Chapter 5

Give it up to Me

November 9th, 2009

Los Angeles, California

12:30 pm

"You can have it all. Anything you want you can make it yours, anything you want in the world, anything you want."

Give it up to Me - Shakira

Ricky's POV:

I sat down at my usual lunch table.

The table usually consisted of my best friends, I have four best friends. Only two girls at the table today, I didn't let any whores sit with us today. But the girls weren't here yet.

Eric, and Logan sat whispering about something. Next to them were my other two friends, other than Logan and Eric, they were both my closest friends. Drake, the even bigger manwhore than myself, even Logan. He was crowned with light brown hair that went a little over his eyes, pretty tall, about as tall as I was, six feet tall about. Not that tallest guys in the school. And lastly, to the left of Drake, was the smartest one of all of us, no, his brains didn't make him ugly, he was just as good looking as all of us, actually, more or less more good-looking than I, to most girls, Derrick. He had natural blond hair that came a little below his eyes, swept to his right, right now he was eating lunch while studying, apparently for a history test. His favourite subject.

All my friends had something different about their personalities. Logan was my funniest friend, the comedian of the pack, and also a huge sex-addict. Eric was the sensitive and responsible one of the group, only has sex a few times a year. Drake, the biggest manwhore who is occupying a girl more than enough times a week, but also the quiet one, the musician and somewhat the rebel of the group. And Derrick, as I said, the smartest one. But, also the only virgin in the group. Yeah, I have a virgin friend. In our group. But he was also the most good-looking, well, next to me of course, ha. Oh, and me? I'd say myself was the calmest one in the group. Kind of a mix of everyone, the leader.

Just then, the lunch room stopped most of its chatter, then followed in a crowd of whispers and hisses. Andy had walked in, with a brunette girl at her side, happily chatting. But that wasn't why everyone stopped talking. They always stopped when Natalie and Olivia came into the room, the two girls I trust most in this school. Sure, they were considered sluts in this school, but they were my best friends as well. Natalie had dyed and bleached hers while Olivia had her hair a natural caramel, about the same height, the only differences in their appearances were that Olivia had olive-green eyes and Natalie had almost pitch-black irises. They were practically attached at the hip, Natalie had the long hair, Olivia otherwise. But Olivia had olive-tanned skin and was smaller and more frail. Natalie, all plastic, all the time. Not very attractive to me. They walked by, Natalie scowling and Olivia trying to calm her down. Olivia was actually my friend. Natalie, just a simple follower. I had to be nice to her though. Olivia was the nice one, the one that calmed everyone down in the group. Well, that's my friends. Natalie had stopped scowling and smiled at me, I ignored her and looked over at Andy. Everyone continued on talking again.

Andy took a seat with, I think her name was Ariauna, yeah, Ariauna, at an empty table near the center of the cafeteria, still chattering happily, but Andy got up and went to get lunch. No doubt for both of them. I stared at her intently, she was already in two of my classes so far, First Period Electronics with Mr. Harris, and third period Astronomy with Mr. Dapher. She always looked concentrated on her work, even though both those classes are usually in the dark with lights off. But first period, the glow of the computer screens were good enough for me to see her, and she was in front of me, as well. I saw her look back, I snapped my head back to the table immediately before her icy blue eyes met my UltraMarine ones. Before she turned back around, I caught a glimpse of her smile, I smiled a little to myself as well.

"and anyways, I don't think it's fair, right Ricky? Rick? Oh great, second day in a row he's been smiling to himself." I snapped out of my little moment.

"Yeah, sure." I said carelessly, getting back to myself. What was going on with me? I mentally slapped myself for even letting myself smile. Sarcasm, heavy. I haven't smiled this much since….well, when I'm around my little brother. Jonathon.

"Dude, I'm over here." Natalie said icily. I turned to her and rolled my eyes. Remember when I said she was one of my best friends? I lied. She's more Olivia's friend. Olivia was the trustworthy one.

"Well, I was saying, that it totally isn't fair that we like, have to be paired up by the teacher in fitness! I wish that next semester would start so we could have that free period thing." she said. I nodded. Honestly, I couldn't give a shit. I tried. But I didn't mind being paired, except we did have free period for last week, and yesterday. I wondered if Andy had any classes with me after this, I hadn't noticed her much.

Olivia came close to me. "Ricky, is everything okay?" she asked. I smiled at my best friend.

I nodded. "Just thinking. And I am just glad that you're in my fitness. We're always partners in the boy girl things." I said, smiling wider, she smiled as well and turned back to Derrick.

