My heart was pounding in my chest, as if it would explode at any moment. Every breath felt as if it was ripping my throat in two. I wanted to stop, but every time one of my feet would touch the wet leaves, the other one was already in the air, lifted up by my tired legs.

The fact was I couldn't stop. I had to keep running. He was behind me. I could hear his heavy breaths breaking the silence of the night, and his footsteps catching up on mine. I couldn't see anything, for the moonlight was hidden by the dark clouds, but I knew the trees were rushing past me. I couldn't think anymore, a taste of metallic blood filled my throat and my head was all blurry. How long had I been running ? I couldn't breathe anymore. My foot hit something hard, a stone probably. I didn't knew as I couldn't see, but I tripped and my body fell flat on the cold leaves. I wanted to stand up. I had to start running again or he'd catch me ! I crawled on the floor, the water drops from the damp leaves crept into my trousers and the skin of my legs shivered from the icing touch. My hands wanted to grab something that would help me to get up, but found nothing. I could hear him coming, running at me, faster, his presence coming closer and closer as I crawled as fast as I could, cutting my bare arms on the little stones that lay here and there, but it didn't matter as long as I kept moving forwards, as long as he didn't catch me ! But of course, I couldn't escape anymore. I could feel him right behind me, his warm breath stroking my neck. I stopped moving and closed my eyes. The only noise my ears could catch was the buzzing in my head and our short, painful breaths.

"Well, you didn't make this easy for us, did y'a !" He said after a while, when his aching throat allowed him to.

I was still lying down, my cheek resting on the moist ground, my stomach was all tensed up because of the cold ground it was lying on. He kneed next to me and whispered :

"Next time, don't be so fucking stubborn and just listen to me, I think that'd be best for both of us, 'ey Jack !?

_Shut up ! I answered, but immediately regretted it as a violent cough caught my throat, because of all the running.

_You see ! If you'd just had listened to me, you'd be able to speak normally now, 'ey !"

He stood up and walked a few circles, then he sat down again, resting his elbows on his knees. He looked at me. The clouds had been blown away by the wind and the full moon allowed me to see his beautiful face. His messy black hair fell over his forehead and on his neck. His blue eyes seemed gray as the moonlight illuminated them and his pale skin sparkled. I took a look at the forest I had run into. There were a lot of trees (which seemed obvious as we were in a wood) from which half of the leaves had fallen on the ground. Further away, I could see a pond. The water reflected the moonlight on the reeds that decorated the banks of the little lake. I had stopped panting and I sat up as well, and rapped my arms around me, to try and stop the cold from eating my flesh away. My whole body was shaking until I felt a heavy jacket on my shoulders. I smiled and looked up. He had stud up and was now behind me, with only his thin T-shirt and jeans to protect his body from the cold.

"Here you go, take my coat, before you turn blue !" He said, smiling.

The situation was awkward. I didn't know what to say. After a few long seconds, I just whispered :

"Thank you, Kyle."

He sat down next to me. I noticed he didn't dare looking at me anymore, he was starring at the ground underneath him, between his legs, making his hair hang in front of his face. He looked very vulnerable like that.

"I'm sorry Jack... he whispered after a while, I'm so sorry !"

_Don't worry ! It's okay ! I... I..."

No words came. No words could describe my emotions right now ! A little tear escaped from my fire coloured eyes and rolled on my cheek. I didn't even know why ! Suddenly, a violent feeling took over my whole body : I needed him ! My hand pulled on his soft cheek and I forced him to look at me.

"You're beautiful !"

These words had flown out of my mouth, just before my lips touched his. I could feel he was surprised but he soon relaxed and slightly opened his mouth. We closed our eyes and my tongue went to play with his, stroking it, liking it, tasting it. He moaned softly. My hands took his head to make the kiss more intense, more passionate. Pleasant electricity ran all the way down my spine, and suddenly I wasn't so cold anymore, I couldn't say if it was the coat or the kiss, but it felt very good. My lips left his mouth to go all the way down his jaw and in his neck. I kissed his white skin, he lifted his head back to make it easier for me and under my lips, I felt he was covered with goose bumps. As I licked his soft neck, sucked and bit his skin, leaving little red marks, he moaned again, harder this time. I knew he closed his eyes and his hands played with my brown, half long hair. When I stopped, I was panting again, and our cheeks were coloured with a rosy blush, his eyes sparkled in the night.

