Well, it's Sunday afternoon. When I'm home, I sometimes get breakfast with my family after Church at a diner (because it is New Jersey, the diner capital of the U.S. pretty much), and today I was realizing how much I really wanted an omelet. If not an omelet, then pizza. If not pizza, then cheesecake. Ok, I'm just really hungry and am thinking of the first thing that sounds good, though I've been craving the pizza or the omelet for a few days now.

So I head to the café nearby after Mass to try to get my desires fulfilled. I know exactly what I want and exactly how I want it. I order my food – a cheese omelet with bacon and white toast. The sign on the wall says I get a hash brown, too. I get some coffee. Yay. No college student can live without it, especially not during finals week. Or so is the justification.

Then I wait for my order. When I get my order, it looks kind of skimpy. There was no hash brown, and the bacon was nowhere to be seen - just some egg and toast.

You know what they did? They put the bacon in my omelet.

Bacon in my omelet!

And not a hash brown to be seen for miles. Being an English major, maybe, I should have known that my wording had been ambiguous. I assumed the people at the café would have understood me. How disappointing. Really.

Alas. So I, grumpy, go to get some ketchup…but the ketchup dispenser doesn't work. It just sort of squelches at me and sputters, "Where's your bacon? Ain't you got no hash brown to put me on? Ha! Fool!"

Ok, so my ketchup wasn't that animated. But I get a minimal amount of ketchup anyway since it's not cooperating.

The bacon-cheese omelet is alright, I grouse. Not what I wanted in the way I expected it. It just sort of happened that way. They put the bacon in my omelet – I don't understand why they would do that. I eat it, and am not satisfied, and yet I don't know what could satisfy. That bacon was supposed to be at the side. That just isn't natural…if omelets can be considered "natural". It's just that I wanted a cheese omelet, with a side of toast, a hash brown, and bacon, with this cup of coffee, and I looked forward to it since yesterday when I saw someone else having it. Maybe it was a nostalgia thing. Either way, I thought I knew what I wanted, and when I got it, it wasn't what I wanted… or maybe I just don't know what I want after all. Where is this all headed? Is the rest of my life in jeopardy because I lost sight of my vision? Or I tasted something I never thought I'd taste, or I tasted something thinking it was something and it turns out to be something else, and therefore I don't know what's what anymore? If I can't make heads or tails out of my breakfast, how am I supposed to figure everything else out?

Someone's been studying a little too much.