I looked back at Andy, but saw she had moved back to her table with Ariauna, Andy was looking calm and Ariauna furrowed her brow, as if trying to take whatever Andy was saying in. Andy wore a tangerine off-the-shoulder shirt with bright cerulean swirly patterns at the bottom, the shirt's sleeves went to her wrists and she wore a denim mini-skit with a ripped hem. Her orange strappy heels had her cell phone hanging from it and her hair was curled with a small headband crowning her head. I smiled because she didn't turn. Something in my stomach flopped. But then I turned back to my table.

Andy's POV:

"And then after that, we just went back to the dinner and we didn't really speak much, except a few times in the hallway yesterday, and it think he was staring at me in Electronics in first period. That's my story." I said to my new friend, Ariauna. Her eyebrows knitted together in concentration. I met her on my first day at school, and she asked what I had been doing since I came to L.A. we just became friends and she was really decent. She was small and frail looking, but kind. Her short brunette hair was curled as mine but down and didn't have a thin orange band crowning her head, or bangs. I swept them to the side since they were getting in my eyes.

"Intersting. So let me recap. You stole his car, plan to blackmail his brother, went to his house, have belly flops inside out when you see him." she said. I nodded.

"Well, do you like him?"

I thought about it for a moment.

"Yeah, I guess I like him. I do admit to having a small crush on him though." I could feel the light pink come to my cheeks as I said that.

"You watched fireflies with him." she said. I nodded.

"I love fireflies, I have some pictures I took on my phone before he sat down next to me." I said, putting a French fry in my mouth and chewing.

"Well, let's get skeptical. I mean, what if he likes you back? Won't your sister get mad? I mean, she could cancel that agent for your book." she said.

I shrugged. "Well, if he likes me back, we won't do anything about it. I just have to make Charles look bad in front of the public until the movie premiers and they can break up. Then it's done. No problem, the movie date had been moved up to four months, just in time for my birthday." I said, taking a sip from my Mountain Dew. I crossed my legs.

"I suppose. But, what if Charles find out? What if he makes Ricky make your sibling look bad? What then?" she asked.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore." I said simply, not mad or anything. I just didn't really want to talk about Ricky anymore. It hurt a little when my heart was pounding in my rib cage.

I got up and dumped the remnants of my tray. Ariauna still sitting in shock. I walked past Ricky's table, glancing at the blond boy and Ricky. I thought they were the best looking guys in the school. Most girls would agree with me. I walked past and dumped my tray, leaving the cafeteria.

Ricky's POV:

I watched as Andy walked out of the cafeteria, Derrick and Logan staring as well. Natalie was glaring, and Olivia with a small smile. It seems when Andy left, she had an effect on almost everyone. Except for Drake and Eric. Eric was too busy talking to Natalie actually. More like arguing. They argue a lot, but I guess that's what you get when you put a responsible citizen teen with a first class slut together. They fought over the stupidest things. Derrick looked over to me from across the table.

"Who was that?" he asked in great fascination.

His tone slightly irritated me, I wasn't sure why. "That's Andy. She's in our Alpha Math class." I said simply. He thought and nodded, going back and talking to Olivia. Then, the bell rang, I looked down at my tray, only a few things were left, I shrugged and got up, leaving my tray to whatever slut wanted to take it away. As usual. I walked over to my locker, then saw Andy at her locker, right across from mine, so when I turned around, I could see her back. I turned back to my locker and turned the knob to the combination. As I did, I took out my English book and shut my locker door, looking back at Andy, still at her locker, shifting through books. I walked swiftly around the corner. Until Drake stopped me. We always walked together to class. He had my next one, English Ms. Willow. I heard that second period who had her, Creative Writing. A.K.A, honor English students.

"'Sup Drake." I said to my friend, he winked to a girl passing by, that girl, happened to be Ariauna. She just rolled her eyes and walked over to Andy, they both walked the opposite way Drake and I were, chatting happily.

"Hey man. Hey, you got a spare History cheat sheet?" he asked. Yeah, Drake, not the smartest guy…academic-wise though.

I shook my head.

"I do my own work, bro. You should just ask Derrick. He's the smart one." I pointed out, walking into Ms. Willow's class. Downside to this class? Samantha was in it, but Ariauna was next to her, blocking me off from her one seat. Drake sat beside me.

"Well, beats me. Guess I'm a have to just fail again, huh?" I nodded at this, the bell was just about to ring, when someone scurried into the room and handed Ms. Willow a few, a lot, of sheets of paper.

"Well, Andrea, that is a lot! More than I ever got for just one story on Myths! Creating your own myth was no problem, eh?" I heard Ms. Willow's soft voice say, laughing a chimey laugh.

"I suppose. I tried keeping it short, it's only seven pages front and back." my ears perked at this calm, careless voice, but I daren't look back. I saw Ariauna smile, but then looked at me. I felt eyes on my back for a split second, then away. Samantha was texting under her desk. Drake looked back, interest I his eyes and I saw him scan Andy's body, then turned back to me with a satisfied expression. I punched his arm.

