was a long granate topped island in the middle of a black-tiled floor with a large black sink complete with microwave above the oven and stove, a dishwasher to the left of the sink and a long counter. The second kitchen, cool! My room was so going to be near here. I looked ahead, my tutu ruffling and I put my ear phones back in, walking down the hall and I peered into three different rooms, almost all the same. The room in the middle of the three stood out to me, the roof was slanted downward to the left, a small space for a bed, and there was a long window seat in front of a very wide window that took up about half the south wall. I ran over and looked out, I sighed at the small backyard, it was green and a few trees were scattered about the place, like a mini forest. This seemed to be the only small and serene place in all of what I saw of Los Angeles. I couldn't believe that I was even here. I missed the pastures and greenlands of Minnesota. The wide, open purple and blue mountains. I doubted Los Angeles had that. Probably just dead plants all around because of this stupid sun.

"This your new room or are you pondering?" Andrew came into view of the door as I looked behind me.

"Yeah, this is mine." I said, smiling slightly.

"Okay, well, I'm going to take the room next door, dad has the room downstairs, see you in a few minutes for school registrations!" He said, waving with the arm a box wasn't held. A moment later, my book bag was thrown in, I jumped out of the window seat to catch it, my laptop was still in there. I caught it just barely, just at the tip of my fingers, but I curled my fingers up, rolling the bag down close to my elbows I sighed of relief, my stomach throbbing a bit because I was laying on it. My tutu slid down to my mid-thigh. Drew's head poked at the door.

"Sorry sis." He said, grinning, I stuck my tongue out at him before he disappeared again.

I got up, slinging my book bag gently on the seat and pulling up my tutu, brushing myself off.

*Hours later preparing for dinner…*

"Ba! Ba! Con almost done with this rice, what now?" I asked my dad, my mum was usually the one to cook…even at seventeen, about four years already, I wasn't used to it.

"Urgh, con, just put some in the bowls." my dad said, getting a little impatient with me. I was the one who made a lot of mistakes. I heard the voices of my sisters floating through the air as the front door opened. I ran from the kitchen, rushing to meet them. They were late because they all, Myranda, and Macy wanted to take Rosalind around for a very, very long walk in the park. A walk which made them miss the plane, I didn't go because I didn't want to and I wanted to be with my brother and father as soon as I could.

"Andy! You ditched us!" Myranda's high-pitched voice whined, her arms folded, I smirked and embraced her, her dyed blond locks in a high ponytail. Who ever heard of a blond Asian? My sister changed that.

I then. moved onto my older sister. Her arms were at her sides, calm.

"Hey Mace, how was the late flight?" I asked, hugging my older sister. Her dark brown hair was tied low to the side.

"Great, except taking care of my youngest sisters and hearing Randa whine the whole time about being at the park too long." Mace said sarcastically with a genuine smile.

I bent down to embrace my youngest sister, Rosalind.

"Hey Row, how's my favourite sister?" I asked, whispering, she put her small tanned arms around me, her light brown hair let down and straight.

"Randa and Macy took a long time in the park, talking to this boy, I think his name was Lucas or something. But then they got really sad because his girlfriend, Kate came by. All I know is that they were vacationing there in Minnesota and ran into us. Macy looked like she really liked him. He was like, nineteen." Rose said, looking up at me. ((To the readers of 'What's Keeping Me Away', haha, surprised? But that's the only place in this story they're mentioned. I wanted to incorporate all my stories on fiction press to each other.))

"Really? Hmm, that's interesting." I said, smiling down at her.

"Kids, dinner's done!" My dad called his asian accent very detectable. See, my father is working on speaking more English than Vietnamese because we all speak English more.

((Not me, I can speak it fluently, unlike Andy, I just didn't want to confuse everyone with two different languages.)).

Immediately, everyone rushed from the door (except for Drew since all my sisters left their bags at the door and he was now forced to carry them all up) to the downstairs dining room.

We enjoyed a nice Asian meal, rice, boiled egg, rice noodles, spring rolls. Typical. We all shared laughs and smiles, but we all knew we missed mommy more than ever now.

"Good night Row." I said to Rosalind, tucking her in her new bed. She been placed (by daddy), to the room next to dad's downstairs.

"Night Andy." She said, I kissed her forehead and went upstairs to my other sisters. Only Macy and Drew stayed on the second floor with me, Macy on the right of my room from where you came in, and Drew on the left. I felt perfectly safe with my two older siblings near me. I came into Drew's room, the closest to the stairs.

"Hey Drew." I said, poking my head into the room. I had changed out of my tutu and hot pink jacket and into a comfortable lime green bikini with a loose black jacket around me.

"Andy. Why can't you ever wear something that doesn't show everything?" He asked, being the protective brother he was. I shook my head, my bangs getting in my eyes.

"I just came in to say good night. Jeeze, bro. Night." I said, shaking his comment off like I always did, and left for Macy's room.

The door was closed and I heard the sound of packing peanuts russling. I knocked.

"Mace, it's Andy, can I come in?" I asked, arms folded casually as I pushed the door opened, finding it was not closed all the way.

