Passions of the Day

The dawn's light fingertips skim upon Earth's brow

Painting colors gently, softly upon Her smooth face

The soft morning glow fares well upon Her complexion

Hiding the flaws, smoothing the lines

That threaten to be called imperfection

The peeking lights of yawning Sun trace the Earth's flawless form

As He stretches his reaching fingers further

Reaching, exploring Her canyons, peaks, and streams

Exposing and discovering all the more

With his reaching, tracing sunbeams

The Heaven's cool breath traces the outline of Maiden Earth's curves

The carefully curved craft of heavenly make

The air across her form reminds her of another time before

Shivering, she bends to the exhale's will

Allowing herself to be penetrated to the core

The gentle light of rising moon cools the passion of the day

bathing her in gentle glow of shadowed sun

Sun has past, dawn is spent, the gentle breeze is dying

giving way to gentle pull of moon's subtle strength

till yet another day's rising