"Did you just undress her with your eyes?!" I asked. He nodded and I rolled my eyes.

Ms. Willow clapped. "Wonderful! Ms. Casson, you've got potential! Oh, there's the bell! Here, let me write you a note. What class do you have now, dear?" Ms. Willow asked.

"History with Mayo." She said simply. I heard the slight scribbling of pen on wood and a moment later, I heard a thanks come from Andy. I then turned back, only to see her ponytail sway out of the room.

"Now, class, any of you have your workbook pages finished early?" she asked. Ariauna stoof from her seat and walked to the back of the room, where Ms. Willow was standing, and handed her a paper, smiling. I rolled my eyes.

Andy's POV:

I sat in Ms. Mayo's class, fidgeting in my seat and swirling my ponytail's end in between my fingers. Two people I didn't know very well sat on either side of me. Well, one I knew as the blond guy from Ricky's table. And the other was a girl, gothic. Pitch black hair that covered half her face and she was dressed in all black. I felt weird, being close to these people dressed in orange and blue, I swept my bangs to the side and waited for everyone else to finish their assignment. Only me and the blond guy were finished. I looked over at the goth girl, who had just finished and put her pencil down.

"Hi. I'm Andy." I said cooly, looking at her with my arms folded.

"Claudia." she said, smiling slightly. "You're talking to me? No one talks to me."

I shrugged.

"Why not? You seem interesting."

She chuckled a bit, moving some of her hair out of her eyes.

"I'm Claudia Meriada." She said, putting her hand out.

I shook it. "Andy Casson. Only my Creative Writing teacher calls me by my first full name. Andy, I prefer." I said. She smiled. I think I have just made a new friend. I turned back to look at the front of the room. I couldn't help but look at the person to my right, the blond guy. From what I could tell, he had caramel brown eyes, more dark than caramel actually, like, a burnt auburn.

"Hi." he said, noticing me staring at him, I blushed slightly.

"Hi." I said. He chuckled.

"I'm Derrick." he said.


"So, you're the new girl everyone's talking about? To think, in L.A, people gossip over a new girl. Wait, who're you related to?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Famous person."

"Macy Casson." I said proudly, his eyes went wide for a second/

"Sweet. So that's why everyone's talking. Might not want to let anyone know your last name they'll hound you to let them meet Macy." he advised.

"Thanks." I said.

"No problem." then, the bell rang.

"Alright class! Leave your papers and have a nice day." Ms. Mayo said, she didn't have to tell me twice. I walked out of the room, my History book in hand, I left Derrick there and Claudia caught up to me.

"So, is this some kind of joke, or are we really friends?" she asked. I shrugged.

"Your choice, not mine." I said calmly. She thought for a moment, then smiled.

"So, where are you headed?"

"Uhm, I think fitness." I replied, then I was outside the girls' locker room. "Bye Claud." I said, waving, then walked into the locker room.

I was delighted to see it was full, I wasn't late. But a whole bunch of naked girls were around. Sort of a turn-on. I'm bisexual, but I usually just interact with guys.

I shrugged and immediately stripped down, not long after I was naked, and walking over to my locker, the door opened again and one guy, a nice-looking one from Ricky's table, I winked and walked over to the locker I was assigned to, I had the piece of paper in my pocket and now in my hand. Perfect!

The locker was a top one and right in view of the door. I could see who was in my gym class, but the downside? Everyday after this one, people who passed by with the door open, could see my naked self. I shrugged to myself, as long as no one paid attention. Who am I kidding, of course they paid attention to the Girls' locker room in high schools. I opened the locker, and stuffed my clothes in it, taking out a pair of blue gym shorts, really kind of small for me, and a gold t-shirt. I pulled them both over my thong and black bra. I smiled when I saw at least the shirt fit well. I walked out, not noticing all the other now half-naked girl not ready yet, I pulled my ponytail higher and walked into the gym across the hall, along with a few more students in that class that period, the bell rang and now I heard shuffling and locker doors close from both the hallways and locker rooms, hurrying to get into class, I walked into the gym smoothly and leaned against the hall, waiting for the class to begin. The guy from Ricky's table stood beside me, arms folded and he leaned as well.

"Nice bod." He said. His voice was like a smooth, singer's throat. You know what I mean by that? Guess not…

I looked over at him, getting off the wall and stood. "You're not so bad yourself. I'm Andy." I said, giving him a once-over.

He smirked. "Drake." I smiled.

"CLASS. We now begin, you, on the wall GET OFF. YOU, rushing in, you're TARDY. And YOU why aren't you in gym clothes?" I heard a loud, screechy voice yell. I winced at the sound, walking over to the crowd of students that had formed. I felt my long ponytail swaying side to side.

