Dad Issues

"I'M A BOY!" He shouted, standing up in class.

The teacher stared at him. "Alright. Now can you take a seat." She asked politely but was obviously annoyed by his disturbance.

"Sorry," he blushed and sat down.

"Sorry, Jake. You just look so much like a girl." His best friend leaned over to whisper. "You don't have to get so uptight about it."

"Then stop saying it," Jake hissed back. His friend shook his head but didn't pursue the subject.

~ Later that evening ~

"Jake ~" The voice echoed through the old house.

"I'm home." Jake answered, putting his backpack down by the stairs. "Whatcha doing?" He asked, walking into the kitchen and seeing the flour and sugar everywhere.

"Just passing the time until my boy gets home." A man that looked to be in his late thirties came around the corner, wearing an apron that looked more white from the flour then the orange it came as.

"Hi, Dad," Jake sighed, cleaning up a pile of pots and pans.

"Did I ever tell you that you look just like your mother?" His father wrapped his arms around Jake, leaning.

"Everyday, Dad. Everyday."

"Oh," his dad watched as Jake cleaned some bowls in the sink. Then he reached over and lifted Jake's chin. "You look so much like your mother. Same eyes. Same hair. Same look when you hit ecstasy." His dad sighed and leaned down, kissing Jake's lips with his own.

"Dad!" Jake pulled away. "Please, not today."

"And the same look of need." He lowered his lips to Jake's neck, kissing all along it.

"Dad, no," Jake protested, but his eyelids grew heavy and started to droop.

His dad did not answer but ran his hands along his son's chest, down his torso, and to the zipper of his jeans. They unzipped Jake's pants despite the protests from Jake. Then his head went to where his hands were.

Jake gasped.

His father had taken his cock in his mouth! Jake's legs went limp. He fell, dropping the pans he had been holding. His father just followed and moved Jake into a more advantageous position.

"Don't!" Jake pushed his father's head away from him. "I may look like Mom, but I'm not some sort of replacement for her!" Jake got up, blushing and pulling his sweatshirt down over his opened pants. He ran past his dad, who was stunned. Reaching the doorway, Jake stopped and whispered over his shoulder, " Find someone else to fuck." Then he ran upstairs to his room, shutting the door hard behind him.

His father, downstairs, sat down, still shocked by what his son had said. He put his head in his hands.

Upstairs, Jake slumped against the door, gasping for breath. His father! His own father! But it all felt so good. So good.

Jake took hold of his own cock and, pumping it up and down, thought about the last time he and his father had sex. It was the most delicious thing on this planet. Sex. God, how he wanted to have more sex. He panted, pumping faster now. More sex.

He came. He laid back against the door, breathing in gasps of air.