But he turned his head away, with an embarrassed look on his face. He rested his head in his hands and his body started to shiver. I felt confused :

« Come on, Kyle ! Aren't you the one who chased me all the way down here to try and fuck me ? Well now, I want you to ! Fuck me, Kyle ! »

These words worked like a light switch, turning him on ! He looked at me again, but now, his eyes were full of lust.

« Never knows what he wants, just like a child ! You shouldn't have said that, Jack ! You don't know what deal you've just sealed with me !

_Let me know then ! »

I could barely speak, as my lips were searching for his, yearning for their touch, their flavour. But he didn't kiss me, he pulled the coat from my shoulders and ripped of my thin blouse. The sudden cold air made my skin shiver but his strong arms fold around me, like a barrier only he could come thru. I could feel his large shoulders pressing mine to the floor as he fed my hungry lips, letting our tongues play together, making me moan again. Shit, why isn't he the one moaning, and looking vulnerable, being cold ?! Oh and he's enjoying it to, the bastard ! He likes to dominate me ! But I cannot say I dislike it ! I do not dislike his strong body against mine, pushing me firmly to the ground, making my back shiver from the damp leaves, I do not dislike his hand stroking my jaw, my neck, my hair, my hairless chest. He looked me in the eyes, his light blue eyes who fit so well with his pale skin and his dark hair were lost in mine, my brown eyes. And water mixed with fire, but instead off putting it out, water was feeding the fire, and fire was making the water go hotter, and hotter.. His lips played with my hard nipple, making my back arch, making me moan loud. He was torturing me, stroking it, licking it, biting it, bullying it.

« Please, Kyle ! Stop ! »

But my prayers were heard by depth ears, and instead, one of his hands came to play with my other nipple. I moaned loud, arousal flowing thru my body, it made me quiver, I was panting, begging him like a child to stop. Finally he answered my prayers, he kissed me softly.

« Don't you like it when I do that ? » He asked with an innocent look in his eyes.

I pat his hair, like a dog, and told him not to be so sadistic. It was time for him to see that even if his water could make my fire grow, my fire can make his water boil very, very hot ! With my small hands, I pushed his chest backwards, making him lie down. I kissed his lips, went down his jaw, down his neck, down his nipples, his navel, finally, I unbuttoned his jeans, carefully, very slowly, listening to his moaning, unzipping even more carefully. Then I pulled down his pants, kissed his growing erection thru his boxers, he said something I couldn't understand, as his voice was all messed up by the pleasure that went up his spine. A grin painted itself on my face. I pulled down the last wall between me and his complete nudity, and admired his enormous cock, I could barely hear him asking me to do something, grunting, I could barely see him throwing his head back of impatience, breaking the dried out leaves beneath him. With my tongue, I licked the top of his erection, then I let myself get all the way down it, looking him straight in the eyes. He closed them and a moan came from his throat. I took his hole cock into my mouth, going up and down, slowly. He quivered and gave a small thrust with his hips.

« Faster… Come on… »

Of course, I didn't speed up. I kept licking and sucking, I could feel he was doing his best not to begin thrusting in my mouth. He lay down as his hands were trying to find something to grab, finding only the dried out, wet, leaves who'd crack when he tried to squeeze' m. It was a very arousing sight, and knowing it was because of me he was twisting himself around like that only made it better. I started to move faster, pumping up and down, he was letting out small shouts with a keen desire. As I closed my eyes, he started to thrust in me, fucking my mouth. His hands berried themselves in my hair, pulling it a bit, playing with it, for the leaves weren't a good anchor. Finally, when I started to feel my jaws were getting tired, he came. A warm, bitter liquid filled my mouth, I swallowed it all and kissed him, so he could taste his disgusting -but Oh so lovely- cum.

Then, he held my face with one of his hands, and put the fingers of the other one in my mouth. I had a violent nausea when his middle finger went very deep. He took it away and laughed.

« Sorry Jack, but that's what you get when you mess around with me like that, 'ey ! »

I acted as if I didn't hear him, I stroke his fingers with my tongue witch still had a nasty taste, licked them, bit them.

« Good doggy ! »

He moaned while taking out his fingers and licking my lips. In a hurry, I took of my pants and my boxers who were now to small and hurt my erection. He lied me down on my stomach and kissed my neck, kissed his way all down to my ass. A wet tongue came licking my entrance and I blushed :

« No ! Kyle, no ! Use your fingers !

_Why ? Don't you enjoy my tongue ?

_I… I feel a shamed. I whispered, blushing even more. It's not right.

_You prefer your own spit to mine ?