"Now, I need to know all your last names and we can start this week off, with a game of dodge ball." a tall, broad, somewhat hairy woman yelled. That must've been Ms. McIntyre.

"Elijah Alembeck." she called.

"Here." a fairly muscled brunette boy came forward, and said in a shy voice. I looked over to him. Nice. Brown hair, green eyes. I liked the combination. I smiled over at him, he grinned back. I looked back at the coach, who had apparently been calling names while I was pondering.

"Olivia Beruna."

"Present." a tall, blond girl with caramel coloured hair and olive-toned green eyes stepped forward, smiling brightly.

"Andrea Casson." She said. I rolled my eyes and stepped up. "I go by Andy, ma'am." I said. She huffed.

"Not in here you're not, Casson." she said. I rolled my eyes.

"You're not to decide that. Wannabe tough guy." I muttered, laughing.

"What's so funny there, Casson!?" the coach, which I will dub 'McIntyre', asked, I rolled my eyes. I could totally see through her façade. She was just a lean old lady trying to be a stereotypical gym teacher.

"I said, YOU'RE NOT TO DECIDE THAT, WANNABE TOUGH GUY. Jeeze, McIntyre, you've got some anger 'issues'." I said, putting air quotes around 'issues'. great, she was letting my temper out. It wasn't long before I would start yelling.

"I JUST DID CASSON. How would a detention slip suit you!?"

I shrugged carelessly. "I don't care, not like you're the first. Just waste your time, write a stupid pink piece of paper telling them I've been 'bad'. It doesn't matter, jeeze, man. You're letting my hormones go again. Quickly before I get screamy." I ordered, I didn't even care my voice was escalating. McIntyre backed away from the group, walking up to me, I was about her height, with my being a pretty tall girl.

"What did you say!?"

"You have hearing problems lady. You know what? Forget the slip. I'm out, you're pissing me off." I said, then I walked away, leaving most likely a lot of the students staring. I put up my thumb, index, and middle finger, making a gun, and saluted to them.

I just rolled my eyes as I tried to find my way to the principal's office, but first I walked into the girls' locker room and changed back into my regular clothes, tossing back the gym clothes into my locker. I was just kind of steamed that McIntyre tried telling me what to do. This wasn't even my first day here and she hates me. 'Cept we didn't have fitness when I was here, apparently that week all fitness teachers and substitutes weren't available and were training or something, so we all had free period. But, the good thing, next semester starts January 28th, and we'd have free period every sixth period since fitness was a one-semester thing here at Covina High. Yeah, what I forgot to mention? Yeah…I have anger issues…so? I have a flaw? Don't get used to it. I stormed about the place, struggling to find the office in a school this big.

"Ouch." I said, rubbing my head when I bumped into a white column in the middle of the hallway. I heard a light chuckle. I looked up, feeling my cheeks gaining a little heat and the lightest shade of pink.

"Ricky…what're you doing here?" I asked, getting off, he offered a hand, but I stubbornly ignored it and brushed off my butt. He shrugged.

"Coach Man back there wanted to see if you actually were going to the office or not. I was there, but you weren't. I figured you were lost but smart enough not to go upstairs. Then I saw you walk into that column." he said, smirking and running a hand through his blue-tipped black hair. I giggled slightly. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up, Andy Casson, giggled? I shook it off and stroked the tip of my ponytail.

"Urhm…you were in that class?" I asked.

He nodded. I was standing by Olivia, you didn't see us, but we were watching, actually, all of us were watching. No one ever stood up to Coach before. Nice job, Andy." he chuckled slightly. A soft, melodious chuckle that also sent both chills, and warmth down my spine.

"Well, do I have to go to Pincipal's Office?"

He shook his head. "No, but you do have detention after School on Friday. Sucks for you huh?" I laughed.

"Nope, I really don't care."

"You know, I think Coach likes you. She seemed to cool off after you left and she was actually I smiling." he said it as if it were the last thing he thought possible. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"So what now?" I asked.

"Well, since you've been wandering around for about forty minutes. We have about ten minutes of class left. What do you want to do?" he asked. I thought over, also taking in that he wasn't wearing his gym clothes and black made him look his hottest…

"You're staring at me." he snapped me out of my little reverie.

I blushed. "Uhm, look! I have to uh…pee?" then I ran up the stairs, falling over and laughing at myself while I heard him chuckle. I continued to run up the stairs, blushing deeper red every second.

I snapped myself back to reality. What? Was I liking the guy that I was supposed to be working against? I was practically giving up all my insanity to him! But, I'm not giving it to him just yet. Nor ever. This day, was weird.

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