The sounds of tiny patters on the snow, a faerie's music filled the air. I was lost in a world of beauty and mysterious, but..I don't mind. I found myself on top of a unicorn, gray in color and dirty, yet beautiful more. I dismounted it and reached my hand out to its neck as a tear glistened in my eye.

"The simpler things in life are most beautiful, I want you to be what you want to be." And with those words, the draggled, dirty unicorn turned into a reindeer and looked to me as if it were smiling. A small sound escaped its lips as it nudged me in a thanking way. I only smiled.

"Why am I here? I am sure there is a reason?" The animal's eyes were welcoming, which sent a wave of comfort through my body. "Will you show me?" It motioned for me to mount its back again and so I did. We traveled down an almost invisible path…but the trail was quite a sight to see. Little droplets of water dripped from the trees, one after another, creating a musical tune. Snow was shimmering in the small ray of light that sneaked past the thick clouds. Most would have said the scenery was gloomy and depressing, but to those who appreciate nature dearly, it was spectacular!

We stopped at a thicket of woods, and the entire path looked like it had disappeared. I was a bit frightened and cold at this time, but my new friend would not let me feel it for long. I dismounted the creature once more, my eyes scanning the area.

"Dear one, why have you brought me to this place?" While I said this, a figure came from out of the woods. The figure was most definitely female, for her garment was a steady green dress, hanging down to just below her knees, and high, muck colored brown boots covered by a few flakes of snow. Her image became clearer, she had elven ears, finely pointed, and light green hair, a few shades lighter than her dress. A thick strand of hair covered one of her eyes as she looked to me and smiled gently. "Wait a moment, aren't you…?"

"Merisa." She giggled a bit. "It is me, nothing special. But I bet you are wondering why you're here, Jemini…?"

"Yes, that would be the best thing to know first!"

"Follow me.." They continued on, trekking through the soft snow, the reindeer following close behind.

"Miss Merisa, have you seen this reindeer around before? She is the one who led me here."

"Oh yeah! That's our dear Jasmine, isn't she lovely?"

"Quite, but I was wondering, where are you taking me?" Merisa turned around to face her and laughed. Behind her the clouds spread, breaking them apart, revealing a small wooden cottage. "Oh my, your home?"

"You've got it! But it's not just MY house, it also belongs to Valikor and Ran." Jemini's eyes became wide with excitement and joy.

"Really! There are here as well! I'm so glad!" She starting heading towards the establishment in a hurried pace. When she reached there, she started to fiddle with the door knob, trying to get in as quickly as possible.

"Whoa, calm down there, Jem!"

"Please pardon my behavior, I just cannot wait to see them both. And I need to get some things straightened out as to why I am here."

"Well let's go inside and talk about this, it's cold out here!" Merisa opened the door, and walked inside. She pounded her boots out on the mat by the door and slipped out of them. She walked to the fire and motioned for Jemini to come over as well.

"Please make yourself comfortable inside of our home. We are glad to have you here." That voice came from behind her, it was a man's voice. She smirked slightly.

"Could that be you, Valikor?"


"Oh you are so silly!" She spun around and hugged him tightly, a bright aura around her. "I'm glad to see you here!" She blinked slowly…"Wait a moment, you have the looks of an elf just like Merisa.." He pulled his ash-brown hair out of it's holder, letting it hang in a elegant wave. He blinked his amber eyes and pointed to one of his ears.

"You mean this? Ha, have you even looked at yourself?" Jemini had a nervous look on her face and reached her hand up to her own ear. "That's right, pointed like an elven, dear friend!" Merisa chimed in.

"And your hair is REALLY long and pale colored, you didn't notice?" Jemini sat for a minute, trying to gather her thoughts.

"I still want to know how this-," They all were startled by the slamming of a door and a hideous string of laughter. "….happened." Valikor had a somewhat awkward smile look on his face.

"Well I wonder who could be coming around…" The laughter came nearer and nearer as Ran appeared before them.

"Hey hey all! How's it going?" Ran looked to Jemini, and quirked a brow. "Another one? Why did they send her here?"

"I'm trying to figure that out myself, if someone could please explain to me what is going on!" Ran began to walk over to them, but collapsed on the couch in fatigue. Merisa mumbles in a tone loud enough for him to hear.

"Lazy freak, never does anything…"

"I know, I know, but I'm well loved, so it doesn't matter." He brushes his midnight black hair out of his face in a cocky manner.

Jemini closes her eyes and lets out a deep sigh. "Please, will… someone tell me… why I am here…?" The expressions on everyone's faces became serious, and the one on Ran's became dim. Merisa spoke out.

"Perhaps we could ask Caecyn and Zavel their opinions are of her coming here?" Jemini' s eyes darkened, and her eyes were glazed over.

"I haven't..spoken to Zavel..in a long, long time…"

"Just a long, long time…well maybe it's good you see him again."

"I am not so sure about that, Merisa. I used to….forget it." Jemini pushed back her hair and her eyes burned with a courageous glare. Ran threw on his cloak and stood behind her.

"I'll be your guard."

"Change of heart?"

"Maybe. Just put on something to keep you warm." He held a bulky, royal blue colored cloak out to her, his head turned to the side arrogantly.

"Thank you…"

"Yeah." He nudged her gently out the door, with Merisa and Valikor following behind.

The fair, glorious snow from earlier had become a storm of bitter winds and cold. They huddled closely together, barely managing to stay warm. It was quite a distance from one cottage to the other, and the hazardous blow stung at their eyes. Jemini dug her nails into Ran's shoulder, grinding away at his skin.

"It's cold!"

"Ick woman, would you let me go!?" His face scrunched up, his skin forming little ditches and turns.

"But…but…what about my fun? Gotta make the most of what I do when I'm in this weird place." At that moment, Valikor stood in.

"I see you are becoming more comfortable with your settings, I am pleased." He bowed his head and smiled. So they walked on for an hour more, winding down the path. Behind a snow-covered thicket of brush stood a fairly large cottage, bland in color and design. Jemini turned to Merisa, blinking slowly.

"So this is where he lives…?" Merisa had a sweatdrop on her head and answered slowly. Then the door burst open with the sound of a familiar voice.

"You aren't impressed?"

"Not in the slightest, Caecyn." Jemini said with a tiny smirk.

"I figured that from you."

"Shut up."

"Okay." They laughed and they hugged, and Caecyn lead them inside his home. It was warm and cozy inside, the fire blazing bright and spreading a delicate light against the wooden walls. The furnishings were beautiful, a couch of fine silk, the fireplace's marble frame carved with intricate designs. It was what one would think to be the most perfect home.

Zavel rose from the couch to greet them with a kind smile and plenty of hugs to be passed around.

"Ahhh, Miss Jemini.." He took her hand and kissed it lightly. "How are you this evening?" Caecyn face twisted a little, as Jemini flushed and spoke back.

"I am alright," Jemini replied, "but perhaps you could tell me a little more about this place?"