I was told that you only really love once.

Maybe your love won't be explosive, maybe drama won't fill every day of your life, maybe you won't feel that agony of losing it.

But that doesn't make it any less special.

Love comes to everyone.

It might be planned.

It might be destructive.

It might be at first sight.

But trust me on this, it'll come to you.


Amelia Taylor smiled for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, scooping the rest of the salad into the bowl and moving through the double doors.

The lawn looked especially nice that day, but then again it did most days now. The lush green grass was cut short and perfect, the huge garden proving the perfect place for Carly and her friends, diving in and out of a pool Nathan had been forced into buying for her.

"Can I get anyone another drink?" Amelia glanced round at her friends.

"No thanks, Babe, anymore wine and I'll have to sleep where I'm sat." Jessica winked across the veranda and they shared a secret smile, knowing full well the red head would end up in Pete's bed yet again.

A pair of hands clasped her hips as she moved back into the kitchen, stiffness rubbing into her lower back, "Do you know how delicious you look today?"

Even all these years later Nathan Taylor still found his wife the sexiest woman he'd ever laid eyes on.

"You might have mentioned it," She whispered back, turning slowly in his arms to wrap her own around his neck. "Didn't the doctor tell you to take it steady, Mr. Taylor?"

Nathan grinned, "He didn't take into context how you look in that dress."

The tumour in his stomach had taken the wind out of both their sails for over a year, but now in recovery with barely a chance of relapse, things were suddenly looking golden.

It takes a lot for a man so independant to acknowledge that there are things beyond his control, and it took Nathan even longer to accept the help he knew he wouldn't survive without.

But survival was key now he had everything.

His fingers danced along the growing bump of his wife's stomach as their lips pressed together.

About bloody time.

words cant express the thanks I want to get across to you.

i started writing agony in 2006 and can't believe that now, 7 years later i've finally completed the saga.

i did play with the idea of a sickeningly awful finale but i knew neither you nor me would be satisfied with that, it took me a long time to get to this place with the characters but i'm glad i have

honestly guys and girls,

it's been an absolute pleasure.