It's Just Acting, Right?

Chapter 1

"I have to do what?" He jumped up and slammed his hand on the desk of his agent.

"Cool it, Zayne" The lean African that sat on the other side of the desk, said. "This is a good chance to show the world your talent."

"I don't want to do it this way," Zayne crossed his arms and remained standing.

"Scared you'll be outshined?" A deep voice called from the doorway.

Zayne whirled around to see a man with bright red hair kept long to his shoulders leaning on the doorframe. "Demetrius," Zayne hissed. Demetrius was another aspiring actor, rising up in fame with Zayne. "You set this up, didn't you?"

"Hey hey," Demetrius raised his hands. "I like boobs as much as the next guy. I wouldn't even think of taking this assignment if it weren't going to boost my fame through the roof. So you better take this unless you want to be left behind in my dust."

Zayne gritted his teeth. "But why do I have to play this role with you?"

"Is there someone you'd rather play it with?" Demetrius sauntered forward.

"Yeah, a girl." Zayne growled.

"Wouldn't we all," Demetrius sighed. "Jair," he said to the African man as he sat on his desk, "convince him."

"You either take this job," Jair said, "or you loose this agency."

"I still can't believe I'm acting in a movie that puts us as gay lovers," Zayne suppressed a shiver.

"You and me both," Demetrius laughed. "Think of it as a learning experience."

"I could," Zayne pouted, "if it wasn't with you."

"You got something against me?"

"A lot," Zayne smiled. He opened the door to the studio where they were meeting the director and crew. "We're here."

They walked in and were immediately bombarded by a lady that looked sophisticated and well to do.

"Hey there!" She squealed. "You two are going to be the stars."

"We know that much," Demetrius chuckled. She looks like a woman, but she acts like a fan girl.

"Well, come on, come on. Let's get you guys the scripts." She took each of them by an arm and led them to a little table with seven chairs around it, four of which were filled. "Meet the crew!" She swung an arm wide to show include the people sitting at the table then sat down next to a woman with black hair chopped off at her shoulders. This woman stood up.

"Hi. Call me Rachel. I'll be doing your make-up," she smiled. "Leave all your complexion issues to me." She winked, "I'll make you look good."

A timid girl on her left stood up. "I'm Suzie. I'm head of wardrobe." She brushed a blond corkscrew curl out of her face. "Nice to meet you."

"I'm Jack," a muscled man stood up next to Suzie. "I do lighting and scenery."

"Henry." The lean man on Jack's left stood. "I head the filming."

"And, finally," the woman that greeted them jumped up, "I have a really boring name, so call me Mochy. 'Moo – chi'. Got it?" She waved her hands in the air. "I'm the director!" She winked at them, "Your turn."

"Well," Zayne scratched the back of him neck. "I'm Zayne, an aspiring actor."

Demetrius put his arm around Zayne's shoulder. "I'm Demetrius, a hotter aspiring actor."

Mochy was nodding as she stared at them. "Yes. I think this will work."

Both Demetrius and Zayne looked over at her questioningly.

She pointed at Demetrius; "You're the seme!" She pointed to Zayne. "You're the uke!"


Demetrius burst out laughing and doubled over on the floor.

"What?" Zayne was dumbfounded. "I," he pointed to himself, "I'm the bottom?"

Mochy nodded, "It fits your character."


"No buts," Mochy swung her arm around and put her palm in his face. "You're the uke. End of discussion."