Chapter 18

Their bliss, as all couples experience, was not as short-lived as Larson had guessed it would be.

This time no one barged in or screamed through the door. A simple, soft knock was all that penetrated their world. It sounded twice. A pause as Larson and James stared at the door, neither wanting to move. Two more quiet knocks and more pausing.

"I guess I'll get it," Larson groaned, pulling out and getting up in a motion that was not quite awkward. "Cover yourself," he winked back at James while pulling on some pants. He breathed deeply before opening the door a crack. As expected, his mother stood there with her hands on her hips, with Jethro standing awkwardly behind her. And here comes the scolding, Larson thought, amused, to himself.

"Larson," his mother's stern voice almost echoed in the space between them.

Larson glanced back at James' inquisitive expression before walking out of the room and closing the door. Now that he was out of the eyesight of James, he scowled at his family members across the hall. "Yes?"

"I don't appreciate you forcing me out," his mother looked hurt. Sort of. Or just angry. "And you will listen to what I have to say about your relationship with that boy."

"Fine," Larson growled. "I'll listen, but I'm not going to change anything about my relationship with James, except getting more intimate."

Larson's mom waved a hand in front of her face, ignoring Larson's comment. "I don't approve."

"So what?"

The silence that followed Larson's question was deafening.

"Don't talk back to your mother."

Larson raised an eyebrow. "A mother that thinks she can forbid a relationship between me and the person I love is sorely mistaken. That kind of mother," Larson turned around and put a hand on the doorknob, "is a mother I don't want." Larson opened the door and hastened through it, locking it shut behind him.

James had pulled pants and was sitting on the bed, waiting for Larson. "Your family? They…"

"They are nothing but interruptions," Larson walked over and kissed James on the forehead.

"Larson, that's not nice to say."

"I never said it was," Larson grinned, brushing his fingers along James' cheeks.

James stood up. "You should be nicer to them. They're your family, after all."

Larson sighed, standing up, too. "Only if you stay with me forever."

James blushed and jerked backwards.

Larson leaned closer, smiling.

"Well…Maybe if…you always stay with me," James said quietly.

"I plan to." Larson wrapped one hand around James' head and brought it closer until their lips met.

James gripped Larson's upper arm, stumbling back and falling over the side of the bed.

They landed with a thump, Larson on top, James underneath.

"Never stop loving me," Larson whispered, hugging James tightly.

"I couldn't stop if I tried," James whispered back.

"Then we're both agreed."

James closed his eyes. "Geez, you're so embarrassing."

"Does this mean we can be more intimate in school?"

James' eyes flashed open. "What?"

Larson rolled over, dragging James on top of him. "Now that we've officially 'become one'."


Larson smiled, cracking into a chuckle. "Only where people can't see, right?"

James dropped his gaze.

Larson bent his head, touching his forehead to James'. "Don't worry. I know the perfect spot."


The next morning the two met at their friends' usually gathering spot, both early as usual, so there was no one in the hall except the occasional teacher running a quick trip down to the printing room for mass printing of that day's worksheets and handouts.

James smiled at Larson sheepishly.

Larson grinned wide in return, stepping close to James. "Come with me," his voice rumbled too low for anyone but James to hear.

James nodded, consciously aware that he was too far in love to refuse anything that Larson asked.

Larson led them back down the same secluded hall and into the closet that is never used but always unlocked. James felt a tightness growing in his stomach, realizing that this was the same place that Larson had decided to torment James before. Larson smirked as he closed the door.

"I had a dream about you," Larson walked forward, dropping his bag unceremoniously on the floor as he advanced toward James.

James dropped his bag, too, backing up in pace with Larson. "Really?" His voice was small and barely a whispered. He felt his face go hot and suddenly thanked the dim, almost blackness of the closet. His back hit the wall with an unexpected harsh jerk.

Larson was there a moment later as James pitched forward slightly. "Yeah," he licked the tender skin on James' jaw, earning a shudder. "Do you wanna know what happened in it?" Larson's hands slid down James' stomach.

James closed his eyes, his stomach clenching as Larson's hot fingers graced over. He didn't trust his voice not to give out, so he just nodded his head.

Larson's fingers found the bulge at James' crotch. "I was sitting on my bed," his fingers dove into James' pants, his other hand unzipping James' jeans and shoving them down for more room. "I was just thinking about you when you walked through the door." The hand that had finished with James' jeans circled around his hips and pressed James into Larson from the small of his back.

James held his breath and squeezed his eyes tight as he remembered, when the roles were switched, another occasion, when Larson walked in on him thinking about him.

Larson smirked as if he could read James' thoughts. "You came over and sat on top of me." Larson spread his legs wide enough so that they straddled James'. "Then," the word stretched as Larson moved his mouth to James' lips. There, he pressed firmly but not too hard, and James' cock jerked in Larson's hand as he yearned for Larson's harsh kisses. Larson pulled away, smiling, "You caught me by surprise as you kissed me. And you reached down for my cock," he gave James a nice squeeze, making him squirm and forced to remember how to breathe. "You stroked it slowly," he copied his words with what he did to James. "I was almost about to explode when you let go and stepped off my bed." Larson's hand stopped moving against James.

James groaned. It took all the strength he had not to buck into Larson's hands in urgency for relief.

Larson leaned in to almost touching James' ear before whispering, "Then you took off your pants. And came back to slip off mine."

James almost whined as his hips began to twitch forward, and he felt his stomach tighten more as Larson's words became images in his mind. It was getting hard to breathe.

"Then," Larson teased, moving to lick softly on James' lower lip. "You sat on top of me again. And you guided me into yourself." To emphasis this sentence, Larson gripped James' cock harder and slid once from tip to base.

James closed his eyes and reached his neck back for the solidity of the wall behind him.

Larson kissed this newly exposed neck briefly and only once. "You were so tight. I hardly wanted you to move because I already felt on fire. When you did move, your body was irresistible, so I took you cock in my hand." His hand slowly started pumping James again. His other hand sneaked from James' back to the hem of his shirt. It pulled it up to give Larson's mouth the access it wanted. "And I licked you where you like it." His hand dipped down and kissed one straining nipple, letting his tongue swirl around it.

James gasped and cut off a groan that shot from his throat. "Larson," he whimpered. "Please."

Larson grinned as he sucked on the other nipple, increasing the pace of his back and forths on James' cock.

James' panting got more and more shallow and frequent until he bit his bottom lip and held his breath.

Larson locked his lips onto James just as shutters striped through his body, almost muting James' uncontrollable moan as the building heat shot into Larson's hand. Larson brought up his hand, now dripping in semen and using his other hand to tilt James' head to make him look, licked his hand clean. Gently, he got to his knees and did the same to James' cock.

James, who was already only supported by wobbly legs, had an even harder, and almost impossible, time keeping from collapsing completely. Though when Larson removed his tongue after he finished, James gave up on trying. He slid to the floor, panting to get any and as much air as he could.

Larson smirked down at him, licking his lips as he crouched down in front of James. He kissed James on the cheek, staying close to whisper. "You rode me hard and for a long time."