Chapter 8

Seeing Demetrius was on Zayne's least wanted to do list, but he had to tell him that they were going to do another take.

This is embarrassing, Zayne thought, rubbing a hand through his hair and walking back to where he had left Demetrius. He didn't need to travel too far since Demetrius had apparently taken Zayne's not return as a sign that something else was happening.

"Ah," Demetrius stopped when he saw Zayne headed for him. "You…ah…"

"They want to do another take," Zayne forced out quickly.

Demetrius froze for a second. "What?"

Zayne took a deep breath. "They want to do another take of the scene. To get more angles and what not." He took a quick glance at Demetrius' face then continued; "I told them that it would be fine since we wouldn't be able to call ourselves good actors if we couldn't duplicate a scene." He smirked, staring coldly into Demetrius' eyes. "Right?"

Demetrius recovered his composure. "Yeah, of course." He flicked one hand back in a nonchalant duh-don't-be-stupid gesture.

Damn this guy! Zayne clenched his fists by his sides. Damn him to Hell!

Demetrius started walking again. "Exactly like the first time, right?" He stopped as he passed Zayne, reaching one hand to play across Zayne's still straining bulge.

Zayne's face turned red, and he flinched backwards.

Demetrius winked, smirking as he continued to walk past. "See you on the set, " he called back over a shoulder.

Henry approached Demetrius as he made his way to the set. "Did…Did Zayne tell you…?" he trailed off as if not wanted to finish his request.

"Yeah," Demetrius smiled. "I'll just be five minutes to fix make-up and everything."

Henry nodded, thankful that he didn't have to say anything more and ran off to deal with his crewmembers about the set up of more cameras.

Zayne soon caught up, and Demetrius motioned him over to get his make-up checked.

Rachel was in set up with her big case open and waiting. "Where have you guys been?" She demanded. "How am I suppose to fix your make-up if you aren't here?"

Demetrius smiled, "Sorry, sorry. We're here now, though."

Rachel pouted. "That hardly matters now." She sighed, "Well, come here, you two, and let me do touch-ups." And she did one at a time, she reapplied base and some other specific things like fixing Zayne's eyeliner and patching up Demetrius' blush to make him look more natural.

After a few minutes, Rachel called over her shoulder to the waiting camera crew, "All done!"

They all seemed to tense just a little more as Demetrius and Zayne moved to their places.

Demetrius pulled Zayne aside. "See you on the set," he mused.

Zayne almost growled at Demetrius as he walked away. Fine. It's like I said, the screens a battlefield.

Once again, Demetrius waited for the clack of the clapperboard closing. "James! James!" Larson (Demetrius) ran out of the bar into the middle of the road. Zayne thinks that I'm going to do it just like last time, Demetrius mused to himself. Well, it'll look that way. "Where are you?" Larson (Demetrius) ran across the street, searching. "James! James! Ja-" He had spotted him.

Zayne wasn't really interested in the next part of the scene. He went through the motions, leaning into the wall to make his boner stand out more against his tight pants, and he said the lines all in character. These guys are good actors, He noticed about the two guys that were once again trying to buy him. They're doing everything the same. Zayne started to anticipate when Demetrius would come into the scene despite himself. The screen's a battlefield, he reminded himself. Then came Demetrius' cue line, "Yeah, anything at all."

Larson (Demetrius) rushed forward, shoving between the two men, just like before, shouting, "James, what are you doing!"

"What do you care?" James (Zayne) shot back. "You won't do it with me, so I'll find someone who will."

Larson (Demetrius) rushed forward and grabbed James' (Zayne's) shoulders. "No. You shouldn't sell yourself like this," he said eagerly, shaking James (Zayne) as if he could put some sense into him. A little harder than necessary, but no one will notice.

Zayne didn't let it phase him. Jerk, he thought. James (Zayne) scoffed, chuckling as he leaned into Larson (Demetrius). "Coming from the guy who's been selling himself all year." He raised an eyebrow. "Or do you want to join us?"

"No," Larson (Demetrius) hugged James (Zayne).

"Then let us at him!" The short man shouted just as he was suppose to from behind them, the sound ringing in the open space.

Larson (Demetrius) turned around, staring the men up and down disapprovingly. "You can't have this one," he said coolly. Not in this movie or in real life, Demetrius thought without knowing his meaning. Without another glance at the men, Larson (Demetrius) bent down on one knee, lifting his arms behind him, ready for James (Zayne). "Come on," he said almost like an order.

"What?" James (Zayne) stared down at him in confusion. I agree with James on this one, Zayne smiled inside, Why would he just follow Larson's 'orders'?

"Get on."

"No." James (Zayne) crossed his arms, acting like a child.

Larson (Demetrius) stood up, slightly annoyed. "But you can't seem to stand on your own."

Here it comes! James (Zayne) glowered. "I can to."

Larson (Demetrius) moved closer, raising a hand to James' (Zayne's) chin to tilt his head upwards. You're going to regret ever challenging me, Zayne.

James (Zayne) stared into Larson's (Demetrius') eyes, Zayne was getting wrapped up in the part again.

Larson (Demetrius) stared intensely back, moving closer. Beware. Then their lips touched.

Zayne wasn't surprised this time. He was ready, though he still looked like James, spinning through emotions.