"Hey, what're you doing?" I asked, watching my sister popping up from a wall of boxes.

"Unpacking." Macy said simply.

"Uhm, how much stuff do you have? And is this all yours?" I asked. She popped back down, I heard for packing peanut ruffling.

"Most of it, a few boxes were mom's. I thought I would want to bring them out. It's been four years, so you know." She said, her voice a little low.

"Oh, I see. Well, I just popped in to say good night. So, night sis." I said, then walked out, closing the door behind me before she could answer. I walked to the south of the floor, I walked up a narrow staircase to the third floor, where only two rooms were. Since most of the rooms in the house were occupied now, about four out of the five, there was only one room left, that was the small one across from Myranda's.

I knocked. "Randa, can I come in?" I asked. Randa was the preppy of the family, unlike me, I'm the more rebel-like one. The distant, yet close one. But Randa, she was the one who talked all the time, she could be smart, but, you know, everyone has their good and bad moments.

"Hold on!" She said, I heard footsteps and the rustling of paper. The door opened then came more paper rustling as Randa made her way over to where she was before. She was sitting on a box. Since the moving truck guy was due tomorrow. Tomorrow was also the first day of school. It was right now Monday, when I arrived, at around 2:40 pm seven or so hours ago, school would've just gotten out. So, we start tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd.

"Hey sis, what're you doing?" I asked, Randa put her pink cell phone in her pocket and beamed at me.

"Texting, trying to unpack. I'll just do it tomorrow after school." She said, shrugging.

"Well, everything in my room, except for a picture album and frame box, is unpacked. You can borrow my clothes for school." I offered. I knew she would decline because my clothes were a bit…different. You know, I wear bikini tops with skirts, tutus, animal print leggings, leather jackets and dresses. Etc.

"Urhm, no thanks. I'll just wear what I wore today, no one here saw me so it's cool." She said politely. I smiled back.

"Ohkay, I'll see you in the morning." I said, heading back into my room.

For the begining of the night, I thought had to sleep on boxes, then I remembered my window seat, so I slept there for the night, since the seat had a long cushion. The wide window didn't bother me, even though I was wearing a very revealing outfit, I didn't have curtains yet but it was cool, who looks into windows at night anyway? I wondered that but I was proven wrong when I was leaning against the wall, sitting on the seat, a dark tall figure passed by our house, looking up a little from his hood I looked down curiously, a strand of hair falling into my face. Surely my face wasn't illuminated in the full moon. Was it? All I saw under that black hood was mesmerizing, lit by the moonlight, dark eyes, I couldn't tell what colour though, all I could tell was that they were a very deep shade and were dark. He walked off quickly before I could get a chance to observe him more. My heart was pounding very hard, yet very quickly. What was going on with me?

Ricky's POV:

"Bye mom, I'll be out for a little bit." I said, waving out and taking my black hoodie to cover up my tousled black hair. I usually just didn't cut it, but yesterday I did it and now it's cropped. I also got some light blue tips. I looked in the mirror, staring back at me were my dark blue eyes. I'm about 6'1 and an athlete. No, not one of those torn up buff dudes, enough to beat one of those buff dudes up without gigantic muscles. I was wearing tight black jeans with a navy blue muscle shirt, and now a thin black hoodie. I walked about the streets. I liked to go to the serene part of Los Angeles, where only a few residents live. I go there often, since I live only twenty or so blocks from that quiet neighborhood. I guess I'm one of the richest guys at Covina High. Everyone was always at me for money. I had at the least four good guys friends. I didn't want to go into details on them right now. I have many, many girls I hook-up with each week. Sure, call me the manwhore. I have money, they have hot bodies. It's a win-win. In fact, one of those sluts are calling my phone right now, buzzing in my pocket.

"What?" I asked, irritated. I hated it when they called back.

"Oh, hey Richard." A high, irritatingly, squeaky voice greeted, I slapped my forehead, still walking.

"Who's this?" I asked irritably.

"Don't you remember? We had a lot of fun Saturday night, Rich. It's me, Samantha! Don't you remember, Richard" I could tell she was trying to be seductive.

"Never call or even talk, no, look at me again. Good bye Serena." I snapped. What? I'm an emotional guy.

"It's Saman-" I snapped my phone shut. I didn't really give a shit what her name was, I kept walking, when I was at where I determined to be, I saw an open window. Something about this window made me turn and look up. All I saw was a piercingly curious mesmerizing icy blue eyes looking down at me, I thought I saw a smile, it was too dark, not even the bright full moon revealed anymore, but I walked off quickly before she saw me anymore than she already has. My heart was pounding in my chest, not from walking so far. What was going on?

Author's Note"

Welcome, welcome, welcome! To my readers of 'What's Keeping Me Away' and my new ones! I am so sorry to my old readers, this is NOT the sequel. I was thinking it'd take a long time to get up to 100 reveiws, that I figured, ya know, why not a new story while I wait? But thank you so much to my faithful readers and I am going to go under major construction on that! Now, enough, enough about the old, let's get into the new.

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