His middle name was Mitchell and when I met him he was just another naïve student.

But he had a boyish cuteness that drew me in.

I broke his heart.

I destroyed his world.

The darkness in him was barely contained until he met me, and then it took him over.

It consumed his mind with thoughts of death and destruction.

He fell in love with me with a heart too unstable for love.

Living in fantasies of a future that couldn't exist.

Unique specimen.

Would only listen to me. Would only open up to me. Would only really talk to me.

Was it trust?

Or more delusions of a neglected mind? Neglected heart.

Years later he still holds hope.

I pity him.

Wasting his time.

Wasting his share of positive emotion.

His bricks of a future

Will never have mortar

Because without me in it

They are just rocks weighing down his heart

He needs to leave the rocks by the side of life's road

In his eyes they are diamonds

To the rest of us, who can see from the outside, they are graphite

A worthless burden he carries with the hope of one day finding value

So focused on the graphite in his heart

He can't see the Crystals

The Pearls

The Rubies

Along the road.

Wasting Life's money.