AN- written on the back of a waitress's pad late one night.

I've never met anyone as eager to please as you.
You remind me of me, but what can I do?
I've spent more money and time on you than I care to explain in two weeks than two years, and it all came down to tears anyway.
But I guess I should get used to that.
I'll bet you have a lot of fun with your ex,
but I'll bet even more you think of me during casual sex.
Maybe I should go out to
California on a jet.
Maybe it's not my time just yet.
But I wanna know when it will be so
I know when I'll finally be free of all these memories,
you're just a big tease in the back of my mind's eye.
I hope I can say goodbye to your face instead of on myspace.
But why should our relationship be any different from the internet?
We were always too fast, too easy, too quick.
I think of you whenever I'm sick to death on rum or wine or SoCo.
I think that's something you should know.
I think that's something you're understand.
I've been making some pretty big plans.
I learned it from you, from watching just you
through the smoke on the ceiling of a crowded room.
I'm pushing on through to the next stage of life.
It's a lot like taking a big stage dive, except instead of hands waiting to break my fall I just wind up standing in the hall
on the spotted burned capet outside your door.
Walking away but yearning for more of your touch, your kiss, your eyes, your words.
I need to be sure that what I heard was a modest whisper,
not a declaration of faith, or I'll wind up cemented back at your place
waiting for words of approval or a pat on the head
before you pick me up and carry me to bed.
I'm light as a feather and bruised as a peach
and you'll never meet anyone so eager to please.

Just take me as I am and take me as I came
You compared me to a hurricane
If that's true than I'm happy
Cuz it means
That I shook your world to the bone
Which means I'm not alone
I'd be satisfied and glad
To be the red hood to your Big Bad