Larson's (Demetrius') lips were heavily pressed into James' (Zayne's), forcing him to take a step back and lean against the wall. Larson (Demetrius) leaned a thigh quickly between James' (Zayne's) legs, rubbing it against James' (Zayne's) already bulging erection.

Oh, God, Zayne held in a moan. I'm a sick excuse for a human. He kept his eyes closed tightly as Demetrius pressed harder.

One of Larson's (Demetrius') hands ran down James' (Zayne's) spine, coursing heat where he touched. The hand made it to the small of James' (Zayne's) back and hugged him closer, bringing James (Zayne) off the wall.

Zayne could feel Demetrius' erection against him again when their bodies pressed together. He's still turned on from last time. How could I forget that? Just as his lungs started screaming for oxygen, Zayne felt Demetrius' mouth shift. Air seeped in for a quick second or two, Zayne thankfully sucked it in, his lungs retracting for more. Clever, part our lips a crack where the cameras can't see you. But then you've- Something prodded against Zayne's lips. What the fuck? He's using…he's- Then it slid in. Zayne shut his eyes tighter.

Demetrius grinned to himself. Yeah, on the outside no one would even sense what he was doing. Demetrius swirled his tongue around Zayne's mouth, licking Zayne's tongue until he could feel Zayne shaking against him. Then he pulled his tongue back and let go.

James (Zayne) gasped for air in huge gulps, his legs giving way beneath him. Larson (Demetrius) was his only means of not falling to the ground.

Whoa there, sweetheart, we still have parts to play. Their lips were still so close, only an inch between them as Larson (Demetrius) held up James (Zayne).

I…can't believe…he…, Zayne gasped once more before resorting to simply breathing heavily. God, I love air…and breathing. Through his panting, James (Zayne) could feel Larson (Demetrius) breathe softly on his lips. His eyes wondered across Larson's (Demetrius') face until they met his eyes. Through the lust and hunger that Larson displayed in his eyes, Zayne could see Demetrius. Bastard thinks he's won!

They stayed locking eyes while Larson (Demetrius) slithered out his tongue and licked slow wet lines of heat across James' (Zayne's) lips.

James' (Zayne's) eyelids started to sag more. His knees buckled as Larson (Demetrius) let go. He fell down, knees hitting the pavement of the sidewalk roughly. Through his hazed mind, Zayne knew to reach out a hand like last time or the pavement would get a close up view of his face.

Larson's (Demetrius') expression was cold as he looked down at his friend. "Like I said, you obviously can't seem to stand on your own."

James (Zayne) looked up, using all the effort he had to nod before falling to one side and passing out on the ground. I'll get you, Demetrius. But he was too busy panting to catch his breath to honestly think any further than that he wanted to get revenge for resorting him to this. Twice.

Larson (Demetrius) sighed and turned to the two men standing off, awkwardly, a foot or so. "That means he can't do it with you. Not now or ever." Then he bent down, picked up James (Zayne) in his arms. Silly boy, Demetrius thought as he looked down at Zayne's defenseless face, who told you I would play fair? Then he turned and started walking down the street in the direction off James' home.


The crew was again stunned into silence. It had been, to their eyes, an exact replica of the scene they had shot before.

Jack was the first one to put his hands together. The clapping spread like fire, and soon the entire crew was clapping for Demetrius and Zayne, who were down at the other end of the road.

"Again, I tell you, I will drop you."

Zayne shook his head. "Put me down," he demanded hazily, "you damn cheater."

Demetrius smiled, "As you wish." He set Zayne's feet on the ground and eased his grip on Zayne's upper body, keeping in mind how Zayne had almost fallen the last time.

Zayne recovered quicker, shoving Demetrius away. "Who told you that you could go and change things like that?"

Demetrius couldn't help but grin widely. "No one. But they," he motioned down the road, "didn't see any difference, I assure you."

"Doesn't mean you didn't cheat," Zayne grumped, starting off toward the crew.

Demetrius stepped quickly to follow him. He moved close in behind Zayne, whispering, "I think I won."

Zayne didn't turn. "You cheated."

"I won."

"No. You cheated."

"You just don't want to admit-"

Zayne stopped and whirled around to face Demetrius. "You cheated! If we were still in school your test would be shredded, and you would get a zero for your grade."

Demetrius looked playfully at Zayne. "Can I take a make up test?" he cooed.

Zayne blushed and jerked backwards. "Wah…"

"A make up text." Demetrius leaned forward. "Can I retake the test?"

"What test?" Zayne was fully aware that his eyes were riveted on Demetrius' lips, still slightly wet from their kiss, but he couldn't pull his eyes away.

"The one I cheated on."

Zayne breathed in, finally drawing his eyes away from Demetrius' lips to an equally hypnotizing part of his body, his eyes. "You…can't."

Demetrius blinked. That wasn't quite what I expected. "Why not?" his voice stayed smooth and sultry.


Demetrius was moving closer.

"Demetrius!" Zayne shoved his hands against Demetrius' chest, pushing him away. "Stop it!"

Demetrius was shocked by Zayne's action. Didn't think he'd push me away. But he didn't let it show on his face. "Stop what?"

"You're always doing this!" Zayne huffed, turning and angrily marching down the road.

I can't wait for the rest of the filming. Demetrius followed his distempered co-star to where the rest of the crew was applauding them.