AN- written about and inspired by the crumbling relationship I was trying to cling to 2 years ago.

I miss the days of touch and passion.
When it all started and everything was new, sex was everywhere, all around. Waiting past the corner.
It sunk into my bones and resonated deep within me in the middle of the night.
I waited for hours, completely still, just for a touch.
The electric brush of fingertips across my skin.
I miss the warmth. The softness.
We were giants and nothing could make us smaller.
We walked above everyone, privy to a secret that caused smiles and blushes and quick kisses sneaked at stoplights.
No one knew our secret secret.
It was afternoons of lying on the mattress, barely covered by the sheets
Whispering truths to each other
Telling stories like they were golden and precious
Every bump on the sidewalk, every accidental eye contact brought up a surge of warmth and pulse in me
I miss the days of sitting in dinners and not caring, not knowing, what was going on around us
We were inseparable and invincible
Little gifts and notes
Flowers and pieces of paper with
I Love You
Written across them, hidden in pockets and wallets and the back of doors
I miss the days of comfortable silences
The need to be leaning against a knee or shoulder
And I was happy
I miss the glow, the light, the sunkissed feeling of smiles meant only for me
Every morning, kisses
Every night, falling asleep in warm arms
Soft breath against my neck, stirring the small tendrils and curls at my jaw
I miss the liquid melting inside me at every glance
It grows inside me, building up
Yearning to be set free
Watching and waiting for the hole or crack
Seeping through
Overflowing the world with need and want and love
Love everywhere in everything touching everyone
I miss the days of spontaneous love
Watching and waiting for the moment that is right
I will erupt and explode
And not a single second's worth of grey and doubt will stop me
I will outshine the sun