Dream of Troy

He was known around town as the whore. Used girls like blankets, just whichever he happened to grab first. So when he started making signals to me, I ignored them, blushed and looked away. He was just looking for another blanket, one that wasn't used before.

His advances grew more tempting, and I found myself wiping the drool off my chin as I hurried away. I was going to be fine. I wasn't going to be snared in. At least I hoped. Then came the time he cornered me in the closet…

His broad shoulders and tall, thin body blocking my only escape.

"Troy," I said, steadily, desperately trying to not be drawn in by his smoldering gaze. "Troy, move out of the way."

"Not until you tell me why you've been avoiding me," his deep voice left me desiring after him like a starved man after food.

"I haven't … haven't been…" My breath came in stuttering gasps as he drew closer.

"You're not like other girls who are putty after one wink." His forward motion stopped when he was close enough that his warm breath feathered my face gently.

No. No. No. Please let this not be going where I think it is. My eyes stung with tears, ready to overflow in a soft cascade down the hills of my cheeks.

"Stephanie, I realize now that I long after you more than those other girls. Usually, girls who say no, I leave alone. I can't seem to do that with you," he lifted him long fingers softly to my chin, tilting it back so I got a good look at his brilliant blue eyes. His features softened to an almost sorrowful gaze as he looked into my eyes, brimming with tears. Hopefully, he wouldn't see through them to see how much I really wanted him to complete his train of thought and really mean it.

"Stephanie, I love you."

Then I overflowed, with tears, with longing, with desire. My knees collapsed, and I fell to the floor, sobbing into my hands. Troy followed my downward decent, concerned.

"Sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry," he placed his hands on my shoulders and started to draw me close, but I pushed my hand against his chest.

"Troy," my voice quivered as I sniffled. "You're … you're…" I shot my head back, exposing my tear streaked face to his hurt gaze. "You're the town whore," I choked out. "It's no secret that you sleep around a lot. So why me? I don't understand. Why?"

"Do you love me?"


"Do you love me?"

"Yes. Good God yes, I love you a lot," I whispered.

He hugged me, stifling my cries with his warm chest. "The what's the problem? I'll take care of my reputation. I know how people think of me as well as the people who think it."

"But … but…" I tried to stop my tears as he pulled us apart.

"I love you," he leaned in slowly, tilting my head up so we would meet. For him, it was one in a million times. But for me, it was the very first time. Something so simple as a kiss. Such a little motion could mean something so big that it lit the world on fire. I stopped crying as his lips pressed into mine, slowly as if he was afraid he would break me. I shut my eyes tightly, wishing to capture this feeling and never let it fade. The feeling where the world falls away and all you have is this burning heat that rules your heart and takes control of your actions. But he soon moved away, leaving my lips lingering for the feeling of him touch and with the wanting to taste more of him.

His droopy-eyed expression showed me he did too. He licked his lips lazily, crawling forward on his hands and knees to position himself above me, forcing me to lay on my back. He lowered down and again pressed his lips to mine with the utmost care. I started crying again, soft hick-ups that only made Troy go tantalizingly slower, pulling up my shirt and kissing the smooth skin of my stomach that shuttered with the rapid intake of short sudden gasps of air into my lungs…

My eyes shot open with the swiftness of bullets. I panted and clutched the sheet closer to my face.

It was just a dream. All a dream. I felt my face go hot as I recalled the images of the longing look in Troy's eyes. The hunger in them. I curled into a ball, fingering myself with one hand between my thighs. I'm such a pervert. Getting all wet from a stupid sex dream. I rolled my eyes to the ceiling. But why Troy? He certainly was good looking enough. And he's smart too. He's in my math class. I sighed, closing my eyes and trying to fall back asleep.

I froze. Math tomorrow is going to be Hell.