Let me tell you about my favourite colour.

Everyone have a favourite colour. Like me, most of us chose it when we were just kids. Girls will naturally be drawn to colours like pink or yellow. Boys chose red or blue. It's just how the world works. For me, I picked something else, something entirely different.

I made my choice since I was young. It's a colour that I find myself drawn to. A colour I find strangely appealing, strangely beautiful. It's a colour that others find disturbing, yet I find it peaceful.

People tend to outgrow their favourite colours. You don't see business women wearing pink to work, or grown men wearing 'fire truck' red anymore. They tend to go with the basics, the safe colours. The boring colours. People tend to outgrow their favourite colours. Not me.

I, like most people, have a scrapbook from when I was young. A scrapbook that has all of my works of my favourite colour. However, unlike most people, I continued to work on my scrapbook. I have now several scrapbooks filled with my prized works.

Are you dying to know what my favourite colour is? Well, flip through my scrapbooks and you'll find out. You'll see how my works evolved over the years. The first book, I made when I was three. It's just filled with worms, beetles and the occasional mice.

As you continue, you'll find the hamsters I gotten for my sixth birthday that went 'missing', my old neighbours birds and some of the cats that loiter around my neighbourhood. The final few books I made when I turned 21. They contain handprints of those unlucky ones that crossed my path. Nice isn't it?

Have you guessed what my favourite colour is? No? Let me tell you while you slowly fade into unconsciousness. My favourite colour is the colour of murder.