I trudged into school the next day, dreading fourth block. Math. Why the heck does he haft to be in my math class?

"What's wrong, Stephanie?"

My head shot up. "Oh, Gabbie," I sighed. "Nothing I just had a disturbing dream last night."

"What type of disturbing dream?" Gabbie prodded me in the side with her elbow.


"Come on." She poked my face. "Tell me."

"You died, okay?" I shoved her away.

"That's disturbing?" She looked disappointed.

"You died in a very grotesque way." Of course I was lying. What was really distressing me so much was the fact that I had a sex dream about Troy. She sighed and dropped that matter.

"Whatever. Anyway, did you hereā€¦"

I spent the next ten minutes or so hearing all the gossip about who was dating who and who broke up with who for what reason. This was what Gabbie relished in, so I just went along with it, not really caring but showing enough interest so Gabbie didn't suspect that she was boring me. When the bell rang that told us to get to class, I went into autopilot just like every other kid in school.

Before I knew it, I was in math class. It was the beginning of a new quarter, so we changed seats. When I sat down in my new seat, I found myself sitting behind and to the right of Troy, in the perfect place so that I had to stare at him in order to look at the teacher. I groaned and sunk down in my seat.

"Stephanie? You okay?"

I flicked my eyes up to the face of Ryan, the smartest kid in class. I gritted my teeth. He was a year younger than me but smarter. At first this bugged me, but I had learned he was just a little nerd that played Dungeons and Dragons, so I was fine with him now. Now he was sitting on my left. I looked to my right. An empty desk.

Oh well, at least now I'll be able to have help whenever I need it.

I turned back to Ryan. "I'm fine," I said. "Don't worry about me." I laughed, "All you have to worry about is explain this new concept to me. Without using big words."

He laughed, "I guess so."

As the lesson wore on, my eyes were drawn more and more to Troy, memorizing the curve of his spine, the tightness of his shirt, and the lean muscles encased under it. I did a mental slap to try and focus on what we were learning, but it was hopeless. Every time I looked at him the dream came rushing back and I would start to daydream what I would have seen had the dream continued.

Stop it. Now you're being ridiculous. I sighed in relief when the bell rang for lunch.

"Learn anything?" Ryan asked as we walked out the door and headed down to the cafeteria.

"Don't joke," I growled. Lunch was spent replaying my dream over and over again.

"Listen to me!"

My eyes shot open. "Sorry, what were we talking about?"

"About how you're so out of it." Gabbie huffed.

"What's going on with you today?" EJ asked. EJ's also a freshman, but he's really into bands and stuff.

"Well," I scratched my head. "It's just complicated. Give me sometime to figure it all out okay?"

My friends looked at me for a minute.

"Fine but you better get over whatever it is soon. I don't like this new space cadet we have." Gabbie crossed her arms. I laughed and made specific effort to be involved in the rest of the conversations that day so no more would suspect anything more.


"Finally home." I flopped on my bed and breathed in deeply. I had done it. I had made it trough the day without being too awkward, and no one knows my secret. I was content. Tomorrow I'll try harder, and it'll be a little easier to act normal and like nothing ever happened.

I did my homework and I ate dinner and I lay down to sleep. Hopefully this time it'll be a good dream.