In The Rain

The water ran down their bodies, almost evaporating from the heat they were making. Bodies twisted together in a greedy hunger that only virgins fantasize about. Their rhythm was the beat of the rain. Slick. Smooth. Salivating.

"No more, Jake," she panted. "I can't feel my hips."

"I'm not stopping," he responded.

"Please," she moaned.

"Gabbie," Jake pulled all but the crown of his cock out. The tension it built in her was like the aching need to hear the eighth note in a scale after the seventh one. "Do you really want this to stop?" He slid in, burning up Gabbie's insides. He stopped halfway. "You really don't want to continue?" He angled his cock upward.

She moaned, stretched inside. He angled it the other way. Gabbie gasped out loud, throwing her head back.

"Do you?" He shoved it the rest of the way in.

"No!" Gabbie panted.

"No what?" Jake started sliding out slowly.

"No more…" she croaked.

"No more?" Jake reached the end of his cock. "No more of this?" He thrust in hard. Her body shook. He withdrew again. "Or this?" He rammed in again. He did so again and again, deliberately.

Gabbie gasped for breath, Jake stopped and looked down at her. Her face was twisted in passion and delight but etched in lines of pain. While she still shook, Jake bent down and licked her neck.

"What are you…" Gabbie choked out with a shiver.

"Compensation," he licked down to her breasts. She lay there, trembling as the raindrops collided with her skin the formed together into droplets. Jake slowly licked these off. He cupped one breast with one hand while he licked around the other one. He flexed his hands, squeezing and smoshing around the tender flesh. He licked around the nipple, sucking on it gently. Then proceeded to do so to the other one until Gabbie arched with pleasure.

"Better?" he asked.

Gabbie swallowed, but still couldn't speak. She nodded.

He smiled and started licking again, across her collarbone, down between her chests. Slowly, he started moving again. In and out. In and out. Slowly at first then faster and faster. The rain picked up pace with him, raining down harder every second. Their breath grew ragged. Soon they were going very fast. The heat built, stronger and stronger.

Gabbie moaned, arching high as Jake threw his head back. As they both descended from ecstasy, semen spilling from the condom he wore in the process.

Both sat, catching their breaths. The rain lightened to a drizzle. Both smiled at the other when they could breath normally again.

"Thanks," Jake said shyly.

"Anytime," she kissed Jake on the forehead the hugged him. He hugged back. The rain continued to pour down.