By: Phat Models

FUBAR is the short form of Fucked Up Beyond All Repair

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Drama/Humour/Angst…Let's just go with a lot.

Summary: Isabelle's day started out just like any other. Wake up. Brush teeth. Get dressed. Eat low fat muffin. Drive to school. Accidentally walk in on Cain Riley screwing some girl in a locker room. Wait…That last one wasn't supposed to happen. Oh, crap.

Chapter 1: Teenage Dirtbag

The first time Cain Riley truly noticed Isabelle Price, his dick was inside another girl.

That girl was Alison Lowdes. Pretty, blonde, popular Alison. She wasn't the type of girl one expected to find shacking up with the school's most notorious lowlife.

And yet…there she was. In a school locker room. Bent over. Cain ramming into her from behind, moaning like a bitch in heat.

Moans that quickly turned to screams at Isabelle's presence.

"Ohmygod! Get out! Get out!"

It kicked Isabelle's feet back into working order. She averted her eyes and rushed out of the locker room, lickitdy split.

Face flushed in embarrassment, she tried to rid her mind of the image she'd just been assailed with. The last thing she expected to stumble across when she'd walked into the locker room to retrieve her binder was a live sex show. What were Alison and Cain even doing at school so early? First class didn't start for another forty-five minutes. The hallways and classrooms were still eerily deserted.

Alison, now fully dressed, came bursting out of the locker room. Her pretty face was flushed and panicked. "You can't tell anyone what you just saw!"

Cain slowly sauntered out of the room behind her. Alison may have been flipping out, but he couldn't have looked less indifferent.

"Cain," Alison ordered. "Tell Isabelle that she can't ever mention what she just saw here."

He just looked at her, amused. A scarred eyebrow rose as if to say 'Are you kidding me?'

"It's okay," Isabelle piped up. "I won't tell a soul. Promise." She wouldn't receive any joy out of ruining Alison's stellar reputation. She may not have liked the girl, but she didn't want to hurt her either. Besides, she very much wanted to forget the incident happened herself. Alison taking it doggy style was not a memory she needed bouncing around in her brain. The quick glimpse she'd got of Cain's washboard stomach on the other hand…It wouldn't hurt if that one stayed a while.

Alison sucked in a relieved breath. "Good. Just because you fell from social grace doesn't mean the rest of us have to."

Isabelle blinked. Gee, you're welcome Alison.

Alison ran a hand though her messy hair. She pinned Isabelle with her best Bitch Queen glare. "If I ever get wind that you've told anyone I'll ruin– Well, I can't ruin you, can I? You're already ruined. But I can make you wish you were never born." She made a zipping motion across her mouth and pretended to toss something over her shoulder. "That was me zipping your lips shut and throwing away the key."

Isabelle smiled tightly. "I get it, I get it. My lips are sealed."

"Better be," Alison hissed, before flipping her long hair over her shoulder and taking off down the hall. She glanced back at Isabelle one last time, and made a one final zipping gesture with her lips. Then she rounded the corner and disappeared.

Isabelle rolled her eyes and sighed in relief.

And then she realized Cain was still standing next to her.

She'd never stood so close to him before. She'd never spoken to him either. But everyone in school knew of Cain Riley, whether they wanted to or not. To say that he unnerved her was putting it lightly.

He wasn't one of those gangly, uncoordinated teenage boys who'd suddenly found their bodies too big for them. It was more like he was too big for his body. All six foot plus, two hundred and something pounds of it. As if all that personality and power couldn't be contained. His presence swallowed the room.

Since he showed no sign of leaving, she asked, "You going to pressure me to keep my mouth shut too?" Her voice sounded funny to her ears.

He smirked, tilted his head. "Now why would I go and do a thing like that?" Amazing how intimidating he came off, even with that pretty boy face. If it weren't for the scar that cut through his right eyebrow, he'd be almost too perfect.

Slowly, he started to move. She wanted to thank God that he was leaving. Only…the space between them wasn't getting any greater. He was moving, alright.

Closer to her.

Her heart beat against her ribcage like it wanted out. She inched away until her back hit the wall, unable to go any further. Caged.

"Thanks to you're little interruption back there, I never got to finish." Green eyes bore into hers. "Fix it."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Excuse me?"

"You owe me an orgasm." He drew it out, enunciating slowly.

She owed him what? She enunciated right back, "You're insane."

He chuckled.

She almost fainted when he ran a finger slowly across her trembling bottom lip. "I don't usually kiss the girls I fuck, but I really like your mouth."

"Don't touch me." But her voice was shaky. Hardly threatening. Her body was shocked into paralysis. She wanted to slap him, but didn't dare.

His head lowered, and she saw him coming closer to her as if it were in slow motion. A part of her didn't believe it. Didn't believe he possessed the nerve to go through with it.

She was wrong.

The mother fucker had more then enough nerve.

She gasped and screamed all at once and it came out as a squeak.

Because her mouth was already open in shock, it wasn't hard for his tongue to find entrance. He tasted like bitter tobacco, and it should have been a turn off, but it wasn't.

His kiss was hard and possessive. Raw. She'd never felt anything like it. And damned if it didn't stir something inside her. In her boring, robotically perfect, empty little life… a spark lit. A fire that was always there inside of her, doormat. Ignored. It wanted to wake, to open its jaw and howl. To match his ferocity with her own and give him back as good as she got it.

She horrified herself when she started responding to him. Lips moving against his, pressing with bruising force. Tongue darting out to meet his. Teeth clamping down on his bottom lip. Only…it wasn't a bite meant to deter him. But a passionate, animalistic response.

Wild. She'd never bitten someone while kissing them before.

He chucked into her mouth. "I knew it. I knew you were like me."

Wait- what? She wasn't like him at all.

He was carless. Cruel. Certifiably insane.

A complete stranger she was letting assault her mouth.

She snapped back to herself. Hands on his chest, she shoved him away from her. Hard. He reared back slightly, but it was enough.

"Don't you ever do that again!" This time, she did dare to slap him.

He froze. Green eyes widening in surprise. And then he laughed. Honest to god, genuine laughter. "That's my girl."

"I am human being!" She shouted, paralysis dissipated. "Not some kind of...What do you call those things? Fleshlight! You can't just up and use me because you feel horny. Sick bastard…"

If she expected him to look even the slightest bit chastened, she was in for a surprise.

"Right then. Do you want to fuck right here, or shall we head back into the locker room?"

"You're disgusting," she spat. "You can head back in there yourself and jerk yourself off if you want an orgasm so badly. Because I will never, never, never lower myself to sleeping with you."

"Slap me again," he coaxed, in a maddening tone. "It tickled."


"I will if you don't get out of my way!"

"And that's supposed to be a threat?"

"Okay, then. I'll just scream at the top of my lungs until everyone in school knows what a physco looney you are."

Smirking, "Don't you think screaming at the top of your lungs will make you look like the looney?"

Ugh! She was so annoyed she almost screamed involuntarily.

Amazingly, he stepped back.

She scrambled away from him, quick as her body was capable. Hell bent on getting far far away from such an unbalanced freak of nature.

She heard his taunting voice behind her as she escaped down the hallway. "I'll make sure to think all about you while I jerk off."

Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. EW. EW!

If she went her whole life without seeing him again, it would be too soon.

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