_No but…

_Then I don't get your point ! » He answered in a hazy phlegm, that made me shiver.

Not leaving me the time to protest, his tongue dug it's way into me. It felt warm and wet, so good finally. I threw my head back, letting pleasure obstruct my mind, incapable of thinking. His tongue left my ass and he said :

« The only thing about tongues is that they aren't long enough, are they Jack ? »

I moaned in return. He said « here's where fingers get handy 'ey ! » and a one of them entered me. I arched myself with pleasure, letting out a guttural sound, nearly like a scream.

« Ah, you like that, 'ey ?! »

I didn't bother answering, just enjoying his finger rubbing that spot, until he added a second finger. The stinging pain twisted my face. Why does Kyle have such big hands ?! My ass tensed up. He felt it and asked me to relax, kissing my hips with his soft lips. I took a deep breath and did as told. When I got used to the intrusion, he started moving, scissoring his fingers in a very special way, so good… so good. I keened, moaned, cried out my pleasure. When a third digit joined the two others, a little moment, I tensed up, but a new wave of kisses forced me to relax. The rubbing started again, I started pushing back, wanting him to go deeper inside of me.

« More…I managed to ask.

_What did you say, Jack ? Want more ?! Little perv' ! »

He grinned, and pulled out his fingers, then he kissed my back.

« You know, little perv'… he said between two kisses, I love you… »

I closed my eyes, loving the sound of these words. A few seconds past, he was stroking my back with his Oh so long fingers of his, leaving a trail of goose bumps, and I replied :

« I love you to, sadistic creep… »

He laid a long kiss in my neck and pulled me up on my knees.

« There ! Dogs stand on four legs, don't they ? »

He kneed behind me and something hard touched my entrance, my impatience made me shiver.

« Come on, Kyle ! »

He began to push his way thru, slowly. Shit ! and I thought his hands were big ! My ass and face tensed up, and I moaned, like a scared child.

« Come on, Jack, relax for me please ? »

His so kind voice and his gentle hands who stroked my back did the job, and he pushed himself into me. My hand immediately tried to push him away, pushed his hips backwards as I screamed out the pain. « Hush, hush ». He whispered nice words in my ear, caressed my hair. I took a deep breath, the pain slowly faded away. His pale fingers stroke my face, my closed eyes, my nose, my lips, I kissed them, took them in my mouth and sucked them. He started to move, pulled back a little bit, and pushed in again. Surprisingly, it didn't feel painful anymore, I wanted more. I begged him with a swift moan.

« Not yet, I don't want to hurt you. » He whispered in my ear.

I panted, he pulled back a bit more this time, to thrust in harder, watching my reaction. I arched back, stopped breathing for a moment and expired in a deep moan. He grinned and pulled out nearly his hole cock, and pushed in, hard, hitting that sport. I screamed out loud, and pushed myself on him. He did it again, and again, giving hard thrusts into my small body, making us pant, moan, quiver. Our sweaty skins would hit themselves with each thrust with a wet and sticky sound. Each violent push would nearly make me fall flat on the floor as his chest was resting on my back, but the strong hands that held my shoulders prevented it. One of his hands grabbed my hard cock, and rubbed it, encircling it with it's long fingers. All these sensations made my senses swirl around in a wind of pleasure. I could here our screams and guttural moans, I could smell his fragrance mixed with the smell of sweat and pre-cum, I could feel his skin hitting mine, sticking to it a bit, I could feel him lying on my back, each of his thrusts dragging me forwards with him, I could feel him hitting the spot each time, hard, fast, and I could feel him rubbing my erection, pumping me up, I could feel, oh yes ! I could feel ! Finally, I let out a violent scream and every muscle in my body tensed up, I blocked my breathing and as I let my cum flow out, I cried of all the pleasure that was flying thru my body, my head moving from right to left as every of his thrusts prolonged my orgasm. He gave one last, violent thrust and that same warm liquid spread itself in my ass, making me feel all hot inside. I collapsed on the ground, making him fall with me, panting heavily, I closed my eyes. He rested his head on my shoulder and with his last strength, he kissed my neck. We were all sticky and sweaty but we were filled with love, and for me, with his cum that was now dripping on the floor, out of my ass. A few minutes went past, and the cold began to invade us. He stud up and as I sat up, he rested his coat on my shoulders again.

« Here you go, take my coat before you turn blue, again ! » he said with an amused look in his eyes.

I laughed softly, and while he was putting back on his boxers and jeans, I said :

« Thank you, Kyle. »